Sunday, February 1, 2009

'Super' Sunday

Once again the collective experience of the 'Super Bowl' is here. There's nothing wrong with having a little diversion in our lives. It appears to be a deep seated need that goes back to the dawn of humanity. Throughout history the rituals of man to temporarily escape the mundane aspects of life involved aspects of religion, spirituality and drama often combined with the ingestion of consciousness altering substances enhancing the experience and bringing people closer together.

The super bowl is a fairly new ritual but it does exhibit many of the classic aspects of old. To some it substitutes for religion and becomes a sort of religion in itself. The drama and spectacle of the event serve to create an illusion of importance. Enhanced by alcohol, drugs and excitement the folks so inclined to participate revel in this 'new age' ritual of excess.

Enjoy the game. Have fun. Be careful.

But Monday morning will still come around and nothing will actually have changed.

Today's ritual is a temporary diversion. Tomorrow reality returns.
art from: Rense & David Dees

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