Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Awww....Al Gore fails

http://imgs.sfgate.com/c/pictures/2009/04/10/bu-techblog11_ph_0499986651_part1.jpg "I'll steal your money one way or another."

Gore TV is having a hard time these days. The IPO plan has hit a snag. There's not enough useful idiots with money to invest in his child propaganda channel.

Don't feel too sorry for Al. He has plenty of other schemes up his sleeve. The one where he will really make his money is the carbon tax, cap and trade, carbon credit scam and pretty soon it will have the legitimacy of law behind it.

Gore's Current Media scraps plan for IPO in face of weak economy

Current Media, the San Francisco cable television company co-founded by former Vice President Al Gore, canceled plans for an initial public offering on Friday, citing the bad economy.

The withdrawal comes 14 months after Current, the parent of Current TV, filed for a $100 million IPO that would have funded the company's expansion and opened the door to a potential windfall for Gore and his partner, CEO Joel Hyatt {born Joel Hyatt Zylberberg}.

Ending the IPO quest wasn't a surprise given the lack of investor appetite for new public companies amid the economic downturn.

Current TV, a channel programmed with short clips and aimed at a younger audience, reaches 58 million homes globally. The company is trying to bridge cable and Internet by broadcasting professional video alongside user-generated clips as a sort of YouTube on cable. {source}

I took a look at Gore's Current TV web site. Just as I thought, there were the headlines you would expect from a social engineering tool for children, Vermont Considers Legalizing Teen "Sexting" and Why We Love Twitter.

But the big surprise was the the link to Danish Scientist on TV: Nano-thermite Behind Collapse of WTC Buildings on 9/11, Not Planes.

I have a hard time believing that Gore is a 'truther.' Either he has no control over his site or certain information is being put out there as preparation for things to come. Are the kiddies soon to learn that the official story is a lie? And what will be the new 'official' story?

Call me a cynic, but anything associated with Gore is a psyop. There's someone behind the curtain.

A Noble prize winner wouldn't lie to us, would he?


  1. You might want to think about how commonplace Jone's new paper is becomeing. Funny how it details some exotic unexploded material that may or may not even be powerful enough to blow anything up, much less floor systems... and there it is, front and center on Gore's site? Fishier every time I hear about it...

  2. willy, I thought that you would know what I was hinting at.

  3. My theory for the past several years is that the truth about 9/11 will be allowed exposure, the plan all along, when they decide the time is right to prove what an evil, dismal failure the US experiment has been. With the "capitalist" model so compromised it won't be hard to get people to agree to a whole new system. 9/11 truth may be our next 9/11.

  4. Saladin, I think you may be on to something there.

  5. Al "ozone man" Bore failed! Hahaha I remember Tipper's PMRC thanks to them we have parental advisory stickers on music releases. Do these public trough feeding maggots ever go away?

  6. IT would serve you well to understand the difference between what the Law is and what statutes are as with statutes only your consent gives them the power of Law. The most powerful and empowering information I have found on the net in this regard can be viewed on videos here.

  7. Gore is and always has been a complete phoney and puppet. "Dr." Armand Hammer, the billionaire who created the "love Canal" disaster and many more ecological disasters, was the patron to Gore's Senator father and Gore himself. Gore has no interest in ecology other than the agenda of his corporate NWO masters. His receiving the "Nobel Prize" for his bs movie and nearly $100 million in Google stock etc. since throwing the election to Bush stinks of a big payoff. He won the election yet gave it to Bush to destroy the country which Bush had no problem doing. I agree with Saladin but the Israel Mossad link will be kept out i.e. the real monsters behind 911

  8. I can still remember those dark days, in late 2000, when the reports about massive voter fraud were coming out of Florida and voter caging and suppression elsewhere.

    Some brave US Reps brought a petition to the floor of the US Senate, of which Al Gore was presiding over as VP and asked that the vote final not be recognized because of all the vote fraud reports coming out.

    All they needed was ONE US Senator or even Gore to agree to back their petition so they could proceed with an investigation and not one of those sorry SOB's would back a drive to find out the truth.

    Fast forward to December 2004, when again, reports of voter fraud were coming out of Ohio Big Time and what does Kerry do?

    Runs and hides from any chance at a real investigation into this fraud, even though he had an army of lawyers working for free, more than willing to look into another instance of voter fraud.

    Both Kerry and Gore chickened out when their country really needed them.

  9. Why is it no one talks about the land Gore owns and rents to a mining company????
    He's directly responsible for polluting water with zinc, yet he screams about the environment and how we're wasting it. Hypocrite!
    Do the google search - Al Gore rent land - and see what turns up.

  10. You aren't a cynic, you are a seer. Limited hangout on 9/11? Very, very interesting.

  11. The Algor photo shoot that drained a reservoir is a classic example of what a sham this assbag is. Does algor ever reveal how he stands to make huge profits on some bs carbon tax? The carbon footprint is an abstraction spoken into reality by gaia cultists. One day the children that are being indoctrinated right now in our soviet style education system will be the gaia cop enforcers.