Thursday, April 9, 2009

The grandkids are war and debt slaves

They just don't know it.

As things are going now, my grandchildren will owe more than they can possibly pay even before they get a job.

The days of just riding around in the horse cart on a fine spring day and enjoying life will be soon coming to an end.

Responsibility will come quickly. Payment for the 'sins of the father' is to be imposed upon the children and their children and.......

Slavery comes in many forms. Survival becomes the only thought of the slave. He only hopes that something will change and then only if he realizes that he is a slave. The goal is to make them think "that's the way it is."

Some kids will die as pawns in profit and theft wars. Others will just pay with their labor until they can't anymore. Personal freedom is diminishing. The destruction of the middle class and especially the white middle class is the objective of the ruling class.

Who's fault is this?

Ours. We let it happen.


  1. "We" didn't let it happen, Jews had a plan for generations, just like the Bolsheviks who were nearly all jews and murdered nearly 60 million non-jews in the "revolution" which was in fact a planned jewish revolution, and we are now seeing the final stages of that plan and its exexution to crush the Goyim (nonjew considered less than an animal in their "holy" book the Talmumd and to who in same book are to be lied to, cheated, and slaughtered) and enslave same in a world where Israel will be the capitol. Wake up: All of this like the last Great Depression and every war is/was a product of the Rothschilds (the kings of the jews as they are called by jews). The hour is growing very late. The Mossad did 911 and almost every other false flag terrorist event. WAKE UP. Let those with eyes see . . . .

  2. anon,
    You are very correct in your comment.
    The 'we' I referred to is all of the sleeping folks who for generations have not seen the facts right before them. More and more are waking up but 'we' still are not doing much at all to stop the momentum of our destruction.