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Stimulus Bill Deceptions

The Obama administration and Congress, like previous ones, has adapted the Mossad motto, "By Deception Thou Shall Do War." The war is against the American people and includes the criminal elite goals of eliminating the useless eaters, removing constitutionally protected rights including the 2nd Amendment and complete totalitarian control of those still able to slave for the masters.

Economic Stimulus Bill Mandates $954 Million for Vaccinations, $545 Million for "Genomics Programs"

Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) While the Obama administration is attempting to pass the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 in a hurry, NaturalNews readers have begun actually reading the bill, and they're finding some worrying language that should raise concern among people interested in preserving health freedom and protecting the health of all Americans.

Specifically, one section of the economic stimulus bill designates nearly a billion dollars for new vaccinations of children. This was discovered by Elisha Celeste, a NaturalNews reader. As stated in the bill:

$954,000,000 shall be used as an additional amount to carry out the immunization program authorized by section 317(a), (j), and (k)(1) of the Public Health Service Act ("section 317 immunization program")

The issue of whether vaccinations are actually helpful or harmful is hotly debated, of course. The pro-vaccine camp believes that the human immune system is a technological failure and that chemical intervention is the only way to protect children. The anti-vaccine camp believes that exposure to non-fatal infections actually strengthens the immune system, creating stronger protections against future infections. Thus, vaccines actually interfere with normal, healthy immune function while injecting children with dangerous chemicals and substances derived from sick, diseased animals.

NaturalNews is against childhood vaccines as explained in this article that completely debunks conventional beliefs about vaccinations:

Genomics programs?

The economic stimulus bill also requests more than half a billion dollars for "genomics programs", saying:

$545,000,000 shall be used as an additional amount to carry out chronic disease, health promotion, and genomics programs

What's interesting about this last quote is that it essentially says this half a billion dollars should be used to carry out three things:

1) Chronic disease programs
2) Health promotion
3) Genomics programs

I don't have a problem with the second point. "Health promotion" sounds good (unless it's nothing more than mammograms and mental health screening programs designed to sell more chemotherapy and psych drugs). But what, exactly, is meant by the phrase " carry out chronic disease"? And what is meant by "genomics programs"? Are we talking about government-funded genetic experimentation on human babies, perhaps? It wouldn't be the first time. See:

You can find the text quoted here in an early version of the bill at:

This text has survived in the recent versions of the bill and is about to be passed into law. A vote could take place as early as tomorrow.

The real question, of course, is this: What is sweeping health care reform doing hidden inside an economic stimulus bill?

And why is this bill being passed so quickly, without any chance for public debate on its merits or problems?

Democracy should not be carried out under the dark cover of fear-based urgency that bypasses public debate and cool-headed consideration. Health care reforms deserve more than a one-day debate. Virtually no one has actually read this bill. It's 800 pages long, and more than a quarter of the bill is dedicated to these sweeping health care "reforms" that essentially represent sudden, significant changes in America's health care system.

This isn't about the right or the left. It's about the process of Democracy. For Obama and members of Congress to hide this health care reform inside an urgent economic stimulus bill, then tell no one about it -- and try to pass it quickly before anyone notices -- is outright deception.

At the very least, they should remove the health care language from the bill and vote on the economic stimulus bill as purely a spending proposition (and that's a whole different article). The health care changes should be carefully considered separate from this emergency stimulus bill.
source: Natural News


Pork Stimulus Bill Could Ban Guns for Millions of Americans

"HR 1 is about more than just pork. Millions of gun owners stand to lose their gun rights without any due process." -- Larry Pratt, GOA Executive Director

The Obama administration is putting a lot of pressure on Congress to slam through the most recent stimulus package before anyone has an opportunity to read it.

The Obama administration intones that the details are unimportant. The only thing that matters is the "bigness." And, by shipping a bill of nearly $800 billion (plus interest) to our children and grandchildren, the package is really, really big -- bigger, in fact, than the budget of our entire government for the first 170 years of our country's existence.

But now that some of the details are finally starting to leak out of Washington, Gun Owners -- and a lot of other analysts -- are beginning to look at the fine print. And some of it is particularly scary.

Of particular concern to gun owners are sections 13101 through 13434 of HR 1, which would set up the infrastructure to computerize the medical records of ALL AMERICANS in a government-coordinated database.

True, the bill doesn't mandate that the data will be in a giant computer under the Oval Office. But it does mandate that your medical records be reduced to a computerized form which is available to it in a second.

