Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The taxes have gone too far

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Of course smoking is hazardous to your health. We won't argue. For all the lawsuits filed and payments by cigarette makers paid to the states, I've never met a single person who didn't know this.

But some of us like to partake of this age old tradition and the government doesn't have the right to tell us what to do. Well...no right but they do it anyway.

I've been rolling my own for years, have beat the taxes and didn't have to put up with the 599 additives 'approved' by the government for R.J. Reynolds and the rest to use in their product.

Well, no more. I knew the taxes on production cigarettes was going up on April 1st but until today I thought the roll-your-own product was safe from the long arm of the tax law.

Was I wrong. A feature on What Really Happened - Tax Hike has smokers fuming - blew me away in a cloud of smoke. A 2,400 percent increase in the tax on loose tobacco. It's the biggest one time increase on anything I have ever heard of. Once again it's tax the poor to feed the criminal government. I sort of doubt that any of this newly generated money will go to health care for the unlucky ones who have developed smoking problems. It probably will go to the war machine for new and improved ways to kill quickly instead of the slow way tobacco does.

I'm going to give a plug to a good company, Natural American Spirit, one of the few who produces organic and additive free tobacco. With the money crunch they have been doing well. I heard from a dealer that they were having trouble meeting demand. Things may slow up now for them. It looks like the tax increase will be about $8 per 5.29 oz. can.

These 'sin' taxes will never end until we do something to stop them. Great Britain appears to be going to increase taxes on beer and will put a lot of pubs out of business. Alcohol tax increases will be next on the taxers agenda here in the US. There are moonshiners still around in my area and as taxes increase so will they.

Back to smoking.
Quit, pay the price or.......

Grow your own. I'm thinking about doing this.

I grew up working in the tobacco fields and barns so I know a little about it.

The Seedman gives an short overview on how to do it. Seed, organic and non-organic can be obtained through several sources. A search will get you all of the information you need.

Now all of this grow your own stuff may sound good but laws are being passed faster than most of us can keep up with them. If some like HR 875 get passed, the garden nazis may be roaming our backyards.

They may be checking to see if we used any of that bad manure on our crops and asking to see the pesticide poison required for use to keep our food 'safe.'

And if they found a few tobacco plants in the garden, even if legal, they might say we were contaminating the food crops and have to destroy everything.

I shouldn't be surprised at anything our 'guberment' does. They let the criminal pharmaceutical industry, the fast food joints and the factory farms/animal holocaust camps poison the population but smoke a cig...or a joint...

You gotta' pay the price son.

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Reading, writing or talking about the criminal activities of the US government may be Hazardous to Your Health


  1. Alcohol tax increases will be the next on the taxers agenda here in the US.

    Maybe. Whenever DC looks to push another sin tax, it's usually on tobacco.

    The 50 cents per pack hike for the "children" translated into a $6.50 per carton increase.
    Let's see, 50 cents times 10 packs in a carton equals five dollars in the real world.

    Congress doesn't like passing tax hikes on something a lot of them enjoy, booze.

    As for growing "tabakky," that would be the least of my worries in my garden spot.
    There's some exotic African "tomatoes" that they would love to find.

    If they ever do and I'm home, I'l finally have my 15 minutes of fame, posthumously.

    I've already decided I wouldn't care for living on my knees.

  2. I've been smoking for many years, and I dread having to go cold turkey. But at 25 cents a cigarette I have no other choice. (I can easily smoke 6-8 an hour, 2 dollars an hour).
    I believe with these price increases, at least a third of smokers will stop, or at least cut back to 1-2 cigs a day. With fewer people buying, sales will drop, revenues will drop, and the end result will be about the same amount of taxes collected as they were before the increase.
    Ultimately, fewer people will start the habit, and revenues will continue to drop.
    This will be the perfect excuse to start taxing other products, like food and water.
    The good news is, we'll be very healthy when we starve to death!

  3. The only way I can beat the system is to go on a short cruise which I like anyway. Last cruise was a 5 day for something like $599. Top name brand cigarettes were $22 a carton. You're allowed one carton per person duty free. If you go in a group of friends you simply have each one take a carton off the boat. Perfectly legal, not that they check. Imagine what they'd have to do in customs checking your luggage to see if you have more than one carton? Most of the time they don't even open your luggage. Next best thing is having friends go on a cruise, or someone at work, just tell them to get you some cigarettes. You're also allowed one liter of liquor, I usually pick the most expensive stuff which is less than one third if you get it off shore. We know we're going to have insane inflation, so stock up on your favorite brand of liquor at your best price. Liquor has no expiration date as we all know.

  4. An adder to my post. If you buy your cigarettes aboard ship they're usually a little higher than in port. I suspect if you buy a lot of cartons on board the ship will report you to customs and they'll keep your excess cigarettes.

  5. In Illinois, down the road, packs of Malboros are $6.50 a pack now,

    That's not even counting the increase on the first that is (not) for the children

    Who could blame these bozos for continuing to lie and steal from us? They think we're dumb and won't ever do anything about it.

