Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Morning in America


Life In These Here United States

Want to know how the militarist empire really works, down in its corroded guts? Then read this from the Miami New Times: Armed Again: Indicted Miami Beach weapons dealer Efraim Diveroli is still making millions of dollars from the U.S. government.

Want to see how Barack Obama is going to escalate George W. Bush's "faith-based initiatives," increasing the amount of tax money going to religious groups – while refusing to categorically prevent them from discriminating against infidels and heretics while they pocket public cash? Then read this from Arthur Silber: No, No: My Armageddon Fantasies Are the Best!

Want to see enlightened justice in action in the home of the land and the brave of the free? Then read this from the New York Times: Defining ‘Cruel and Unusual’ When Offender Is 13.

Want a glimpse at the truly perverse moral universe of our wise and progressive leaders? Then take a gander at the testimony of Leon Panetta, nominee for CIA chief, as he assures Congress that he "would not hestitate" to ask Obama to use "harsher interrogation techniques" than those allowed in the Army Field Manual. Panetta also says he might possibly look into prosecuting a few bits of low-hanging CIA fruit if it turns out that they might have gone beyond the permission to "torture up to the limit of death or severe bodily harm" standards set by John Yoo and George W. Bush. Then again, he may not prosecute anybody either. You may be struck by the complete absence of any reference – by Panetta or the Congressional solons – of the possibility of prosecuting those who designed, approved and supervised the torture system. That possibility does not exist in the universe of our wise and progressive leaders. Finally, for a bit of garnish, note the story's passing reference to some objections to Panetta's nomination, specifically, "some questions from Republicans concerned over his denunciations of torture." We have come so far in our advanced 21st century civilization that United States Senators can now express doubts about an appointee's fitness because he has denounced the use of torture. (Even though said appointee is frantically signalling to the powers that be that he doesn't mind the rough stuff – just as long as you don't call it torture.) Read it all, in slack-jawed wonder, in this Reuters story: Obama CIA Pick May Back 'Limited' Abuse Prosecution.

from Chris Floyd


Citizen? You too can be part of the exciting War on terror!

Comrade!!! Now you too can get in on the exciting "War on Terror™" by turning in your neighbors, friends and ex-lovers to the Air Force's Eagle Eyes program!!

Got a neighbor acting suspiciously by not mowing his lawn on Saturday morning?

Got a friend who's acting suspicious about that money you owe him?

Got an ex-lover who has the nerve to date someone else?

Turn in those budding "aL Qaeda" types to the USAF "Eagle Eyes" program and you too can be an integral part of the "War on Terror™"! Before those "Bin Laden" wannabe's know it, we'll have so many wiretaps, computerized spy programs and special agents crawling up their ass that they'll think they have a gigantic case of hemorrhoids.

Got any hot terrorist tips? Send them to this email address:

Citizen, although this won't be as lucrative as the DEA's tip line that helped you make some quick cash ratting out someone smoking dope, you can be proud you helped the "War on Terror™" by helping us round up suspected subversives and tossing them in one of the many Halliburton constructed detention facilities. more - Greg Bacon


The conscience of a generation: "We Shall Overcome"

A gentle reminder: the US still occupies --illegally --the sovereign nation of Iraq. Our troops must be recalled now though it is too late to restore life to some 1.5 million Iraqis civilians who were literally murdered by the US upon the order of a mass murdering war criminal: George W. Bush.

The US is at the same time poised upon an economic precipice which followed inexorably from the policies of aggression and empire, policies which 'paid off' a conspiratorial Military-Industrial complex for whom US mass murders in Iraq were a bonanza. This Military-Industrial Complex must be 'smashed into a thousand pieces' as JFK had promised he would do to the CIA, the MIC's covert arm.

The US still lags the industrialized world in educational standards. It is hard not to conclude that it is because our educational standards have deteriorated with the rise of GOP 'leadership' that the US is now perched, like late Rome, upon the brink of twilight and collapse.