This it would do by establishing a National Coordinator for Health Information Technology -- tasked with, among other things, "providing information to help guide medical decisions at the time and place of care."

It should be scary enough that a government bureaucrat is directed by statute to try to influence your doctor's decisions with respect to your medical care.

But of even greater concern to gun owners is the fact that a government-coordinated database (which government can freely access) will now contain all records of government-provided and private psychiatric treatment -- including, in particular, the drugs which were prescribed.

Remember last year's "NICS Improvement Act" -- otherwise known as the Veterans Disarmament Act? This law codified ATF's attempts to make you a prohibited person on the basis of a government psychiatrist's finding that you are a "danger" -- without a finding by any court. Well, roughly 150,000 battle-scarred veterans have already been unfairly stripped of their gun rights by the government.

But people who, as kids, were diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder... or seniors with Alzheimer's... or police with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder... or people who are now theoretically covered by the new law... these people have, generally, not suffered the consequences of its sanctions -- YET. And the chief reason is that their records are
not easily available to the government in a central, easily retrievable, computerized form.

The bailout bill would change all of that. It would push increasingly hard to force your private psychiatrist or government-sanctioned psychiatrist to turn over your psychiatric records to a massive database. This would be mandated immediately if your doctor does business with the government.

This would supposedly save Medicare money in connection with medical treatment. And, the sponsors insist, they would work very hard to protect your privacy.

But this turns the concept of "privacy" on its head. The privacy which is MOST important is privacy from the prying eyes of government -- not privacy of government data against the prying eyes of others. After all, many government data bases have been hacked in recent years, with mountains of information stolen.

So, once the government has access to these computerized psychiatric records, the stage will be set for using that database to take away the gun rights of those with Alzheimer's, those with ADD, and those with PTSD.

ACTION: Write your two senators. Urge them to vote against the bailout bill (HR 1) until it is stripped of provisions which would turn your psychiatric records over to a central government-coordinated database against your will -- without you getting your day in court.

Visit the Gun Owners Legislative Action Center By Gun Owners of America , A No-Compromise Gun Rights Organization

Source: Opposing Views


Sen. Feinstein Sneaks Attacks on Net Neutrality into Stimulus Bill

Net neutrality is now at risk, the senator having snuck this poison pill into the stimulus package.

Better raise your voices, if you don't want the Internet to be controlled by Comcast, AT&T, Verizon and their giant ilk.

Apparently, Henry Waxman will support Feinstein's amendment, out of deference to the MPAA and the Recording Association of America.



Susan Collins Stripped Whistleblower Protection from Stimulus Bill So GOP Can Blame Dems Later

Sen. Susan Collins, the Maine GOP dealmaker who's been in the limelight this week for helping to pass a watered down stimulus, has been talking a good game about the need to avoid wasting taxpayer money. But it looks like Collins also worked today to strip from the final bill a measure that's crucial to exposing that waste.

Here's what happened:

The House stimulus bill contained a provision designed to protect federal whistleblowers. Currently, those protections are shockingly weak. According to the Project On Government Oversight, whistleblowers who are fired or demoted can file a complaint with a government board -- but over the last eight years, that board has ruled in favor of whistleblowers only twice in 55 cases.

More to the point, the protections were designed to encourage federal workers to point out cases where taxpayer money is subject to waste, fraud, or abuse -- a legitimate concern when Congress spends $800 billion, and one that centrists and Republicans have been particularly exercised about.

Yesterday, 20 members of the House, from both parties, yesterday sent a letter to House negotiators urging them to ensure that the protections remained.

But, according to a person following the bill closely, Collins used today's conference committee to drastically water down the measure, citing national security concerns as the reason for her opposition. In the end, the protections were so weakened that House negotiators balked, and the result was that the entire amendment was removed.

According to the person following the bill, Collins was the "central roadblock" to passing the protections.

But wait, here's the good part!

So when, in the coming months, conservatives start jumping up and down over the fact that money from the stimulus bill is being wasted, as they surely will, it's worth remembering that a key measure designed to help expose that waste was removed from taken out of the bill -- and by a senator said to be a champion of fiscal discipline.

Source: Crooks and Liars


Tragedy and farce as rescue bill gets through Senate

Peter Hartcher

The economic stimulus bill that the US Congress has just passed runs to 1400 pages - which, as one American wag pointed out, is about the size of the collected works of William Shakespeare.

The Congress at work is like a baby with a hammer, according to the comedian Will Rogers - "it's just a question of how much damage he can do with it before we can take it away from him". more

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