Friday, March 6, 2009

A Run on Seed? demand exceed supply?

The continued economic collapse has an increasing number of people thinking about growing their own food.

This self reliant attitude as a hedge against rising prices and decline in quality was evident in a trip to the local farmers co-op yesterday.

The seed potatoes were sold out. Certain popular garden varieties such as Blue Lake bush green were also gone and in talks with several employees they confirmed that they had no idea if if they were going to get any more in. The word was there is going to be a seed shortage.

The plants; cabbage, broccoli, Vildalia onions etc. from major source Bonnie Farms were poor looking.

The local Mennonite store did have plenty of good quality seed potatoes but none of my favorite, Yukon Gold. The plants they had were well taken care of and I picked up a flat of them. This store will thrive during the coming months.

The best advice would be to use the old time, non-hybrid seed this year and save your own. Starting plants from seed will save a lot of money as the prices for them are not cheap.

The run on seed and plants could possibly be a harbinger of things to come.

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