Monday, March 30, 2009

G20 Globalists Face 'Burn a Banker' Backlash

Rightfully so, trust in world leaders and globalist bankers is virtually non-existent among the working class. Although their concerns are all the political map, the Brits show a little spunk in the outcry against the manufactured economic crisis and the 'leaders' who are willing participants in crimes against humanity.

It's unlikely any relief for the people will come from this summit. It's likely that the secret sessions will move us closer to a one world currency and further the chasm between the rich and the poor.

To protect the 'dignitaries' from harm, Scotland Yard is coordinating the most expensive police operation in British history. To enhance the world perception that anti-globalists are violent anarchists, agent provocateurs may be in place to make sure that conflict occurs in the streets of London.

The City of London must be protected and some 'tough' bankers say to bring it on.

March 30 (Bloomberg) -- Graham Williams, an insurance company director, has a warning for protesters planning to bring London’s financial district to a standstill this week: “We’re not all pansies.”

As officials in the City of London advise financial workers to dress down and avoid confrontation with demonstrators from groups such as the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination and Anarchist Federation, some bankers and brokers are pledging to keep their suits crisply pressed and ties firmly knotted.

“Most us have played rugby or boxed,” said Williams, 66. “If any of those guys do get violent against us individually because we’re wearing a suit, we will take action.”

Protesters plan to target London bankers for their role in the financial meltdown as G-20 leaders gather in the city to discuss their response. Police estimate 1,500 campaigners will try to block roads and prevent people from getting to work in central London, home to the London Stock Exchange, Bank of England and the European headquarters of JPMorgan Chase & Co., on April 1, which demonstrators have dubbed Financial Fools Day.

“What we’re seeing with these groups is certainly an intention to cause us problems or to cause the city’s institutions problems,” Commander Bob Broadhurst of the Metropolitan Police said in a written statement.

The London Chamber of Commerce is advising employees of financial firms to stagger their arrivals, cancel meetings and shed their suits to lessen the impact of the protests. About 300,000 people work in the City, mostly in financial services, according to the City of London police.

Already some most likely 'patsies' have been arrested to show that the police are on top of the situation.

G20 summit 'terror plot' uncovered

Police have discovered “suspicious devices” along with imitation firearms and a number of other weapons.

Three men aged 25, 19, and 16 and two women aged 20, who all live in Plymouth or the surrounding area, were arrested between Friday and Sunday, police said.

“As the search progressed officers found a number of weapons and suspected imitation weapons as well material relating to political ideology,” a spokesman said.

The spokesman said there was no suggestion of Islamic extremists being involved and added: “Those arrested are not believed, at this stage, to be part of a national or larger operation.”

A police source said: “At this time this enquiry would appear to be regarding political activity involving British nationals.”

Imitation weapons?? Sounds dangerous.

Good ole Joe "I am a Zionist" Biden chimed in:

US Vice-President Joe Biden has called for G20 protesters to give governments a chance to tackle the economic crisis.

At a G20 warm-up meeting in Chile, Mr Biden said heads of state would agree proposals to remedy the crisis at next week's meeting in London.


US billionaire George Soros told the BBC the G20 meeting was "make or break" for the world economy.

"Unless they do something for developing world there will be serious collapse in that part of the world," Mr Soros said.

Soros smells money to be made.

Obama has his economic agenda and also will use this trip to promote the ever continuing fraudulent wars.

Obama has publicly urged other nations to embrace bigger stimulus plans. On this page last week, for example, he wrote that "the leaders of the G-20 have a responsibility to take bold, comprehensive and coordinated action," beginning with "swift action to stimulate growth.

"Already, some of the money from his economic recovery program is being used to purchase foreign goods and supply credit to foreign firms. (That's how globalization works.)

And, outside the G-20, Obama will be asking his new partners for big increases in economic aid to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Last but not least. Surely the 'intelligence' agencies would not resort to a false flag attack during the G20 summit as they did during the G8 summit on 7/7/05, the infamous London bombings. That would be too obvious. But strange things happen when some are trying to control the world. Lives are the least of their concern.

G20 Protest March by desoumal.

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  1. Maybe not a false flag but they are so brazen anymore nothing is out of the realm of possibility. There will almost certainly be agents provacteur in these crowds. They wouldn't build up the global slave state if they didn't intend to use it.