A final shot at those last bleating voices of bigotry whose campaigns of hate and prejudice sought to blame many another 'Joan', 'Bob' or 'Lennon': the peace movement of the sixties and seventies was right. It is still right. Nattering, teeth-gnashing critics of it remain dead wrong and, in many instances, guilty of crimes including mass murder, high treason and grand theft of the nation's wealth.

The time has come for the righting of wrongs --justice amid the ruins visited upon us by hate, greed and bigotry.

more - Len Hart's tribute to Joan Baez from The Existentialist Cowboy


Six hundred thousand January layoffs in US

In a clear indication the economic crisis is rapidly heading into a severe global depression, US employers purged 598,000 jobs in January, the most layoffs in a single month since 1974. January's firings raised the unemployment rate to 7.6 percent, the highest level since 1992.

Layoffs accelerated even more rapidly in Canada, where 129,000 workers were fired, the highest monthly toll ever, with the unemployment rate spiking to 7.2 percent from 6.6 percent. Given a Canadian population of about one tenth that of the United States, the job losses are equivalent to about 1.3 million US cuts. Canadian economists, who had anticipated 40,000 layoffs, were left dumbfounded by the data from Statistics Canada.

According to the Labor Department, there are now 11.6 million unemployed workers in the US. In addition, there are 7.8 million more who are underemployed, workers who seek full-time employment but are unable to find the hours they need.

If underemployed and marginally attached workers are counted, the US unemployment rate stands at 13.9 percent, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The industrial sector suffered the worst layoffs, with 207,000 jobs lost, after losing 162,000 in December. This represented the steepest decline since 1982, when US industrial production was intentionally decimated by the high interest rate "shock therapy" of former Federal Reserve Chief Paul Volker, who is now a key economic advisor to President Barack Obama. There are now only 12.6 million US factory workers, the lowest number since 1946.

more -Tom Eley at


Real unemployment unknown

George Ure says 13.9%, Lee Adler says 15.4% and shadowstats says 18%.

Not sure who has the more accurate number, but I am sure as hell not going to believe the government’s highly manipulated 7.6%.



Dedication to the Truth At All Costs

People squeal and screech when other people have the nerve to resist their sacred narratives. But there is one, and only one, question that must be answered in the face of these outbursts: IS IT TRUE? Naturally, this annoying insistence on the truth only makes the squealing and screeching louder.

Truth comes before justice. We will not have any justice until we have the truth, so digging out and exposing the truth must be the primary concern for all those who claim to want peace and justice.

more - A. Peasant at Twelfth Bough


Rich Republicans Love Obama's $1 Trillion Scam

Republicans, of course, are absolutely on board for this $1 trillion boondoggle because this would cause the value of common stock in many banks (which is now defacto worthless, such as Citi now trading at $3-4 per share)to increase in "value."

This stock is simply a "call option" on Citibank continuing ability to stay in business. Under this plan, it is likely that Citi common stock will rise. In fact you could see Citi stock back to $10-12 per share again, even though it's not worth anything now.

Wealthy Pro-Bush Faction Republicans had been the largest purchasers of worthless bank common stock. Why? Because they know that the Obama-Biden Regime isn't going to let the large banks fail. Obama has already said that, unlike the Bush Cheney Regime, the Obama Regime would adopt a "too big to fail" policy.

In other words, the fix is in and they know it.

The odd part about this is that under this plan the taxpayers have an immediate trillion dollars loss, which would probably grow to $2 trillion over time.

The Obama Regime's representation that this paper is going to be more valuable in the future is simply absurd.

more - Al Martin


Peanut Butter Company Banned from Business with Federal Government, but Big Pharma Kills Thousands More with Impunity

The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture has banned Peanut Corporation of America from doing business with the federal government. The reason for the ban? Peanut Corp lied about the safety of its peanut butter product, which sickened several hundred people and is linked to the death of eight.

