Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Reminder - Casting Out the Money Changers

Easter is an Christian adaptation of pagan traditions but that does not matter when it comes to applying certain aspects of New Testament stories to the situations of today. Without debating whether the stories are literal or symbolic, I'm reminded of a special story that is vastly underutilized and often misrepresented by those in the pulpit. That story would be the casting out of the money changers from the temple or what I see as a condemnation of the practice of usury by the jews.

And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves. And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves. {King James version- Matthew 21:12.13}

It's no wonder, according to the New Testament, that the jews had Jesus killed. He took his message too far that time and something had to be done before the population caught on. Controlling the money and exploitation of the masses through usury had to continue. It perpetuated the control that money changers have, even to this day.

I don't know how many preachers will dare to use this money changer story in the context of taking back our financial system today. Probably not very many since the same ethnic/religious/criminal group that controlled usury 2,000 years ago remains the same in the present and to suggest casting them out would seem to many to be anti-American, anti-capitalist and maybe even anti-semitic.

Casting out the money changers today would include abolishing the Federal Reserve and ending the globalist central banks, along with their many governmental allies, control of the money supply. It would also include innovative ways to manage economies with something much lacking at this point in time; honesty.

Killing the messenger is an age old tactic and will ever be taken by the usury criminals to maintain their positions.

Cast out the money changers? It's one area where Christians, agnostics and atheists should find common ground.

See: The Moneychangers - the Greatest Scam Ever


  1. Article Is Questionable For Definitions, References
    (Apollonian, 10 Apr 09)

    This is a half-assed article, comrade Kenny, for the information and definition of terms--like "Usury." Also, note there are no references given.

    One of the very best references I could recommend, explaining all the details fm the bottom-up, is G. Edward Griffin's "The Creature From Jekyll Island"; see also his site at

    For note the huge, big problem with "central bank" is COUNTERFEITING the money. "Usury" is essentially a buzz-word, ill-defined, which seems usually to refer to charging of interest (as on loans) which is NOT same as COUNTERFEITING.

    For note interest charged for a loan is mere matter of PRIVATE CONTRACT btwn parties--this is totally different fm COUNTERFEITING, once again.

    Counterfeiting comes into play regarding the bank's function as a WAREHOUSE for real money, like gold or silver, for which the bank gives a receipt.

    These receipts being used as substitute money or "medium of exchange" then are subject themselves to being replicated fraudulently--COUNTERFEITING, literally--and that's the, by far, biggest problem with "central banking"--not the charging of interest.

    Charging of interest, "usury," is most often used by the Jews (the dominant bankers) as a diversion and has very little to do with the primary counterfeiting problem, again.

    CONCLUSION: So the article's use of the word, "usury" is obscure and confusing, esp. without any definitions or ref.s given. I ck'd the "moneychangers" link and found it too had problems for references, though there's other neat stuff there on the site to be ck'd. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  2. Cast out the money changers?

    You're being way too kind.

    Something on the order of a Revolution is needed and not the somewhat sane and orderly fought American Revolution of 1776, but the blood soaked French one of 1789.

    A few bureaucrats in the Missouri State Highway Patrol would be prime candidates for one of those close french haircuts.
    Some of the same fuckers that have me jumping thur hoops, all for the crime of getting some info about those ADL/SPLC classes taught to our police back in February.

    Guess I'm going to have to go the old-fashioned route and type and file a Sunshine Law request thru the US Mail.

  3. Keep you shirt on, Apollo!
    Kenny's piece is social comment not an academic thesis.

    If you can't find a dictionary, let me help you. Usury is nowadays often thought to be the practice of charging exorbitant interest on a loan of money.
    It's original and still correct definition is the practice of charging (any) interest on a loan of money.

    This last definition is what was being referred to by Jesus, Mohammed and Aristotle when they all condemned the practice. It was also this definition that was referred to by the Old Testament writers when talking of lending money amongst themselves (the Jews) but not, of course, when lending to others - nice.

  4. Curt Maynard at his blog exposed apollonian as a jew in my opinion. Check for yourself he is, the evidence would prove, a disinformation agent:

    It is under older posts so u need to scroll to it but here is verbiage of Curt's opinion under photo:

    This is pretty much how I always imagined Apollonian would look like, a fucking Jew freak first class - a genetic error.
    Location: At a Library somewhere in San Antonio, Texas.Description: Skinny, hairy, mixed Eastern European looking. Wears a Bishop's Mitre and has a pronounced facial tic. To read more about this useless bastard goto Access St Louis.

    I have seen him outed as a disinfo agent elsewhere where he makes outrageous statements that can get a website shut down. Word to the wise should be sufficient . . . .

  5. James,
    Thanks for your response. I don't reply to A in hope that he will just move on.

    I am well aware of A and have seen Curt's post. Being a troll and getting banned from so many sites must be a lonely job but there's no sympathy anywhere that I know of for A's ramblings. thanks

  6. You're very welcome, Kenny. Thanks for the nod. This is a great site, BTW

  7. Hello and indeed, here is another passage that says that Israelites killed Jesus:

    Acts 2:36-40 (New International Version);&version=31

    "Therefore let all Israel be assured of this: God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ." When the people heard this, they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and the other apostles, "Brothers, what shall we do?"

    Peter replied, "Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off, for all whom the Lord our God will call."

    With many other words he warned them; and he pleaded with them, "Save yourselves from this corrupt generation."


