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Bollyn - Update on Madoff

Who is Bernard Madoff, the man behind the $50 billion fraud?

Written by Christopher Bollyn


The Strange Case of Ira Sorkin
Why Would a Madoff Victim Defend Him in Court?

Understanding the Zionist Fundraising Scheme
Surrounding Bernie Madoff and the Missing $50 Billion

Update: March 10, 2009
By Christopher Bollyn

Mega-fraudster Bernard Madoff appeared in court on March 10 to discuss whether his head defense attorney, Ira Lee Sorkin, has a conflict of interest due to the fact that Mr. Sorkin and his family are among the "victims" of Madoff's alleged $50 billion fraud. Indeed, the names of Ira Sorkin and those of his late parents, Nathan and Rosalie, appear no fewer than 9 times on a published list of Madoff's victims. Madoff's parents had at least six accounts with Madoff. Sorkin, however, has yet to appear in a single news photograph with his most notorious client, the much despised Bernie Madoff.

Ira Sorkin, on right in the pumpkin-colored shirt, at a recent Hebrew University event in Palm Beach, has yet to be photographed with his notorious client, Bernie Madoff. Why does he avoid being seen in public with Madoff?

Madoff is usually seen with another lawyer, not Sorkin, when he leaves court.

Prosecutors are asking Madoff to answer questions about a potential conflict of interest concerning Sorkin, who reportedly invested $900,000 with the Zionist con-man who bilked billions of dollars from unwitting investors, according to the New York Post. Madoff was the former national treasurer of such major Zionist organizations as the American Jewish Congress and Yeshiva University (YU).

Madoff's defense attorney "Ike" Sorkin had also invested $18,860 with Madoff in a retirement account during the early 1990s prosecutors said in a letter to a federal judge made public today, according to news reports. Madoff has also reportedly said that he will plead guilty to 11 crimes, in two day's time, on Thursday.
Furthermore, from 1995 to 1997, Sorkin served as the Chief Legal Officer and a Member of the Board of Directors for Nomura Holding America, Inc. and Nomura Securities International, Inc., one of the larger corporate victims of the Madoff scam. In December 2008 Nomura Holdings reported losing more than $302 million into Madoff's black hole. Madoff had also defrauded a client's trust fund managed by Sorkin's previous law firm.

Ike Sorkin leaving court on March 10. Why doesn't Sorkin want to be photographed with his most infamous client? Is he complicit in the crime?

Given these obvious connections, the real question being avoided by the controlled-media is: Are Bernie Madoff and Ike Sorkin partners in crime? Three months into the investigation of the Madoff scam and still not one bit of information has been forthcoming about where the billions of dollars disappeared to. In this day and age, after 9-11, when international transactions over $10,000 are scrutinized by federal snoops, how can it be that $50 billion simply disappeared into thin air, or a financial black hole as the case may be? This does not make any sense. Somebody is obviously blowing a very big and thick cloud of smoke around this whole Madoff affair and that cloud obscures the courtroom proceedings and media coverage.

The BBC News reported in February that not one dollar of the Madoff money had been re-invested during the past 13 years. What does this mean? In order for such immense sums to be secretly stashed away, Madoff must have criminal partners in the private banking business who have the ability and capacity to transfer billions of dollars to secret offshore accounts without being seen on the books. Judging by Madoff and the people around him, these accounts are probably in Switzerland or other offshore tax havens, and are controlled by Zionist/Israeli organizations and individuals.

It may, at first glance, seem quite confusing that Madoff's defense lawyer, Ira Lee Sorkin, is actually a defrauded "customer" of his. Why would a lawyer like "Ike" Sorkin want to defend a fraudster like Madoff who apparently stole his money and that of his late parents? Why would Sorkin even want to defend Madoff? What are Sorkin's interests in this huge case of fraud in which some $50 billion are said to have been stolen? Why are high-profile Jewish "victims" like Steven Spielberg and others not going after Madoff with all the power and money they have? What's going on?

As previously stated, it appears most likely that a great deal of the missing money was sent to offshore Israeli-controlled accounts through such corrupt private banks as Israel Discount Bank, where Madoff's partner at Yeshiva University's business school, Sy Syms, has been a director for many years. The Israel Discount Bank is controlled by the Bronfman family. Sorkin, a Zionist supporter and fund-raiser, fits perfectly into this scenario -- as Madoff's lead defense attorney.


Besides his career as a lawyer, Mr. Sorkin is President and Chairman of the Board of a private company called the American Friends of the Hebrew University, Inc. (AFHU). He is also a member of Hebrew University’s Board of Governors and a member of the University’s Executive Committee. Hebrew University is located in Jerusalem and is the oldest Zionist university in Palestine.

As head of AFHU, Sorkin works closely with fellow director Harvey M. Krueger, former vice chairman of the now defunct Lehman Brothers, Inc. Krueger is the former chairman of the Board of Governors of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a position he held for nine years, and was the former President and Chairman of the American Friends of the Hebrew University. Krueger is also the past Chairman of the [Shimon] Peres Center for Peace and has been a major fund-raiser for Israel and Israeli banks since the early 1960s.

Harvey Krueger (on right) at the same 2009 Palm Beach event for Hebrew University that Ike Sorkin presided over, with Israeli Carmi Gillon (left). Gillon is a former head of Shabak, the Internal General Security Service of Israel.

Carmi Gillon, as head of Shin Bet. Israeli spymasters are asked to serve on past retirement age. Gillon is the third head of Shin Bet to have a conspicuous role in 9-11 and the financial scam. Abraham Shalom Ben-Dor and Yaakov Peri, a.k.a. Jacob Perry, are two others. Are we beginning to see a pattern?



  1. Wake up - - the Jews claiming they lost money are full of it, little if any proof but a "it happened to us too" act, when the money was siphoned to Zionist interests worldwide and belonged 99% to Goyim - - us non-jews their "Holy" Book the Talmud instructs them to lie, cheat, steal and slaughter - - adding this "must" be done.

    The Jew Bolsheviks murdered and pillaged over 60 million non-Jewish Russians thru starvation, viruses and god knows what the will kill billions of us based on what I have been researching. They own the FBI, Congress, and the US Government. Sharon bragged about how the Jews owned the USA media and the rest and the USA wouldn't do a thing to them regardless of what the Jews did. 911 done by the Jew Mossad "thru deception we will wage war" proved that one. Time to take on them and throw out the Anti-semetic holohoax bs and face the fact they are Russian Jewish gangsters with a home country - - Israhell.

  2. Your ridiculous propaganda against Jews makes for good comedy. You say that no Jews have asked where their money is, but of course that is untrue. We may not get every news update about those who lost their money, but there are plenty of people fighting to find out where their money went. The same goes for any high profile Christians that lost money, which you fail to address. People with money get greedy, as is the case for Madoff. Greed has nothing to do with religion or race, it is a human characteristic.

    As for the comment from "anonymous", you're once again stating false information. There is no place in any holy book of any religion that instructs its people to lie, cheat, steal and slaughter. In fact the 10 commandments exactly contradict what you say.

  3. There is no place in any holy book of any religion that instructs its people to lie, cheat, steal and slaughter.

    Ahh, but I disagree. Surely you're familiar with the Jewish book called the Talmud?

    And the racist and violent notions of how to treat us GOY are thru ought that book?

    I'll give you a couple of the Talmud teachings, just for starters!

    Soferim 15, Rule 10. Rabbi Simon ben Yohai: Tob shebe goyyim harog ("Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed")

    Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Rotze'ach 2:11: "A Jew who killed a righteous gentile is not executed in a court of law."