Sunday, March 1, 2009

Local talk radio degenerates more, signs up with Fred Thompson
If it would help, take this photo and crop out Fred. Looking at his wife while listening to his new show might help ease the pain.

Nashville's talk radio stations have a captive audience. Right wing, pseudo two party system arguments are all you can hear unless you tune in to NPR and even the National Propaganda Radio has great limitations. I call it lying by omission.

The 100,000 watt giant WTN has now signed on with the hack, former Tennessee senator and poor excuse for a presidential candidate Fred Thompson. Just what we needed, another talking head clone for the war mongers/profiteers and elite media manipulators of the public.

The hype for the show has begun:

The Biggest Since O'Reilly: Fred Thompson Show To Launch

From a press release:

Westwood One is pleased to announce that The Fred Thompson Show will debut on March 2nd on more than 125 stations including key market clearances in Washington D.C., Dallas, Houston and Minneapolis.

“Of all the radio talkers out there, how many can say they’ve debated in the Senate; campaigned for President of the United States; had a successful TV career on Law and Order and shared the screen with Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, Robert De Niro and Sissy Spacek?” said Bart Tessler, EVP Westwood One News & Talk Programming. “Thompson is as unique as they come and that will make for exceptional radio.”

“This will be the biggest talk radio launch since Bill O’Reilly,” said Dennis Green, Westwood One EVP Affiliate Sales. “We have not even hit the air and radio stations from coast to coast are ready for Fred Thompson to speak to their audiences about the issues that matter.” source

Freedom of the airwaves takes another step backwards into the monopoly of media mind control.

Fred will stick to the talking points he is tasked to perpetuate.

As an aging actor, Fred will sleepwalk through this gig and be praised by the listening sheep as being so good at what he does.

Some of us will just listen, shake our heads and deliberate on how radio talk has fallen so low. I suppose it could be worse. WTN could have picked up the Karl Rove or Al Gore show.

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