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Sermon From the Corporate Church photo from Thomas Paine's Corner

Hurricane winds pound at the gates of Fortress America and our leaders send out the order for more straw and sand to pound into the widening cracks. The harder the winds of change blow the more apparent it becomes that our “leaders” cannot lead, when they themselves await orders from above. As our house of cards flies apart at the seams, the master planners send their minions scrambling to salvage their disintegrating investments, worrying only about their “property,” caring less about the human life that is huddled in fear within.

This belief, that property is more valuable than human life itself, is the basis of humanity’s current problems. Capitalism, the embodiment of this belief, is in its death throes. The multiple crises which proponents of the capital faith have engineered were not unanticipated events; in fact, they were foreseen very clearly, as they have always been key elements of the planned grand finale to be implemented. The plan has always been to turn the coming catastrophe into the grandest opportunity of all time for men with no souls, having been consumed by greed.

more - Peter Chamberlin via The Peoples Voice


The Snake Dancing Broadcasting Mind Control

These times in which we live become increasingly more surreal. It could be that things have been strange for a long time but we are just seeing it more now. Of course, a larger percentage of us are not seeing it at all but even they know something is wrong. They just assume it is for the obvious reasons because that is what they have been told. They’ve been told it’s because of the terrorists and that “Oceana has always been at war with Eastasia.” They’ve been told that all of the problems are due to somebody else and that the new people are going to fix the problems now. They’ve been told a lot of things.

It is a curious question as to why there are some people who are immune to the broadcast. There always have been. History records many incidents of people revealing the existence of the broadcasting and image making force. We read that these people have warned humanity through the ages and we also see that humanity has paid no attention. Even with all of the examples that history shows about the ugly circumstances that are created by a mass belief in the broadcast, people still do not learn and each day they rise to the hope that the broadcast is going to lead them into the Promised Land but they die in Gary, Indiana, Calcutta or London town.

The broadcast tells them that consuming poison will grant them good health and that going to war will bring them peace. The broadcast tells them that bad men and women are the heroes of their time and that those who want to liberate them from the broadcast are villains. They routinely imprison, defame and kill these messengers but for some reason there are always new ones to take their place. There are never very many of them and that might be one reason that people do not come to see the true nature of the broadcast. Fear is another reason. This is why intelligent people, who know in their hearts what the broadcast is, will deny that they know. They will even encourage others to continue to accept the broadcast because there is no profit to the alternative which can get them into a lot of trouble.

more - Les Visible


Yes We Can 'Means' No You Can't

The WORld Management System (WORMS) is good at creating slogans that encourage people to act without thinking. It is a “talent” that has been cultivated for decades, Professor Ross L. Finney’s book, A Sociological Philosophy of Education, published in 1929 explained to students and fellow sociologists that they needed short slogans in order to force-feed their new philosophy of life. He wrote:

Granted that the old sayings now current express as a rule an antiquated philosophy of life, that only means that we need a new set of sayings. It is only by the use of such shorthand symbols that the minds of socii can operate together; and if our old symbols no longer epitomize the philosophy by which we are living, then we need new proverbs, slogans, couplets, catechisms, epigrams, and witticisms that will express that new philosophy of life by which we are to operate the new society.

As rapidly as possible we must reduce our new philosophy of epigrams, and drill them memoriter into the memories of dullards. Of course the new coinage waits upon the smelting of the new intellectual bullion; but the bullion must be minted as fast as it is produced. In the fields of the new humanities, accordingly, the phrase maker has a real function to perform. If his coins ring true, are beautiful, and of convenient size, they will soon find their way into general circulation, there to predetermine collective thought and action. We need a new Poor Richard! And it is principally through the schools that this new coinage of the collective intellect should be paid into general circulation. It is not enough that we teach children to think, we must actually force-feed them with the concentrated results of expert thinking. P. 394-495.

“YES WE CAN” is one of the popular new System slogans. What does it really mean? First, we must realize that “WE” refers to the WORMS (WORld ManagerS) and their supporters. When the WORMS say “Yes WE can. It is a power boast.

more - Erica Carle


Tomorrow's Wheat

Can you eat the yet un-harvested corn? Can we store-up tomorrow’s wheat? Can we enjoy the comfort of a chair still growing in the forest? Can we hold in our arms the yet unborn? These things belong in the future and they are beyond our reach. To obtain things from the future would be a violation of the time and space continuum or just mendacious tricks. We are led to believe we have spent our posterity’s wealth even though that wealth is unattainably in the future. The debt they claim owed is for wealth and labor beyond all present economic activity. Any reasonable mind can see that would be an illusionary accomplishment. Can we see or spend the gold or silver yet undiscovered or taste the bread from the wheat grown next year? We have been lead to believe both a physical and moral impossibility. What is this spell that has tricked our minds into thinking that tomorrow’s economy is spent and how was it accomplished?

Do not be fooled by the problems that lie ahead. We have many but they are not to be feared. They have been used by the wicked to keep us in line.

Problems are opportunities for achievement to those that solve them.

Problems are a means to power for those that promote them.

This whole ridiculous situation is coming to a head; there are only two things we can do short of a bloody revolution.

1. We will expose, indict and prosecute the criminal psychopaths controlling us with monetized debt. Or:
2. Continue having our real wealth expropriated until they consume most of production and we begin to starve.

more - Paul Cappadona


"He Couldn't Take it Anymore" -- The Real Cost of those Low Prices at Wal-Mart

Recently a 58 year old employee of Wal-Mart set himself on fire in the store parking lot. A Wal-Mart employee reported the man just "couldn't take it anymore."