  8. The Virtue Of Apollonian, Combat Scholar, Christian Patriot
    (Apollonian, 11 Apr 09)

    Well Kenny, u know, I'm one of those types who doesn't worry too much about "loneliness"--look at the reaction I get here for the one little entry I made for u--which entry, I think u'll agree, is well-taken indeed for its truth- and information-value.

    The typical (and classic, enduring) incompetence of "James" is his presumptuous remarks regarding Christ, et al., AND THEN NOT BOTHERING TO GIVE ANY REFERENCES--again, this is absolutely typical of old "James," who says he's in his forties, no less (as I recall). And u can bet "James" didn't even think about necessity of references. The guy is a real genius, I'm telling u--note further, he tells me to "keep" my "shirt on." Right, "James."

    And the pt. in fact is notwithstanding--there is no definitive indication whatsoever regarding the ancient and Biblic proscriptions against "usury" (as it is translated) as it involves the charging of interest, which again, is mere matter of contract and agreement btwn the parties.

    In fact, it's absurd when u really consider it: for if u think u can manage the payment of a fee ("interest") for the use of money u've (effectively) rented, who has the right in reason to prevent u fm so agreeing?--esp. if u consider u need the money for whatever purpose?

    So the "interest" factor/concept is not entirely irrelevant, of course, but it is mere complication--not the absolute essential problem as COUNTERFEITING un-questionably is (as I note in above entry).

    Imagine then the simple little thing done by Jew banker masterminds: they get everyone to go for loans as money is easy, for most attractive rates (of interest, again)--and then, WHAMMO, all of a sudden, hey, the money supply is cut-off, business activity is sharply curtailed, people now out of jobs--AND THERE'S NOW NO WAY TO PAY-OFF for the loans contracted. Neat bait and switch, eh? So now u lose everything, including ur collateral, and u're actually out on the streets, in so many cases.

    Thus the population is despoiled and impoverished, the middle class destroyed and pauperized--and people wonder why Jews are loved so much? (Note Jew Bernard Lazare, in "Antisemitism," published in 1896, admits Jews have dominated banking since 14th cent.)

    Another thing, comrade Ken, is how am I a "troll" as I merely give u much-needed and -deserved commentary (sometimes criticism)?--this NOT fm pt.-of-view of "liberalism," etc., but fm the opposite persuasion?--surely u understand u can well use this sort of criticism, at least sometimes.

    And how am I a Jew unless I extol the precious Talmud (see ref. below), that ritual manual for murder/enslavement of gentiles? Have I ever denounced gentiles?--except for not being anti-semitic enough?

    What disinfo do I purvey, as I feature such incisive, iron-clad logic, conclusions founded upon premises, with plenty of most solid references? Have I ever offered u or anyone a false conclusion?

    And finally comrade Kenny, don't forget what I'm sure is already at least in back of ur mind: Blogspot and WordPress are Jew-controlled, managed, and over-seen, u may be sure.

    U, Ken, and InCog, and all the rest, are tolerated for certain very definite reasons, one of them undoubtedly for purposes of tracking and classification. Me?--I'm extremely PROUD of fact I don't even attempt a blog as I'm MOST ANTI-SEMITIC of all the patriots. I don't like to brag--but u know it urself, as I'm, in a very certain and distinct way, "holier than thou" for that anti-semitic quality.

    My very religion is anti-semitism; Christianity for me is merely a most expedient STYLE.

    So brother Kenny, u weaklings and inferiors should rather consider u're LUCKY u have a veritable SAINT (of anti-semitism) like me who supervises and leaves u little gems of wisdom as I do here and now.

    Ask urself: Am I lying when/as I invoke that precious Gosp. JOHN who presents extremely simple theme of Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy?--yes or no?

    And so now then, is not Christian TRUTH founded necessarily upon that same objective (hence "God-given") reality of Aristotle and the Greeks which gives such truth its necessity, its certainty?--which then so perfectly characterizes and founds all the rest of Western culture?

    And Jew lies, brother Ken--what are lies?--but subjective substitutions deliberately offered as the reality for deceptive purposes?

    What's a liar?--a subjectivist who deliberately deceives for the objective reality (and truth)--who hates that reality, objectivity, hence truth.

    And what's lying?--but the deliberate asserting of subjectivism for the objective reality (truth)?

    What's a Jew?--a subjectivist who insists Jews are "special"--they're "chosen"--whereas we pathetic goyim are NOT.

    So u see, God loves Jews--whereas God doesn't love us mere goyim--according to these subjectivists. Thus Jews get to lie to us and kill us too, right Ken?

    And the Torah, bro. Ken, what's that?--it's what Jew rabbis (as through Talmud) subjectivistically decide it is, according to what rabbis subjectivistically consider is "good for Jews"--am I right or wrong?

    And the best reference for Talmud (hence Jew) is,, and I ask or demand u take my word?

    So once again, comrade Ken, I submit I do yeoman's work for patriots and Christian soldiers--and the great tragedy is I don't get paid nearly enough for my outstanding efforts. Rather, I'm slandered so horribly and miserably by cruel people who are (a) envious, and (b) actually dis-info agents themselves, I submit.

    CONCLUSION: Yet I continue to praise the dear Lord and carry-on so heroically and thanklessly, as u see. But u wait; someday I'll be in heaven, and u'll be stuck there in purgatory suffering and begging me to put a good word for u in to God. U better pray I'm in a good mood then. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  9. I do love the Jewish carpenter when he is laying waste and shunning bankster scum. Shakespeare had a good idea but let the banksters move ahead of the lawyers in the line.