    Are they right?


  6. Hey, thanks for reminding me about this stuff...somehow I forgot with all the bullshit happening faster than I can keep up! Cripes, it was bad enough under Dumbya...and I didn't really expect it to be any better but I was hoping the shit would slow down a little and let me get my bearings. FUCK, I've been smoking for 30 something years and really didn't plan on quitting...and we've been rollin' out own off/on for years. I'm sure I can grow some but I don't know much about curing and whatnot. I really don't
    know that much 'bout growing it but how hard can it be, especially when using organic methods?

  7. Well its big Pharma that lobbied to get these insane laws passed so they could make big bucks off people quiting smoking. No one seems to really realize the truth??
    I wonder if we will ever wake up in this country before we are all slaves in camps or worse? WAKE UP PEOPLE & get out the tar & feathers..

  8. This tobacco tax was increased to fund the children's health insurance plan devised by DC.

    I'm all in favor of kids getting decent health care, but taxing tobacco ain't going to work.

    Some people will quit, some will grow their own and others will buy elsewhere.

    Which means there won't be near enough money for the children's health insurance.
    Which means they'll come back with another tax increase on something else, like someone already mentioned, on water... or maybe the air we breathe.

    Or start taxing Internet blogs. That would be one way to silence a lot of folks.

  9. You might consider "smoking" tobacco through a vaporizer like the pot heads use. (For example, http://www.vaporgenie.com/) It is a MUCH healthier way to consume than smoking and your tobacco will go much farther. I can't report from experience but I hear reports of up to 20 TIMES as far. If that is true, then in theory you can effectively reduce your consumption of tobacco to 1/20 of what it is now without reducing your intake of nicotine. Even with the insane tax increase you could probably afford to buy pure organic tobacco. You keep your health and your habit, and the government's anticipated tax revenues get the swift kick in the balls that they so richly deserve. The idea of growing your own tobacco is also a good one. -- Chris

  10. It is always "for the children" isn't it? Just like our state lottery was for "education". Yes, technically, the schools get the money. But, the lawmakers just move the funds they normally would have allocated to the schools to other pet projects -- so we get the same amount per pupil.

    And then there are all the laws "to help fight child pornography", only they never seem to catch any actual child pornographers with them -- just a way to try to put controls on the internet. I'm all for catching pedophiles (I'd go a little farther and suggest we have some public castrations for the bastards to set a few examples ...) but you can't allow the government to take away all your rights just to catch a few bad guys. The tradeoff just isn't worth it.

    But, no one has the guts to argue against "protecting kids" (even though we know politicians don't give a rats ass about kids or anyone else) -- so that's how they get away with it.

  11. No man, woman or child is safe in America as long as Congress is in session.

  12. "Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." - C. S. Lewis

    Well, all I can say is, "Welcome to the stewpot." The same one that cannabists have been in since 'mair-ee-jew-wanna' was made illegal in 1937, courtesy of lies and political opportunism...under color of 'public safety'.

    In his 1995 speech to the California Judges Association annual conference, Professor Charles Whitebread warned that tobacco would become the next victim of drug prohibition. His remarks were quite prescient.

    I'm quite sure many nicotinists were certain of their invulnerability to drug prohibition; after all, their drug was more 'socially acceptable'. That premise is now proving to be as false as it ever was; the 'omnipotent moral busybodies' were not going to stop with present illicits, no, the 'writing was on the wall' long ago. The social engineers will not stop until they have 'corrected' every aspect of human behavior they feel is demonstrably deleterious to society, and to Hell with the individual; Collectivism Uber Alles.

    It would behoove smokers to make common cause with the 'pot-heads' they previously sneered at before it's too late, as said cannabists have had long experience with just how ruthless and brutal The State can be towards those who challenge it. Because, like as not, that's where you're heading: the stewpot awaits...

  13. I bet the toxic additives they put in tobacco is what causes cancer. Were there any cases of lung cancer amoung the native indians?

  14. Tobacco is easy to grow. Do a search on 'tobacco seed". Try this company:



  15. It won't be ong before people start getting arrested for "DWI."

    Driving While Inhaling... cigarettes.

    Cop: "Bub, were you smoking a cigarette and driving at the same time?"

    Joe Blow: "Uhh, no officer, uhh.."

    Cop: "Is that cigarette smoke I smell on your breath? Alright bub, outta the car and keep your hands where I can see them" the cop says as he draws his 16 shot Glock.

  16. I've been roling cigarettes ( using the little gadget and cigarette tubes) for about 3 months. Basically I couldn't afford even the cheapest brnds any more. Rolling cost about $7.50 a carton. Tobacco was $10 a pound. April 1st it will be $40!!!!
    I was so pissed off when I heard this, then I realized there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. The Gov can single out a very small minority of people and totally screw them without limit. Fairness is not an issue for them, just who can be safely screwed.
    At some point, probably not to far in the future, the 15 minutes of fame option maybe all a man will have left.