But hold on here: Drug companies routinely lie about the safety of their products. And pharmaceuticals kill at least 100,000 Americans a year, even when used as directed. So why hasn't Big Pharma been banned from conducting business with the federal government?

The reason is obvious: Because Peanut Corp. doesn't have influence in Washington, but Big Pharma does.

Don't think for a minute that action against Peanut Corp is about public safety. If anyone in Washington were genuinely worried about public safety, they'd go after the drug companies, or the chemical polluters, or the companies putting toxic chemicals into the food on purpose! (Aspartame, MSG, sodium nitrate, etc.) But this is about grandstanding, not protecting the public. So authorities in Washington can put on a good show pretending to "protect the public" while pressing for criminal charges against a company that sells a product that's thousands of times safer than pharmaceuticals -- even when it's contaminated with salmonella!

more - Mike Adams at Natural News


The Tribe That Controls America

Years ago, in the late 19th century, US troops launched punitive raids against native tribes in the far western states. We learn of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce, and the Lakota Sioux warrior chiefs, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. We learn of the legendary guerillas (or terrorists) Geronimo and Cochise. And we marvel at the courage, the resistance and the doomed efforts by these tribal leaders to preserve their way of life.

Nowadays, remnants of these tribes, Nez Perce, Lakota Sioux and Apache, survive in peace within the larger USA.

But suppose, one day, two native tribes went to war. Suppose Americans awoke one day and were overwhelmed by reports of an attack by the larger, more aggressive tribe on the lesser tribe. Wouldn't someone, anyone try to stop it?

Suppose US news reporters focused on the tremendous explosions, while avoiding any discussion of the reasons for the barbarity. But instead of condemning the attack, the entire US media strangely supported it.

Suppose, long before the attack, both Congress and the White House had designated the smaller tribe as terrorists. Suppose the Pentagon sent modern weapons to the superior tribe, weapons to eradicate the lesser tribe. Suppose, even, that disgruntled US taxpayers were required to fund this bloody tribal war with their tax dollars, despite taxpayer opposition. Suppose the warlike tribe so influenced US political, military and media leaders that no effective opposition could prevail.

Even more strange and unexplainable, the warlike tribe possessed a land area less than one percent of the greater USA. The warlike tribe also represented a tiny population almost wholly dependent on US foreign aid.

The warlike tribe boasted of their control. One tribal chieftain even bragged: "You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House.

more -
Cochise Stronghold via Rock the Truth


USS Cole suspect charges dropped

The U.S. government has dropped charges for now against the Saudi man it accuses of masterminding the 2000 suicide bombing of the USS Cole, which killed 17 American sailors as the ship sat at the dock in Yemen.

Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said Susan Crawford, the convening authority for the military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay, made the decision to withdraw charges against Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri.

However, Mr. Morrell said Thursday night that the dismissal was made "without prejudice," meaning the U.S. government may continue to prosecute him at a later date

more - Washington Times

Could it be that the charges were dropped because there was no proof? Could it be that the attack on the Cole was a false flag by the Mossad?


The New Blacklist
A Wisconsin middle school teacher has been suspended. Her grave offense against acceptable norms?
[S]chool officials discovered a photo of her with a gun on Facebook. [More]
Today's Gun Rights Examiner column.

The New Blacklist - Part Two

from David Codrea at The War on Guns


Obama, Gun Control and the Cache

Obama's "gun policy" can be found on his web site which states; “As president, Barack Obama would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, which restricts the ability of local law enforcement to access important gun trace information, and give police officers across the nation the tools they need to solve gun crimes and fight the illegal arms trade. Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals who shouldn't have them. They support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country childproof. They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent; as such weapons belong on foreign battlefields and not on our streets.”

