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A jewish pervert busted in Nashville

We'll see how good Levine's 'connections' are. He obviously won't be attending Obama's Passover seder.

photo Jay Levine

Teacher Accused of Child Porn

Murfreesboro, Metro teacher filmed kid's sex, police say

Child porn cases contain allegations of teen alcohol, drug use dating to '70s

Teenagers have gone for decades to a science teacher's Belle Meade-area home to drink and smoke marijuana. Many went to have sex with each other. Few knew they were being videotaped.

Those allegations were detailed in a federal complaint released Tuesday charging Louis Jay Levine, 52, with producing child pornography. Police recovered 400 tapes, many with handwritten labels, at his Alton Road home near Belle Meade.Levine, who holds a bachelor's degree from Vanderbilt University and a master's from Belmont, is a first-year teacher with Murfreesboro City Schools. He traveled through the district teaching science and nature classes to elementary and middle school students. He has been a substitute teacher with Metro Nashville Public Schools since 2002, and for many years took snakes and other wildlife to presentations for youth groups and camps.

The police investigation began in late March, when a concerned parent told a Metro detective that her teenage son and other teenagers were given alcohol and marijuana at Levine's house and allowed to use the bedrooms for sex.Detectives searched the home March 31 and found an "isolation room" — a waterbed covered by a wooden box with an improvised ventilation system, an outbuilding teenagers called the "Little House" where sex and drug use were common, and a monitoring and recording system hooked up to cameras positioned throughout the property.

Police said they've spoken with adults who recently acknowledged they took drugs and had sex at Levine's home in the 1970s and 1980s, when they were teenagers.

A now-adult man told police of a peephole in the outbuilding, audio recordings of sexual encounters, and inappropriate contact between Levine and himself — as well as other teenage boys. Levine has not been charged with sexual assault.

Levine admitted to police that he often picks up a group of boys in Franklin and takes them to his house. One 16-year-old boy told police he suspected he was videotaped having sex with a girl he took there.

That boy also told police he was under the influence of drugs and fell asleep one day at Levine's house. When he awoke, according to the federal complaint, his pants were off and Levine was touching him.

Levine told detectives he's "fascinated" with the boy. He told a detective that "society looks at this differently than I do," according to the federal warrant

Other allegations in the federal complaint describe the "Little House," where several teenagers reported they were given pornographic videos to watch of other teenagers who'd been to the house.

The home at 133 Alton Road is no stranger to controversy. Levine's father was Morris Levine, a Metro councilman from 1947 to 1951 and a prominent attorney, who threw lavish Halloween celebrations each year, drawing hundreds of families. In 2000, police were called when a newcomer to the neighborhood was startled to find sexually explicit magazines in the party favor given to her husband. Morris Levine, who died in 2001, referred to them as "daddy bags," according to a previous newspaper article.

Police took a report but said that no laws were broken because the adult magazines were passed out only to adults. Most neighbors knew of the tradition.

Sandra Griffith knew of it but didn't condone it. She has lived two houses down from the Levines for 10 years and said she often saw teenagers coming and going. She was not surprised when the younger Levine was arrested."I knew with all those kids coming and going all hours of the day and night that something had to be going on," Griffith said.

No family members appeared with Levine during his initial federal court appearance Tuesday.

Levine, smiling, appeared upbeat while talking with his federal marshals and his court-appointed attorney.

Levine chose Hugh Mundy, an assistant federal public defender, to represent him in future proceedings, but Levine might be forced to pay for his own representation.

U.S. Magistrate Judge John Bryant said Levine had "significant assets."

Levine had no comment about the charges. He will have a detention hearing and a preliminary hearing at 1 p.m. Friday.

"I think the important thing to remember is these are just allegations in a criminal complaint," Mundy said. "The allegations come primarily from teenagers."
{more - The Tennessean}

From the Tennessean comments;
I was the one who called the police Halloween of 2000 and the police would not do anything. I had moved in to the neighborhood and everyone told my husband and I how we needed to take our children over there. I was appalled when we got home and my 4 year old son dumped out the bag and there were 2 women doing unspeakable acts on the front cover. I went back to confront the Levines and had the police come as well. I called the D.A. Tori Johnson who was extremely rude and told me he would do nothing. I knew there was something about that house that just wasn't right. Funny to me that everyone in the neighborhood shuned me and looked at me like I was a trouble maker. These families who go use this as there one time a year to get there porn and it's ok. All I can say to all those people is I told you so. I knew there was something going on in that house and none would listen.

BigCoverUp wrote:

Replying to BigCoverUp:

In fact Kate - before you call - respond on here and confirm or deny the willingness of the Tennessean to report the absolute whole truth (be sure to note the word "whole"). I would bet we won't see a response either way.

Replying to Imanupsetcitzn:

It's a wee bit ridiculous to think that the Tennessean or ANY media outlet in this town will follow and REPORT the whole story on this or any other case. Kind of funny how all the cases in the media seem to all be connected but our adults of today have forgotten how to play the connect the dots game to draw a really clear picture. Maybe they are capable of connecting them, but it draws such a scary picture that they just can't print it. The reporters, editors, and news directors in this city are weak and afraid of the truth - if the truth is exposed and those responsible are identified, then tomorrow's story will only be about the lack of news. Proof to these professional journalists has been handed to them on a silver platter. Kate - the dirty books that Levine handed to the cops are sitting 10 feet from me. One tv station (oh - truth - Channel 2) had access to them last night - video taped them, had the whole story. Didn't mention it. The Tennessean doesn't have the balls to do it either because your editors won't attack the powerful politicians of this town who are ultimately responsible for what is happening to adults and innocent children. It's called a blind eye to protect the law enforcement officials who are only interested in fabricated numbers to make it look like they are doing such a wonderful job. I'm sure you know who I am Kate. If your editors grow any balls whatsoever and you want the proof to actually print instead of handing it over to the thugs in charge of the city, give me a call.

