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Chains and Breaking Them Kevin Tuma

The Dignity of Struggle

You are being used. You are being exploited. You are a slave, and you are kept only comfortable enough so that you will not notice. You are regularly misled, propagandized, and all out lied to.

You, as a human being, are nothing but a faceless resource to the moneyed power structure that controls modern banking and politics. You are a drone, a pack-horse, a conspicuous consumer.

When you no longer can labour, when there is nothing left to strip mine, like Boxer in Animal Farm you are left to simply die in the fields.

I think you deserve better. I think we all deserve better. And I'm here to make sure that we get it.

from The Dignity of Struggle

Agorism! Fight the Fed's Coup d'etat!

How many sparks do we need for the powder keg to blow? Is the Federal Reserve coup d'etat not incendiary enough, or are we as a population more a powder puff than powder keg?

Trillions of dollars are being funneled to banking elites with zero oversight, zero transparency, and zero accountability -- hell, with zero accounting!

This is text from Section 8 of the $700 billion bailout bill, referring to Hank Paulson:

"Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency."

Beyond that, the Federal Reserve has loaned out now upwards of Two TRILLION dollars SECRETLY, and they refuse to divulge any information concerning who received the money, claiming they don't have to reveal trade secrets. Trade secrets? The Federal Reserve? I guess that ends the "Is the Fed a government entity or not," debate.

The more one looks into the whole financial collapse, the more one is inclined to almost believe that it was pre-planned. And why not? Wall Street is a casino, complete with mafia connections, dubious political ties, and house odds that make sure money comes in but never goes out. Let's be honest, with that many billions upon billions of dollars at stake, can you reasonably believe the whole system wouldn't be crooked as hell?

The real tragedy is how much exposure the average citizen has to market fluctuations. High income tax and inflation rates pushed people into 401k's and pension plans that are on the fast track to worthlessness.

If mobsters, politicians, bankers, insiders, and other worthless white collared old men who have never known a callous or sprained muscle want to play games, push papers, and basically make a living selling shit and calling it chardonnay, then so let them.

But the rest of us need a separate economy that is not affected by these swindles and alchemic attempts at wealth creation. We need a currency backed by a finite commodity such as gold or silver, NOT DEBT. We need to abolish Fractional Reserve Banking and the Income tax, the twin snakes of the modern economy that bleed the populace dry.

After a day of honest labor, one's earnings should not be forcibly seized by mis-managers of empire. Workers should not feel pressed into the rigged markets by immoral taxation. Furthermore, savers should not be punished by a Ponzi Scheme financial paradigm that requires constant inflation, and thus devalues all existing currency to the point of making standard savings accounts inviable. And finally, banks should not be able to whisk money into existence with only a keystroke, offering no consideration on loans made, and again devaluing existing currency.

The reign of the Federal Reserve and it's methods of Modern Money Mechanics must come to an end. The IRS and it's strong arm buttressing of the Federal Reserve system must be abolished. We must rise up and throw off the shackles of debt and usury, propaganda and violence, protectionism and cronyism that the current monetary paradigm has us all yoked beneath.

The New American Revolution starts today, and it starts with you. This revolution will be fought on two fronts: The Economic and the Information.

Your opening salvo should include:

1. Take all of your money out of banking institution hands.

Every dollar a bank has on reserve allows that institution to loan out upwards of nine times as much. This flies in the face of reason and the ideas of property, while giving banks "house odds" on wealth confiscation, as well causing misallocation of resources in society at large. Beyond that, on the investment side, banking institutions support imperialism by investing in the defense industry as well as other carpet bagging industries.

2. Spend/Require Less.

Don't slave for shit you don't need, it's just that simple. By boycotting the currency of decree, you boycott its creation methods and the money masters who stand to gain from it's fraudulent existence.

3. Create Local Economy.

Trade service for service, favor for favor, good for good with your friends and neighbors. This robs the tax man while again, decreasing the demand for the currency. If you must work for cash, do as much under the table as possible. Find like minded individuals in your community and find innovative ways to begin providing yourselves the necessities of life with as little Federal Reserve Note usage as possible.

Of course, these things have to happen en-masse in order to have a major effect on the pyramid scheme financial model, so an information war needs to be waged, and it needs to be loud, proud, and educated. You must:

1. Pass this open letter on, and encourage those you pass it to to do the same.

2. Speak to this issue with family, friends, co-workers, strangers, everybody! And you must do it often and confidently, so read up!

3. Curry public attention and favor by using art, song, humor and dialog in a positive fashion with no suggestion of violence. This movement needs national attention to succeed, and cannot be stifled by criticisms of extremism which the main stream media will use to debase it.

4. Turn communities and states against the Federal "authority." Right now many states are drafting legislation to reassert their sovereignty. This needs to be supported. Some communities are creating their own currencies. This needs to be supported. Some states have even proposed their own currencies. This should be supported.

The federal government at the behest of the financial elite is going to be making moves towards a global financial regulatory system in the coming year. The new president's popularity will help grease the skids for this maneuver, so we need a full court press to not only shout down any of these proposed measures, but to encourage the opposite. Instead of scaling up the neo-liberal financial order, we need a return to common sense and economic fairness.

Get pissed, get creative, and get going!

Draft One: March 7th, 2009 -

By Sovereign


Chain of Fools

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