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I Spy, You Spy

Calling all James Bond Wannabes!

Calling all James Bond Wannabe's, you too can spy on your friends, co-workers and ex-lovers for the Fatherland!

Wanna get back at your boss?

Pissed at your landlord?

Mad as hell your ex has the nerve to date someone else? Join the world's #1 terrorist outfit that is adept at false-flags and killing off those who disagree with America's Empire!

CIA Gets in Your Face(book)
Since December 2006, the Central Intelligence Agency has been using, the popular social networking site, to recruit potential employees into its National Clandestine Service. It marks the first time the CIA has ventured into social networking to hire new personnel.

The CIA's Facebook page (login required) provides an overview of what the NCS is looking for in a recruit, along with a 30-second promotional YouTube video aimed at potential college-aged applicants. U.S. citizens with a GPA above 3.0 can apply.

"It's an invaluable tool when it comes to peer-to-peer marketing," says Michele Neff, a CIA spokeswoman.

The NCS, one of the four directorates of the CIA, was established following 9/11 to gather intelligence from sources both domestic and abroad. In 2004, President Bush directed the CIA to increase the "human intelligence capabilities" of the agency and hire more officers that can "blend more easily in foreign cities."

Who's funding these 'Net ventures? We the People, for one, thru some of that money that's being looted from Wall Street CIA fronts, like AIG.

Just like the CIA used the 1980's Savings and Loan scandal to loot billions and billions of bucks from We the People and use their CIA fronted S & L's to launder money made from illegal drug sales from South American cocaine.

Yes, that's our CIA, always on the front lines, fighting for American "interests."

More like the interests of the Bush and Clinton gangs, Boeing, GE, Chase Manhattan, AT & T and other Fortune 500 mobsters.


The CIA Recruits Spies on the Radio

Being a spy may involve assumed identities and coded messages, but becoming a spy isn't exactly top-secret business. These days, in fact, all you have to do if you're interested in this particular career path is turn up your radio. The CIA is running ads on stations across the country for jobs in its clandestine service.

The campaign is the first by the agency under its new director, Leon Panetta, who has said he would like to recruit more people with foreign-language skills as well as more minorities.

The agency is not lacking for applicants; it gets more than 100,000 resumes a year, and the number is growing fast. Little says if current trends hold, there may be a 40% to 50% increase in applications this year over 2008.

The CIA holds about 2,000 recruiting events a year, many of them at colleges and universities. It also advertises, selectively, on television, in print and even on airport billboards. The outreach extends to new media as well. more

American kids are also recruited as 'spies.'
Not an equal "partnership": The DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) logo illustrates the conceit that the state's instruments of indoctrination (schools) and coercion (police) are "partners" with the parents in molding the character of young people.

from Will Grigg

Great care is also taken to encourage "DARE Kids" to act as the eyes and ears of the state in the home, willing not only to refuse drugs when offered to them but also to report drug-related misconduct therein to the police

On more than a few occasions, DARE Kids have emulated the example of the patron "saint" of the Young Pioneers, Pavlik Morozov (depicted in the statute at right), the youngster who was feted by Stalin for informing on his own father, Trofim, for some variety of anti-Soviet behavior.

Pavlik's contemporary American disciples have been known to rummage through their parents' liquor cabinets and other personal effects in search of various mood-altering substances not presently sanctioned by the State.

The target of any domestic "war" is individual liberty, and the DARE program serves as a form of crypto-conscription. It is intended to turn impressionable children into little footsoldiers on behalf of the state's latest campaign against liberty, whatever form that campaign might take. Militarism permeated the proceedings at the March 30 DARE graduation at Payette High School.

The opening flag ceremony included not only the Stars & Stripes, but also the official institutional banners of all five armed services, each of which was the subject of a lengthy and pious eulogy. No overt explanation was given as to why the military banners were displayed at a counter-narcotics event; none was really necessary -- this is a "war," after all.

Roughly 120 fifth-grade students had been dragooned into taking DARE and attending the ceremony. Awards and prizes of every conceivable kind were handed out in such volume that one suspected the event was modeled after the Do-do's "Caucus-Race" from Alice in Wonderland, in which everyone wins and everyone gets a prize.

Four students were singled out to read brief essays in praise of DARE's transcendent goals and the supernal wisdom displayed by its creators and facilitators, each of which ended with a pledge to remain "drug and violence free."

