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Dumbed Down Schools
From the one room schoolhouse of the past to the giant no window prison like schools of today. Progress?

I heard a rumor, although from a good source, that a local school had to throw away an estimated $500 worth of books from their library.
Were they old, containing lead ink and had to be disposed of according to law.
Was it the result of witch hunting book banners?
They were urinated on or had a used tampon placed in them by students.

I just hope they were the 'approved' propaganda textbooks that distort history or push for certain social agendas and not some that the kids could actually learn a little from.


What has happened to our public schools?

The new administration has apparently figured out what is wrong with our educational system. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with the lack of clear goals and objectives in today's public schools, because we are told that every student is unique and ought to be able to move at their own pace regardless of results. We are not to look at the impact of the lessening of school discipline, because we do not want to hurt or diminish our young children's self-esteem.

Likewise, do not blame the dumbing-down of what now passes for math, where 2 + 2 only equals 4 if it does not offend anyone; or the new history, where all of our forefathers were hateful men who cared only for their own self-interests.

You see, we the people have been in error about the problems facing our educational system. But do not worry; President Obama has explained it to us. We have been doing all the right things, just not enough of them. The solution, says the president and all the teacher's unions, is to lengthen the school day, week and year. If what you are doing does not work, do more of it.

According to the president, continuing to teach a social agenda instead of the four R's is a good thing. We are also to believe that focusing on a child's sense of worth instead of his achievements is the proper course of action in a world so mean and intolerant. What do parents know about raising their children; it takes a village, right?

Unfortunately, longer school days and attending year round will serve only to widen the chasms that already exist in the modern American family. At a time when we ought to be fostering a stronger home life, the decision has been made to attempt to separate children from their parents even more.

This will not work. The real solution is to change the method and content of our public education system. The better way is to model schools after those that are actually producing proven results. What we should be doing is looking to private, Christian, parochial and home-schooling systems to see what works.

The achievement gap between students attending public and nonpublic schools is large -- and growing every year. We have the know-how to teach our children, just not the political will to do so.

Of course, instead of looking to our own successful nonpublic schools as a model of how to properly educate, our president cites South Korea as the pinnacle of educational prominence.

South Korea? Are we now following the rest of the world? What happened to other countries looking to us? I remember when the United States stood as the shining example of achievement. If we were to place our trust in the hands of teachers -- not teachers' unions -- it would not be long before this nation once again stood tall as the world leader in educational excellence.

It is time to stop following and start to lead again.

from: Shaun Fink in Millsboro via


There are numerous reasons for the breakdown of our school system and most of them are the same as what has caused the breakdown in our society and families.

Some will blame the teachers but the teacher's hands are tied. Real discipline is lacking in most schools . Ask any teacher for their off the record view of "No Child Left Behind" and you might be surprised.

Instead of teaching the basics to prepare a child for a productive future, there is a social engineering agenda directed by the federal government. The goal, as always, is to create a dumbed down population that doesn't even realize that they are slaves.

The constitution does not mention or mandate a federal educational system.
The federal Department of Education should be abolished and control returned to the state and local level.

It's no wonder kids piss on their library books.

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