Friday, March 27, 2009

A Tale From the Dark Side
Nashville's Batman Building will go 'dark'

The 'top' story tonight on local WKRN TV is the hype over "Earth Hour" at 8:30 pm on Saturday.

In Nashville, the ever lit Batman building will dim, honky-tonk bands will play acoustic, the Predators hockey team has an early 5 pm start for respect and Al Gore will masturbate in the darkness of his mansion over his 'carbon credit' monopoly board. OK, I made that last one up but you never know.

All of this spin to increase awareness about 'global warming.' Not a word about the centralized monoliths that control the electric grid. It's all our fault for turning on the lights.

Everyone wants a clean planet and if the truth be known we could have had decentralized energy sources many years ago. Greed has prevented it and now we'll have to pay up in carbon taxes and ever increasing energy bills just to continue to flip a switch.

I can think of a few more 'hours' we need to have.
No TV news lies hour.
That would mean a blank screen.

A congress without lobbyists hour.
Withdrawals would set in but not long enough for them to do themselves harm.

An Obama free hour.
With all of his mandated face time lately, it's unlikely he would agree to this.

A no war hour.
The military industrial complex would not like this, the bankers and Israel would have a fit.

A no arrests for marijuana possession hour.
Cops would have to do something else, like maybe catch a real criminal.

A no killing of animals for meat hour.
Probably not, McDonald's might fall behind in getting their shipments.

A no tax hour.
That would stimulate the economy a little.

You can probably think of an hour you might want to become international and increase awareness of a certain issue.

But if there's no profit to be made from it, you can forget it.


  1. This is almost as funny as Algore's photo op where a reservoir was drained during a drought so he could sit in a canoe looking stupid. Purely symbolism for the Oprah/Dr Phil crowd to feel good over their croissants and birkenstocks while we continue to consume 1/4 of the earth's resources for our vaunted non-negotiable way of life.

  2. In 1973, during the Arab oil boycott--suggested to the rulers of Saudi Arabia by Kissinger--Denmark saw the writing on the wall and decided to be energy independent.

    And today, they are. No imported oil for Denmark, thanks to their investing in solar and wind energy technology.

    If little Denmark can become energy independent, can't the USA?

    But if we did achieve that goal, that would remove a very powerful tool of oppression and money robbing from the wealthy elite.

  3. Every hour should be Earth Hour

  4. distribution of resources is the problem there is enough for everybody

  5. Don't forget that other architectural paean to Free & Accepted Masonry in Nashville, the Parthenon. An exact replica of the naerly 3,000 year old one by Phidius in Athens, Greece, it is replete with an ominous 42 foot tall Athena holding the considerably more diminutive goddess of victory, Nike, in Her extended right hand. Built in Centennial Park, land donated by rail road magnate & high ranking Freemason, John W Thomas, himself, it's yet another clue as to who & what are behind the construction of certain symbolically themed edifices, and for whom they are built. I'm diggin' your sense of humour, BTW, Kenny. Happy sight-seeing, y'all.

    Not an accidental tourist,
    Anadæ Effro (+;-)}

  6. Anadae,
    I appreciate your knowledge of the more 'occult' aspects of Nashville architecture.

    There's even a special tour to educate in these 'mysteries,' if it's still in business.

  7. As I, my(s)elf, likewise appreciate your William Henry familiarity in addition to everything else. Whoa. Thank you for the tour heads-up. Don't forget this specific title of Professor Henry's if you've not read it. Enjoy! (+;-)}