Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You're a meek little thing.

I suppose you think you will inherit the earth.

http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q234/captnyro/Joan%20Bennett/LittleWomen7.jpg http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z276/kennyrk/crimenoir.jpg?t=1238584902

Americans seem to be mesmerized or intimidated. The banker/gov theft goes on with barely a ripple.

In London some are trying to stand up and make their voices heard during the G20 summit, so the government and media step up a psyops operation of fear and try to discourage those who have only good intentions.

A Metropolitan police officer stands guard at the area where a suspect package was found in front of the The Bank of England in London, England, 31 March 2009. The City, London's financial district, is undergoing heavy police scrutiny as it braces for protests before and during Thursday's G20 summit. more photos

Fear terrorists will use G20 protests

LONDON - Thousands of extra police are patrolling London's streets ahead of tonight's expected start of G20 summit protests amid fears that terrorists could capitalise on the presence of tens of thousands of unruly protesters to launch an attack.

The convergence of the two threats comes as Britain is already on "severe" alert, meaning security officials believe an attack is highly likely. more

Highly likely?

Protest should be the backbone of taking back control of our lives and our country.

The majority of Americans are sleepy.


  1. There's nothing to go on at this point, except to realize that our government has been taken over by liars, thieves, con artists and murderers who have no problem with sending our kids off to die in foreign lands, fighting wars for "Empire and Israel."

    Bill Clinton, "Bloody" Maddy Albright, GW Bush, Cheney, OBOMBA and HRM Hillary are all part of this rapacious gang, aided and abetted by a corrupt Congress that is serving its Masters, the MIC and Wall Street.

    They might sound angry and act indignant when holding another of those phony-baloney Congressional hearings, but at the end of the day, they'll run home to their lines of coke, Jewess "honeypots" and 12 yo Scotch, provided to them by Wall Street, AIPAC and the Pentagon.

    We have to make a decision and do it now, to either take back our nation or resign ourselves and condemn our children to forever being slaves.

  2. Television is mind control. For a generation the "comedy" shows have produced "hit" after hit showing a family with an ineffectual white father, a wife who holds him in contempt and is a virtual scold, and children who are lazy and hate to learn or do anything but watch television and "rebel". This was all in the Protocols Of the Elders Of Zion as a way to destroy a society. Alexander Solzhenitzyn (sp?)stated they were clearly not a "fraud" as claimed by the jews but a work of pure genius. The likely writer was Lowell Rothschild and you are seeing the end game now as they are fully implemented in societies destroyed by the Jews. There will be gun control. There will be death camps just as when the Jewish Bolsheviks killed over 60 million non-jews in the Russian Revolution which was really a Jewish Revolution.

  3. Points well taken Greg and anon.