Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Underground Group Declares War on Western Industrial Civilization

(Graphic: Fist by ~Nicholas-Neruda)

Thomas Paine’s Corner received this communiqué from a group calling itself The Army of Gaia. The communication was typewritten with no return address and was post-marked in Los Angeles. I transcribed their message, have destroyed the envelope and its contents, and am now passing it along to the world. Make of it what you will.

—Jason Miller Senior Editor and Founder of Thomas Paine’s Corner

"We cry and rage for the tens of thousands of humans, millions of animals, and thousands of acres of plants and trees annihilated by the rapacious minions of Western industrial civilization every day.

We see that time is short and we must slay this cruel, pitiless monstrosity.

We will attack Western industrial civilization at its roots, when and where its loathsome gatekeepers least expect it. We will cripple it, weaken it, and eventually eradicate it.

We are The Army of Gaia and we will not rest until we’ve rid the Earth of the scourge of Western industrial civilization."

read the entire Communiqué at Thomas Paine's Corner


Jason Miller suggested I might want to link to this, thus deferring the responsibility/blame back to Thomas Paine's Corner. :)

Whether or not this is from an actual group or just the pissed off ramblings of an individual is beside the point. We may be reaching the breaking point where some are willing to take matters into their own hands.

Please comment at the source.

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