Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gun grabbers get another box of ammunition

Six people were killed and at least three others were injured Sunday, March 29, 2009, when a man walked into the Pinelake Health and Rehab Center in Carthage, NC and started shooting.


A news conference is scheduled for 5 p.m. (Watch it live on

Mass killings seem to be occurring at an increased frequency. Psychopaths, criminals, Manchurian Candidates and big pharma drug zombies seem to be everywhere. The Obama, Pelosi, Holder and Emanuel goosestepping followers will once again use this latest shooting by making the pitch for taking our guns. I would bet this nursing home was a 'gun free zone.'

The Brady Bunch will spring into action on this one. They could not have scripted a better storyline.

They already have a new 'report' on the Mexico situation. Exporting Gun Violence - How Our Weak Gun Laws Arm Criminals in Mexico and America.

Their goal is to take one step at a time. First ban the semi-automatic rifles and then...........

I fell very sorry for the victims and their families. I know that it could next be my family, friends or me that could fall by the hand of a crazed gunman.

I'm more worried about a future in which unarmed American citizens are prey for not only criminals but also defenseless against a government that will go to any lengths to make sure we are the slaves they intend for us to be.


  1. Your concluding concerns are most legitimate.

  2. Was the shooter on anti-depressants? I bet he was but the government stenographer media won't
    ever reveal it. I wish they would ban guns so a golden, safe, crimefree utopia would commence. But they'll have to ban sticks, stones, ballbats, feet, knives, hell just ban everything so we can have peace and safety. Please keep me safe mommygov. *sniffle*

  3. Shooting in Carthage NC.
    Better watch once than a lot of time to read.
    Exclusive video

  4. Have people become so adverse to critical thinking in such a short time? Both guns AND drugs are fucking illegal in Mexico IDIOTS! And everyone in Mexico has a gun and can get drugs anywhere, just like here. How will banning guns in the US change any of that? Banning drugs simply sent them underground and banning guns will do the same thing! Maybe that's not a bad thing, get the feds out, probably lower the cost and get anything you want on the black market with no paperwork hassles!