Thursday, February 19, 2009

They're Almost Giving the Newspapers Away If only they weren't propaganda rags.

In a way I'm feeling sorry for the newspapers. They just don't have the audience they used to.

Today I walked into a Kroger store and they were giving away today's paper with a pitch to sign up for home delivery. 7 days a week for $2.38, plus a free $5 gift card. They're begging people to read their rag. Losing money to show better circulation numbers.

My relationship with the local major paper, The Tennessean, goes back over fifty years.
My mother started teaching me to read when I was four with the comics. Within a year I could read the 'funny papers' as they were called and looked forward to the rural mail carrier bringing The Tennessean every day and getting to read something new. There was no pre-school, head start or kindergarten. My basic reading material was the paper and it sure helped when going into the first grade; school was easy.

For over fifty years I had access to the Tennessean almost every day. Reading it was a ritual.
Many times a collective ritual with friends and family passing around the sections and sharing their thoughts on what they read.

The local news and sports were always good. The Tennessean once did a lot of local investigative reports, even sending reporters undercover, but by around 66 - 67 we were learning that the big newspapers didn't tell the whole story. The Vietnam war was in full swing and guess what, comparing first hand reports from soldiers who had returned with what the newspapers were telling, we found some discrepancies.

Underground independent rags were being hawked on the streets of Nashville by the late 60's and when we were in town we bought them. These papers had the audacity to tell us that most everything we know is wrong. Especially when it came to war-religion-politics..... sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.

Despite our addiction to the main stream daily news, we were always looking for the alternative.
In those pre-internet days, the search took time and was part of the process.

These days, for as long as it lasts, we have the world at our fingertips. The web gives us access to not only almost every newspaper in America and the world but also to information and disinformation for every thought we may have.

In a better world the newspapers would be independent and tell us the truth the best they could. They might even still be successful if they were completely honest.

But things change and when the news 'in hand' isn't what we are looking for, we don't buy.

Lying by omission hurts credibility.
Downright lies kill trust.

Let the faux newspapers die. Pull the plug.


In all fairness, the Tennessean still does a good job on local news and covered the TVA coal ash spill fairly well. There are good people who work there.
They also have some interesting photo essays of middle Tennessee.

The Land Trust for Tennessee worked in tandem with the national Conservation Fund to preserve 3,000 acres around the Savage Gulf. The recent $6 million land acquisition will to preserve the stunning views of this Tennessee gem for future generations.


  1. I don't feel sorry for newspapers. As you so lucidly illustrate, they are a victim of their own deceptions and lies. I guess I've taken it harder than most because I have really felt a level of betrayal that is hard to describe. I used to look forward to reading the major AmeriKan War Dailies with my red and blue pens deciding which topics and articles I would cover, believing I was at least getting accurate accounting of events. The local is hardly any better, as they also seem to be on board with just about every agenda-pushing issue.

    Btw, thx for the post link on 9/11. Given what is going on over at WUFYS(?) glad I never got to into that site; I'm just me, reporting with outrage from the bottom (literally) of my little New England hill.

    Again, great heartfelt essay here that couldn't come at a better time.

  2. Gore is world's biggest phoney. Family was owned by Dr. Armand Hammer world's biggest polluter. So now he is the great savior w phoney Global Warming to tax us all to hell. There is a coming ice age and they know it but plan to be underground. Since throwing the election to Bush Gore has made over $00 million (Google basically gave it to him in stock, 2 nice jew boys) and he got the Nobel Prize for bullshit. Quite a nice payoff for one of the world's biggest assholes of all time. A total piece of lying dog shit.

  3. Thanks Rocker,
    I know you understand. I was very tempted to subscribe at that price but didn't. Newspapers still are good for mulch, compost and worm food.

  4. anon,
    I don't know if an ice is coming but I do know the global warming scam is the latest elite ploy to separate us from more of our labor earned money.

    And yes, Gore is scum. Many of us don't claim him as a 'native' Tennessean.

  5. Just by way of getting back to you, I can not describe how discouraged I am at local today. Excitedly awaited seedings for basketball tourney I have attended for decades now and only two rinky-dink written columns for a paper who reduced print and raised prices this last year. In the past (even last year) had analysis of top four seeds in each of three divisions for both boys and girls, plus side comments on other teams and players to watch for each division, boys and girls. I've saved all my clippings lo these many years, and aside from the news Ken, forget that batch of propaganda and lies, the disappointing incompetence and failure of the mainstream media has to bleed and infect itself into the high-school sports? Aren't our kids what it's all about? I mean, I don't need a scorecard to know the players, I already do and I've seen some great ones; however, your average local who doesn't get there or go there every year but has a team now?

    Ah, I'm done ranting upon you this morning my friend. Tourney starts tomorrow night, earlier than expected and earlier than previous years. Must want to factor in a few snow days (getting 8-10 inches today) just in case some games are canceled (some teams didn't even play full 20 games because of weather this year, first time I can ever remember that happening and I been around a long, long time. Yeah, tell me about global warming again, Al!) I'm going to need to wrap-up somethings today and get moving. Let the GAMES BEGIN!!

    P.S. Can't tell you how much guilt seeps in, especially when I must dutifully rise during the playing of our war worship, 'er, national anthem -- hands clasped firmly at my waist, fore or aft -- as I look at the kids and wonder how many will be serving in a draft or foreign occupations due to economic destruction (cui bono?) once this tremendous memory and moment for them passes from the stage.