Get all the guns, ammo and full capacity magazines you can afford now while you still can. Prices are already going up and in some cases are double what they were only a month ago. Several cache tubes loaded with guns, ammunition and magazines hidden around your area is good insurance against eventual confiscation by Obama's National Security Force.

more - The Survivalist Blog


U.S. Army suicides soaring - greater than 'official' combat deaths for January

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- One week after the U.S. Army announced record suicide rates among its soldiers last year, the service is worried about a spike in possible suicides in the new year.

The Army said 24 soldiers are believed to have committed suicide in January alone -- six times as many as killed themselves in January 2008, according to statistics released Thursday.

The Army said it already has confirmed seven suicides, with 17 additional cases pending that it believes investigators will confirm as suicides for January.

If those prove true, more soldiers will have killed themselves than died in combat last month. According to Pentagon statistics, there were 16 U.S. combat deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq in January.

"This is terrifying," an Army official said. "We do not know what is going on."

from The Weapon of War


Obama's cousin is the top Jewish rabbi in USA

The Obamas Have a Rabbi in the Family

Cousin of Candidate’s Wife Leads Synagogue on Chicago’s South Side

Jewish Daily Forward

While Barack Obama has struggled to capture Jewish votes, it turns out that one of his wife’s cousins is the country’s most prominent black rabbi.

Michelle Obama, wife of the Democratic presidential nominee, is a first cousin once removed of Rabbi Capers Funnye, spiritual leader of a mostly black synagogue on Chicago’s South Side. Funnye’s mother, Verdelle Robinson Funnye, and Michelle Obama’s paternal grandfather, Frasier Robinson Jr., were brother and sister.

Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation in southwest Chicago. He is well known in Jewish circles for acting as a bridge between mainstream Jewry and the much smaller, and largely separate, world of black Jewish congregations, sometimes known as black Hebrews, or Israelites.

more - Pirate News TV


Kissinger Sent to Russia to Cut New World Order Deal

It is yet another glaring example there is no difference between Bush, Obama, or anybody else anointed by the global elite to serve as presidential window dressing — the Daily Telegraph reports this morning that former Reichsminister of State and Rockefeller minion Henry Kissinger was dispatched by the Obama administration to talk with Russian president Dmitry Medvedev about reducing stockpiles of nuclear warheads.

“The decision to send Mr. Kissinger to Moscow, taken by Mr Obama when he was still president-elect, is part of a plan to overcome probable Republican objections in Congress,” reports Adrian Blomfield, Moscow correspondent for the British newspaper. It is said the “secret negotiations” were conducted in December.

Obama, of course, runs nothing and the reprehensible octogenarian war criminal Kissinger was dispatched on orders of the elite, not Obama. It is said Kissinger had a sit-down with former Russian boss Vladimir Putin at his country house outside of Moscow. “While the details of the ambitious initiative are yet to be revealed, the proposal to return to the negotiating table after eight years of reluctance in Washington has been welcomed in Britain and elsewhere,” reports the Daily Telegraph.

No doubt a fly on the wall of Putin’s country house would reveal other topics of discussion, as the elite and the military-industrial complex have made trillions on the phony “Cold War” and its subsequent permutations over the decades and really has no desire to slash nuclear warheads, not unless they can make a bunch of money in the process.

more - Kurt Nimmo at Global Research


"We've projected there {will} be an additional 1.5 million people who experience homelessness over the next two years if we don't do anything."

We don't just fear it, many of us are damn near terrified because we can't handle the numbers we have right now and frankly, there just ain't a lot of compassion for people experiencing homelessness outside of our circle of peers and colleagues.
If you don't believe me, check out the comments on just about any story related to homelessness; I can almost guarantee that you'll find some of the ugliest, mean-spirited, hateful and malicious....I hesitate to call them people, our country can offer.
And in this vein, I'm waiting with bated breath for the new "count" numbers that should be showing up shortly in the local news.

more - Stone Soup Station
Tennessee's tallest waterfall, Fall Creek Falls, is also the tallest falls east of the Mississippi River at 256 feet.

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