Monday, March 16, 2009

A Love Fest for Bernanke on 60 minutes
Bernanke escapes the guillotine, for now, as 60 Minutes positions the fed as the savior for our economic situation. No real news here, just a dance around the fact that the fed is a private criminal banking enterprise that forcibly steals our taxes by charging interest on the 'money created from air' and gives it to their friends and allies on Wall Street and around the world.

The biggest racket in the world and the media doesn't even ask the real questions.

Bernanke on 60 Minutes Part 1

Bernanke on 60 Minutes Part 2

Bernanke on 60 Minutes Part 3



  1. Asking Bernanke how to fix the economy is like asking that thief that broke into your house and robbed you blind how to make your home safe from the next band of thieves planning to break in and rob you blind.... again.

    Worse, Bernanke's appointment to the Fed is good for FOURTEEN years, meaning he'll have lots of time to finish the fleecing of the USA.

    We hear a lot about "activist" judges making laws from the bench, why don't we hear about "activist" bankers like Greenspan and Bernanke?

  2. Sure do wonder why the interviewer didn't ask about the 550 billion drawn out on 9/11/08. Seems like that would have been a dam good question, especially since Rep. Paul Kanjorski, (D, Penn) Chairman of the House’s Capitol Markets Subcommittee recently admitted this on C-SPAN.

    Another fluff piece by Jew Media, geared for the sheep.

    Read more here:

  3. If you go to this link below, there's a chart of AIG's "performance" over the last year. It looks like AIG was raided Big Time on that other 9/11 of September 11, 2008 when certain parties pulled over 500 BILLION dollars out of the American banking system and were trying to loot more when the Treasury Dept called off the feeding frenzy.

    AIG is rumored to be a CIA front and has more than a few links to that Zionist/Neocon Demolition Derby held on the first 9/11. Maybe the boys from the "Farm" are getting a bit greedy and demanding more and more money for their silence.

    Or maybe they know they can steal with impunity, after all, who's going to prosecute them?

    And the lap dogs in Congress sure as hell won't start barking, they're way too comfy living the high life.