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Where is America's Anger?

In Iceland, Latvia, France, Italy, and elsewhere, people are loudly saying “NO” to spending billions on the corporate gangsters and cutting vital social spending (education, agriculture, health, etc.). For example:

In Greece, December’s riots followed a police shooting of a 15-year-old. But what’s kept them going, with farmers taking the lead from students, is widespread rage at the government’s crisis response: banks got a $36 billion bailout while workers got their pensions cut and farmers received next to nothing. Despite the inconvenience caused by tractors blocking roads, 78 percent of Greeks say the farmers’ demands are reasonable. Similarly, in France the recent general strike–triggered in part by President Sarkozy’s plans to reduce the number of teachers dramatically–inspired the support of 70 percent of the population.

What is striking to me is the general passivity of the people of the U.S. in the face of a crisis which our nation caused, and which is causing a national economic meltdown putting every worker at risk and many out of their homes. I am not hearing of massive pot pounding crowds in D.C. or any state capitol. Instead, there is virtual public silence while the Republican’s block a stimulus package while arguing for the same economic strategies which got us into this mess.

It is insane. Where are the calls for recall elections for those arguing for tax cuts?

Both the Congressional Budget Office and Moody’s did an analysis of return on stimulus dollar investment. As reported by Reuters, the two most effective programs on return per dollar expended are food stamps ($1.73 for each dollar) and Unemployment Insurance ($1.64 for each dollar). Meanwhile, tax cuts for businesses would cost states “at least $4 billion in state revenue,” and “accelerated depreciation of assets” only returns .27 (yes 27 cents) for every dollar.

Yet, there is apparently insufficient public pressure to get legislators off the “negotiation” phase of the stimulus package which is gutting those components that would give significant return, and adding in corporate and high income “stimulus” which costs us. When a stimulus for banks gain us only 27 cents on the dollar, that extra 73 cents is going straight to the coffers of the banks. Not only can we not afford that now, it is part of what has gotten us into this mess.

So when are we going to pick up our pots and raise a ruckus?

Rowan Wolf


Economic Fallacies 101: Government Does Not Create More Jobs Through "Stijulus" Debt Spending

While Congress has passed an $800+ billion economic stimulus plan, almost everybody in America seems caught up in a common economic fallacy: The idea that Government can "create" jobs through debt spending.

Government spending of debt money does not result in any net creation of jobs at all. It only confiscates wealth from private citizens and forces them to pay for centrally-planned jobs that the real economy usually neither needs nor benefits from.

Government creates no net increase in jobs through debt spending. It only confiscates wealth from those who are willing to work and justifies its own wealth confiscation efforts by pretending to offer solutions to the very people it is stealing from.

In some cases, this is justifiably important: You need schoolteachers, bridges, and roads to run a successful society. Cops and firemen, court judges, and international delegates are necessary, too. But remember this: 85% of government money is spent on just three things: War, Disease and Debt. That's where most of your tax dollars actually go (see corrected figures below). Only about 15% of the money you send Uncle Sam goes to pay for anything useful. Most of it is just wasted away by a government that believes its debt problem can be solved by more debt spending.

more - Mike Adams at Natural News


Keep Watching GE and CEO Jeff Immelt

Everytime I hear this man speak, my spidey senses tingle. He is not what he seems. President Obama announced that he had formed an Economic Recovery Group and that GE’s CEO Jeff Immelt is one of the members. Why am I not surprised? Especially since I believe that Mr. Immelt is a socialist in disguise who hopes to partner with the government to his companies gain, especially in the area of energy. Why would I claim such a thing? One just needs to listen to the man’s words.

I already reported on my blog that the day before the Inauguration, Jeff Immelt appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and declared that “Capitalism is the old playbook.” Now he has added to that sentiment with comments and answers he gave on Thursday at an Economic Forum hosted by the Wall Street Journal. After talking about the fact that the world’s governments are firing as many bullets at this economic crisis as possible he said, “Governments are all in. And in my view, government always wins.” Pretty stunning! When a person asked him if he thought the world was blaming America for this mess he said that America had given the world the ability to stand up and tell America, “I told you so” in regards to the idea that Capitalism and free markets do not work. A man from JP Morgan asked how Mr. Immelt felt about the government getting involved with business and how GE was dealing with that and very hesitantly Mr Immelt informed him that a year ago GE had formed a program called “Government as Partner”.

Mr. Immelt talks out of both sides of his mouth just like his fearless leader President Obama. He’ll say all of the above and then in the next breathe claim that he does not want the government in charge of GE. He’ll talk a good talk about America and accept a position on the president’s team and yet have his eyes solidly on the world where GE already does 55% of its business and claim that that is where GE’s future is and expects there to be huge growth for GE there. He said that China and taught them alot about working with the government. I just bet they did.

On Freedom's Wings


Wall Street Bailout Exceeds Cost of All US Wars Combined

And you can throw in the New Deal, Marshall Plan and Moon Shots as well

Pie Chart

Casey Research, of Vermont, has analyzed the costs of the government bailouts of the housing crisis, the credit crisis and others and has concluded that the total is $8.5 trillion, which is more than the cost of all US wars, the Louisiana Purchase, the New Deal, the Marshall Plan and the NASA Space Program combined.

According to CRS, the Congressional Research Service, all major US wars (including such events as the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Civil War, the Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, the invasion of Panama, the Kosovo War and numerous other small conflicts), cost a total of $7.5 trillion in inflation-adjusted 2008 dollars.

Rock Creek Free Press


CIA Agents?

How do the CIA, the American military-Industrial complex, and the Zionists try to control Europe?

