Monday, April 27, 2009

Bart Gordon Responds to H.R. 1207... sort of "Nancy Pelosi sends a disk every Monday morning containing all the important issues and what my talking points are to be. H.R. 1207 seems to be missing from my list of things to do."

I asked Mr. Gordon, Tennessee's 6th district congressman, to become a sponsor for H.R. 1207. I also asked him why the bill would not be in the best interests of his constituents. His answer was less than encouraging.
Dear Kenneth,

Thank you for sharing your support for H.R. 1207, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act. Hearing from you helps me better represent Middle Tennessee.

I understand your view that auditing the Federal Reserve would provide much needed transparency. As a nation, we must practice fiscally responsible policies to recover from this economic crisis as quickly as possible. The House Committee on Financial Services is reviewing this legislation regarding the role and efficiency of the Federal Reserve. I am not a member of that committee, but will keep your views in mind should a bill come to the House floor for a vote.

Again, thank you for your input on this important issue. As always, if I may be of assistance to you or your family, please do not hesitate to call on me.

Ron Paul still is plugging along and now has 91 sponsors.

Ron Paul on HR 1207: Update 4/27/09

The message has been sent to Congress over and over again. Don't mess with the Fed.

Patrick Lafferty speculates on the cowards in Congress and why they are reluctant to address the Federal Reserve issue.

Not since the assassination of Congressman Larry McDonald--when the International Banking Cartel decided to murder the 290 passengers aboard KAL flight 007 over Soviet airspace and the coverup after as to the reason why--has the issue not escaped Americans.

Just as former Senator John Tower and his daughter were among 23 persons murdered on April 5, 1991 when the twin-engine commuter plane they were aboard crashed while trying to land at an airport in Brunswick, GA--and the death of Senator John Heinz and six other people were killed on the previous day of April 4, 1991.

Heinz's death occurred when a Bell 412 helicopter collided with the Senator's Piper Aerostar plane over Merion Elementary School in Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania. All aboard the two aircraft and two first-grade girls playing outside the school were killed. The helicopter had been dispatched to check out a problem with the landing gear of Heinz's plane. While moving in for a closer look, the helicopter's rotor blades struck the bottom of the plane, causing both aircraft to lose control and crash.

These two Senators, who had seats on the Senate banking and Finance Committees, were involved with the Council on Foreign Relations.

Their deaths coincide with the efforts of McDonald and during June, 1989, the battle, waged at the state level, had once again reached Congress. Representative Henry Gonzalez of Texas, introduced House Resolution 1469, calling for the abolition of the Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve System. He also introduced House Resolution 1470, calling for the repeal of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

During the same session, Representative Phil Crane of Illinois, introduced H.R. 70, calling for an annual audit of the Federal Reserve, none of which ever made it to daylight.

Along with the death of Charles Lindbergh's son, the poisoning of Louis McFadden, JKF and RFK and several other IBC assassinations, efforts to get to the heart of the Fed and it's total corruption have been met with resistance.

Today, we can without hesitation make a stand to force our pathetic legislators to sponsor H. Res 1207 and get the accountability and action we have been denied for too many years.

Ron Paul's legislation HR 1207, The Federal Reserve Transparency Act, is gaining support. HR 1207 has 91 co-sponsors and real potential to pass - BUT only if we educate and rally the people to support it and get our Congresspeople to put it to vote and pass it. {source - OpEdNews}

Mr. Gordon needs to represent his constituents, not special interests and the elite bankers of the Federal Reserve. Failure to do so could mean the Bye Bye Bart chorus becomes reality.


  1. Gore Denies that Ken Lay, Goldman Sachs CEOs Helped Develop C02 Trading 'Scheme'----

    After insisting once again that there is a consensus on Man-made Global Warming (while paradoxically comparing those not in consensus with those who deny the moon landing), Al Gore denies, downplays and refuses to discuss the role that CEOs played in crafting his Cap-and-Trade C02 trading schemes.

    Rep. Scalise points out that Gore met with Ken Lay, of ENRON-fraud fame circa 1998, as well as top members of Goldman Sachs-- all of which Al Gore obscures and denies.

    In point of fact, Al Gore's founding partner in the sustainability-investment firm Generation Investment Management, LLC is none other than David Blood, CEO of Goldman Sachs' asset-management division until 2003. Gore-Blood founding their Carbon-trading Corp. in 2004.

    Although Gore refuses to address the issue, Rep. Scalise makes a direct point in the fact that many of the people and associated firms that caused our current and widespread economic crisis were involved in developing this and other related proposals.

  2. Gordon took Gore's place in the House in 1984 when Gore was elected to the Senate.

    Pretty much a continuity of crime except that Gordon has stayed in the shadows while supplying the votes for his controllers. He only became a small time 'millionaire' traitor to the folks of Tennessee.

    Gore had the ability to go for the 'big bucks.'

  3. While people are being distracted by the manmade swine flu and being scared shitless by Obama's personal jet flying low over NY, Congress is busy as beavers, working to pass that cap and trade scheme.

    I'm not against helping the climate, but there would be an easier and much better way.

    For instance, give huge tax breaks to people wanting to install solar cells or a windmill for power.

    That would not only help cut down on CO2, but would generate millions of jobs.

    If DC would give solar and wind a fraction of the tax breaks, grants, subsidies and other goodies they've given to oil, coal and nuclear power plants over the decades, we'd have an explosion of solar and wind projects going on.

    We'd help save the planet and save our economy at the same time.

    But the cap and trade scheme isn't about that, is it.

  4. You are so right about the need for a 'Manhattan project' for solar as I've heard it called.

    In the late 70's, the Carter admin was giving tax credits and subsidies for solar. Working with a group in a fledgling solar company, I thought there would be a long career in building and retrofitting homes for solar. The election of Reagan ended that as he eliminated all of the programs.

    Also a few years back I supplied parts to GE Wind for their giant windmills. I can't see how these types of companies will be of much use in the near future. Their infrastructure is a cluster fuck.

    Decentralization is the only answer.