Property of the State: Soviet Young Pioneers, as depicted in a 1936 propaganda poster (left), and undergoing instruction in more recent decades (below, left). Vietnamese Young Pioneers parade in their regime's version of the organization's uniform (below, right).

This prompted me to wonder what would happen if a "DARE kid" were to use the assertiveness tools taught by the program to resist a school-mandated ritalin prescription: "No! I won't take that
reliably lethal, over-prescribed Schedule II narcotic! I'm a DARE kid! I took a pledge to be drug-free!"

Color me incurably cynical, but I doubt school officials would commend such a child for his strength of character as they had him dragged bodily to the nearest government-sanctioned narcotics distribution point.

Likewise, it's doubtful that, after military conscription is re-imposed a few years hence, DARE kids will be permitted an exemption on the grounds of their sacred pledge to be "violence-free."
The unspoken but obvious codicil to that pledge, of course, is that kids will eschew all drugs save those the government forces on them, and will abstain from all violence except that authorized by and serving the interests of the state.

I'll wager that many of the plots in the imperial graveyard in Virginia are filled with the mortal remains of "DARE kids" whose lives were squandered in carrying out some exercise of criminal violence on behalf of the state.

Although it pays frequent lip service to the importance of families and others in a child's "support system," DARE unflinchingly promotes the primacy of the state as moral tutor.


The UK leads in domestic spying with willing participants showing the way.

Terror law turns thousands of council officials into spies

Relatively junior council officials are giving permission for operations to spy on people

Relatively junior council officials are giving permission for operations to spy on people.

Thousands of middle managers in local councils are being authorised to spy on people suspected of petty offences using powers designed to prevent crime and terrorism.

Even junior council officials are being allowed to initiate surveillance operations in what privacy campaigners likened to Eastern bloc police tactics.

Councils are increasingly allowing anyone of a “service manager” grade rather than high-ranking officials with a legal background to authorise surveillance operations. Relatively junior council officials are giving permission for operations to spy on people, their homes, obtain their telephone records and discover who they are e-mailing.

Last year, councils and government departments made 12,494 applications for “directed surveillance”, according to figures released by the Office of the Surveillance Commissioner.

“Spying by councils is just assumed to be the norm. It seems we’ve given up these freedoms to stop our streets being covered in dog s***.

“It’s all part of the increasing surveillance state.” more


Bush tried Operation TIPS and failed. Look for Obama to re-establish a similar program with a new name and a more hidden agenda. Perhaps the 'Give Act' will present that opportunity.

Operation TIPS, where the last part is an acronym for the Terrorism Information and Prevention System, was a failed program designed by President George W. Bush to have United States citizens report suspicious activity. It came under intense scrutiny in July 2002 when the Washington Post alleged in an editorial that the program was vaguely defined and was cancelled after concerns over civil liberties violations.

The program's website implied that US workers who had access to private citizens' homes, such as cable installers and telephone repair workers, would be reporting on what was in people's homes if it were deemed "suspicious." The initial start of the program was to be August 2002 and would have included one million workers in ten US cities and then to be expanded.

Operation TIPS was accused of doing an "end run" around the United States Constitution, and the original wording of the website was subsequently changed. President Bush's then-Attorney General, John Ashcroft denied that private residences would be surveilled by private citizens operating as government spies. Mr. Ashcroft nonetheless defended the program, equivocating on whether the reports by citizens on fellow citizens would be maintained in government databases. While saying that the information would not be in a central database as part of Operation TIPS, he maintained that the information would still be kept in databases by various law enforcement agencies.

The databases were an explicit concern of various civil liberties groups (on both the left and the right) who felt that such databases could include false information about citizens with no way for those citizens to know that such information was compiled about them, nor any way for them to correct the information, nor any way for them to confront their accusers. more

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  1. each of which ended with a pledge to remain "drug and violence free."

    Drug Free? Including that popular drug, alcohol?

    About as useful as those chastity pledges that become the rage during the Bush-Cheney Junta.

    Arthritis drugs that cause spontaneous GI bleeding and heart attacks, plus rupture the stomach lining are legal to prescribe, but try growing some personal pain medication for your own use and see what happens.

    At one point, the former East German state under the USSR's rule had a sinister intelligence service, the STASI, which had around 30 % of East Germans spying on the rest.

    We'll probably pass that number in no time.

    The "Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy" in the MAD comic is an apt cartoon for this travesty.