According to the Mail on Sunday, 8 February 2009, , Tony Blair, is poised to become the first President of Europe.

Nicolas Sarkozy is determined to help him win the post. - President Blair: Former PM set to become EU chief as Sarkozy battles to win him the post

Tony Blair has been described as a 'fascist', 'war-criminal', Zionist, and 'agent of the CIA.'

more - aangirfan


Obama's Private Army

At 4pm tomorrow Monica Coleman will open her home to about 30 friends and neighbours. They will eat some snacks, watch a video and help to demonstrate how - for all his problems - President Obama still has a powerful army behind him.

Her party in Raleigh, North Carolina, is one of more than 3,000 across America this weekend by the street-level activists who helped to propel Mr Obama to victory last year. “We're here to watch his back,” Ms Coleman said. “Winning the election was only the beginning and now we must be his soldiers again.”

It is the first occasion since November that the President has deployed the massed ranks of his volunteers. His campaign machine, now calling itself Organising for America, issued the mobilisation call last week to a database of 13 million supporters.

An e-mail bearing Mr Obama's name urged them to gather friends at “Economic Recovery House Meetings” this weekend and watch a video from Tim Kaine, the Democratic Party chairman, extolling the virtues of the near-trillion dollar stimulus Bill. “The economic crisis is growing more serious every day, and the time for action has come,” said the President. “Americans need to know how it will affect their lives - they need to know that help is on the way.” More

from: Axis of Evil


Mel Gibson filming "Passion of the Christ, Part II"

The buzz in Hollywood is that Mel Gibson is busy filming "The Passion of the Christ" Part II, in which Jesus returns to Occupied Palestine and does some serious ass-kicking of the Pharisees, beating the holy crap out of that self-righteous bunch and tossing their sorry asses out of Palestine, for being corrupt, hedonistic heathens and worshippers of death and destruction.

The Pharisees and their brood land in Egypt's Sinai, where they embark on the real Exodus, running as fast as they can, trying to escape JC's wrath.

They steal a flotilla of boats and head for South America.

Since the Pharisees had to work the sails and tiller by themselves and not being used to physical labor, they wind up in Antarctica, where they "discover" ancient scrolls that said that Antarctica was actually their homeland, so they go about slaughtering all of the penguins for having the nerve of trying to live on land given to the hedonistic Pharisees by their god.

Centuries later, modern day explorers will find DNA traces of the Jewish religious nuts in Antarctica, but sadly, only found in the droppings of bird and walrus shit, as the Jews succumbed to the horrors of physical labor and not having enough gold around to melt down another golden calf.

When asked about the death threats he's been receiving, Gibson had no comment.

Some of Mel's die-hard fans get ready a warm welcome for Mr. Gibson!

from: Greg Bacon

Israeli settlers rally behind Likud

Young people from the settlement cheer the arrival of 'Bibi' in Beit Ariyeh

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli opposition leader, has called on his supporters in West Bank settlements to boost his party's chances in the polls as the Israeli elections loom.

"Don't waste your vote on smaller parties," the Likud leader told a cheering crowd of supporters as he toured the settlement of Beit Ariyeh.

Netanyahu’s appeal to some of his core supporters – especially Israelis living in illegal West Bank settlements – has taken on a new urgency.

If Likud wins the elections, it is likely there will be no more withdrawals, something the settlers applaud.

more - Al Jazeera


Bishop defends right to question Holocaust

British Bishop Richard Williamson says there is no historical evidence that proves the existence of Nazi gas chambers in which Jews were killed.
British Bishop Richard Williamson says his research compels him to avoid resorting to "emotions" on his questions regarding the Holocaust.

Williamson -- who raised hackles in the Jewish community after claiming that Nazis did not use gas chambers to murder Jews -- said Sunday that he would delve deeper into historical evidences surrounding the Nazi Jewish Holocaust in World War II.

"Since I see that there are many honest and intelligent people who think differently, I must look again at the historical evidence," Der Spiegel quoted him as saying in a Saturday email.

"It is about historical evidence, not about emotions. And if I find this evidence, I will correct myself. But that will take time," added the senior member of the Saint Pius X circle.

Williamson asserted that he is convinced of the accuracy of his previous comments, saying his arguments are squarely based on comprehensive studies he conducted in the 1980s.

In an interview with Swedish television in January, Williamson denied the existence of Nazi gas chambers, claiming that only 300,000 Jews perished in the Nazi concentration camps -- rather than the 6 million figure that is widely propagated.

His January remarks sparked an outcry in the Jewish community, prompting Pope Benedict XVI to urge the bishop to rectify his controversial views.

The Williamson response was to promise not to recant his statements until he fully "examines the evidence" of the Nazi Holocaust.

more - Press TV

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  1. "If we don't move swiftly to put this plan in motion, our economic crisis could become a national catastrophe."

    Could become? It's already past that point, with the guy who couldn't even figure out how to pay his taxes, Treasury Secretary Geithner prepared to announce Monday another plan for rescuing Wall Street.

    The next con job will involve spending another 4 trillion dollars or more of OUR money to establish a "bad bank" that will relieve Wall Street banks of all that worthless paper, called mortgage backed securities, that no sane bank wants but which We the People will be forced to swallow.

    Another "bad bank?" Doesn't Wall Street already have enough "bad banks?"

    And just where in the hell did all that money that was spent by Wall Street buying those worthless mortgage secruties, where in the hell is that money at?

    It's disappeared, but sure as hell didn't evaporate.

    From the "Music Man."

    Salesman on train: How far you going, friend?

    Harold Hill: Wherever the people are as green as the money... friend.