Thursday, April 9, 2009

Diversion from murder? - Find an al Qaida Cell

An innocent man, Ian Tomlinson is killed by police at the G20 but never fear, despite blunders, the 'real terrorists' are captured. Britain is safe.

A mobile phone photo of police detaining a man at the library of Liverpool John Moores University

Britain's most senior counterterrorism officer resigns over security leak which meant anti-terror raids had to be brought forward

Anti-terror operations continue in north-west

Searches were continuing today at addresses in the north-west after hundreds of officers carried out raids on 10 properties and arrested 12 men, including 10 Pakistani nationals on student visas and one Briton. The men, detained at John Moores University in Liverpool, an internet cafe and a house in the Cheetham Hill area of Manchester, as well as at addresses in Lancashire, were suspected of involvement in an al-Qaida plot aimed at attacking the UK.

At least one was believed to be a student, the others were born in Pakistan.

The arrests were led by Greater Manchester police, the force which coordinates anti-terrorist operations in the region. "Ten men have been arrested as part of a counterterrorism operation across the north-west of England," a statement from the force said. "Officers from the north-west counterterrorism unit, supported by Merseyside police, Greater Manchester police and Lancashire constabulary, carried out a series of raids." {more}

Anti-terror swoops follow months of surveillance

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