But even if you don't care about the guy that lit himself on fire at Wal-Mart or the emotional trauma and exploitation of those subjected to the dehumanization of a "Wal-Mart" economy. You might be concerned about the cost of this "Wal-Mart" economy to your pocket book.

Sure you can buy some cheap plastic junk and some cheap groceries, but Wal-Mart has decimated American small business and has soaked communities of a great deal of their tax revenue.

Most of us are aware of the phenomenon of several workers in a household (mom, dad, and kids) struggling to make the household income of just one American worker in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Unfortunately, the American economy can no longer sustain the low prices of Wal-Mart and the other big box corporate retail stores which

When you have an underpaid and underemployed American worker then you have a consumer that can no longer afford to keep the American and world's economy moving and growing.

Sadly the abuse and dehumanization that came with the Wal-Mart economy has not only wrecked the American psyche along with their incomes, but it has also spread throughout the economy of the world in the form of our present collapse.

The real cost of the American Wal-Mart economy has rippled through the world in the form of an economic collapse.

more - Grant Lawrence


The Fed's Unsound Theories

But even if the Constitution did have legal authority, the Federal Reserve (FED) is unconstitutional. Article 1, Section 1 says "All legislative powers herein granted" vest in Congress. The powers are granted in the document. The Constitution enumerates or lists the powers of Congress and confers no others except those necessary and proper to their execution. It is not within the enumerated powers of the Constitution to establish a central bank with the FED’s powers, nor is the FED necessary and proper to achieve any of its listed powers. Indeed, the FED contradicts the articles that mention money. Section 8 gives Congress power "To coin money, regulate the value thereof,..." This does not preclude the right of any person to issue money, so that legal tender laws for private transactions are unconstitutional. And it does not allow government to do anything other than coin money, which the FED does not do. Congress may regulate the value of these coins by stating the gold or other metal content, which is why the article goes on to say "fix the standard of weights and measures."

In sum, the FED lacks any moral and legal authority.

But even if the FED were constitutional, its actions are pragmatically unsound. And because they are unsound, they damage the interests of many Americans. The rest of this article focuses on the practical failings of the FED.

more - Michael S. Rozeff


Pelosi on the Assault Weapons Ban

The Hill:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tossed cold water on the prospect of reinstating the assault weapons ban, highlighting Democrats’ reluctance to take on gun issues.

Attorney General Eric Holder raised the prospect Wednesday that the administration would push to bring back the ban. But Pelosi (D-Calif.) indicated on Thursday that he never talked to her. The Speaker gave a flat “no” when asked if she had talked to administration officials about the ban.

“On that score, I think we need to enforce the laws we have right now,” Pelosi said at her weekly news conference. “I think it’s clear the Bush administration didn’t do that.”

Outside of the dig at the recent Republican president, that phrase is the stock line of those who don’t want to pass new gun control laws, such as the National Rifle Association.

Maybe this is just a delay tactic until they get “the votes” needed or maybe she knows that the ban will be put into effect using a Treaty such as the UN Small Arms Treaty and therefore would not require the house to vote at all. Trust me Pelosi is not on the side of gun owners.

From The Survivalist Blog


If you love this planet, make art

Oak Ridges Moraine source of inspiration for high schoolers' mosaics, tiles, T-shirts

By Kenyon Wallace

Julia Spittel worries today's young people are losing touch with their natural surroundings.

Inspired by the majestic landscape of the Yukon Territory during a trip there six years ago, the Langstaff Secondary School visual arts teacher decided to introduce environmental themes into her teaching to get students closer to nature.

"I want my students to learn that they're not living in a vacuum, that they share the planet, and specifically their neighbourhood, with creatures, whether they're plants, animals, insects or fish," explains Spittel, 43. "I want them to look around, to realize they're not the only ones here."

The intention is to send a message to others about lifestyle choices we make that affect the environment by creating striking logos.

"My fear is that if students don't know what's out there, they won't know what to save and what to look out for," Spittel says.

"So many of the kids don't go outside, and it terrifies me."

more - Vegan School 101


Extortion by Privatization

Government takes your taxes by fiat, before you even see the money that you earned, while they refuse to account for how that money; your money – is spent. This is one thing that you can “DO” to begin to “change” this obscenity of imbalance that has been routinely skewed since taxes were imposed upon us all. Let’s begin to end the double-standard imposed by this supposed government-custodianship over our lives; by forcing this government to protect the public, from these conspiracies, wherever they have joined with privatized-corporate-interests, to steal from us all of that which is rightfully ours.

This system could also be applied to the secret no-bid government contracts between the private-contractors and the fiat-government that were the real reason for Cheney’s Wars-unending that has bankrupted this nation on a scale that is unimaginable in all of human history. The “money” that is used, abused and stolen in all of these criminal-misadventures, ultimately comes out of the pockets of the next ten generations – your children’s, children’s children would in theory be paying for all these crimes – assuming that there is a future.

You could begin to stop our pre-planned collapse by simply demanding a real health-care system that is entirely paid for by the US government, including everything that is needed to keep American life free of this medical curse that has for too long ruled over too many-million lives!

more - Jim Kirwan

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People who are homeless are not social inadequates. They are people without homes.

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