Replying to BigCoverUp:

Is it any surprise to anyone that Chief Serpas and US Attorney Ed Yarbrough failed to mention yesterday that this man has been a part of the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) Youth Camp for MANY years. What makes it even more interesting is that he would show up at the camp - with his father in the years before he died - and bring little sacks of candy and cheap toys for the kids. He would bring his snakes and lizards to show to the children. What a wonderful man! He would also bring individual sacks for the POLICE OFFICERS who were there serving as counselors filled with candy AND numerous pornography magazines! The officers would then step outside and enjoy their PORN (while being paid by the city of Nashville) while Mr. Levine showed the children his lizard. I can't vouch for the fact that this took place during the girls camps but I know he was there during the boys camps. Even his daddy's name is on the sign at the entrance to the FOP Youth Camp in appreciation of all of his years of service to the camp. What a better way for a child pervert to enjoy his passion. Befriend and distract the cops with porn! Who wouldn't love that as a break from 50 little kids!!

Every news station in this town knows about his ties to the FOP camp and about the dirty magazines that he handed out to the officers. Channel 2 even has even seen the magazines, but instead of mentioning what he did there and how the police officers looked at porn while he babysat the kiddies, they simply call the FOP President, mention that they acknowledge he was there and that he was NEVER alone with the kids. No mention of the porn.

Does it make you wonder if Calvin Hullett really does know what goes on at the FOP Camp???? Does it make you wonder why Ronal Serpas didn't want what Hullett knew out in the public or why he didn't mention this today??? Because he already knew and has known what goes on at the FOP Camp since 2006 and has refused to do anything about it and has covered up for perverts now and for on duty police officers drinking and assaulting kids! Talk about a fall guy.

Do you wonder what is really on those video's taken by Hullett that NOBODY has the balls to show? I understand why the local media won't do it. They will burn their sources for all other media stories and won't get the tips from inside. Parents of the kids who have been at the FOP Camp should be outraged!!! - but who will they complain to - they ARE the COPS!

Criminal Complaint pdf

Former neighbor not surprised at child porn arrest


  1. Pedophile Jewish rabbis are required to suck penis during circumcision bris ritual, even when it kills babies, as confirmed by court order in NY City by Jewish mayor Bloomberg, reported in NY Times.

    I wonder why you don't hear that fact in the "news" media, especially after all the hype and lawsuits against homosexual pedophile Catholic priests?

  2. So what's new? Dirty filthy jews run the country and have destroyed it. Michele Obama's cousin is the highest black rabbi in the country. He is owned by the Jews. Non-jews in this country are both stupid and brain washed bc the Jews have big plans mirroring what the Jew Bolsheviks did in Russia, over 60 million starved and murdered - - here it comes. Fools get what they deserve and the USA has nothing but . . . .

  3. Only Jews committe such sexual crimes?
    I bet you that the number of Christians Pedophiles are quite larger relatively then among Jews.... Pedophiles within the church is a regular situation, but among Jews it is a pervert and very rare.

  4. I bet you that the number of Christians Pedophiles are quite larger relatively then among Jews.

    The Zionist controlled MSM loves to report some incident involving a priest, but when's the last time you hear any reports in the MSM about Jew pervs?

    At one time, there was a LONG list of Jewish pervs, rabbis and cantors who had sexually abused children at this link, but the perv link on that page doesn't work for some reason?

    You can view part of that list at the link below.

    Hmm, wonder why that list isn't available?

    Here's a small sampling of that list I saved.

    Clergy Abuse: Rabbis, Cantors & Other Trusted Officials

    Case of Rabbi Yoram Aberjil (Netivot, Israel) (Accused of cult like practices and sexual harassment of young women and treatening the lives of the survivors and those who support them.)

    Case of Rabbi Shlomo Aviner (Beit El, Israel) (Two women accused the rabbi of creating emotionally intimate relationships with them. These relationships included his expressions of his love for them during regular late-night phone conversations, extracting details from them of their sexuality and promoting an unhealthy emotional dependence on him).

    Case of Rabbi Aryeh Blaut (AKA: Louis Blaut, Louis Steven Blaut, Louis A. Blaut, Louis S. Blaut) (Seattle, WA) (Convicted sex offender on federal charges of possession of child pornography. According to the United States Department of Probation, Louis Blaut is not allowed contact with anyone under the age of eighteen on the internet or in person).

    Case of Rabbi Jerry Brauner (Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY) (Convicted on the charges of Sexual Abuse-1st Degree and Sexual Abuse-3rd:Subject Another Person to Sex Contact Without Consent. He was sentenced to 11 years probation, with the condition he must participate in a sex offender treatment program. Brauner has been on probation since 2002 for the sexual abuse of a 15-year-old boy. On December 27, 2006, Jerry Brauner was arrested on charges of stealing a half-million-dollar home from a cancer-stricken woman, using a forged power of attorney to sell it and pocket the profits. Brauner is being held in lieu of $85,000 bail for lying about prior sex-abuse convictions when he applied for his notary's license.)

    Case of Rabbi Lewis Brenner (AKA: Lippa Brenner) (Brooklyn, NY) (Convicted of child molestation. The original charges included 14 counts of sodomy, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child. He agreed to plead guilty to one count of sodomy in the third degree, a Class E felony, in exchange for a sentence of five years' probation.)

    Case of Rabbi Yaakov Yitzhak Brizel (Jerusalem, Israel) (Accused of child molestation)

    Case of Rabbi Ephraim Bryks (Winnipeg, Canada, New York, NY) (There is a Call for Action on this case. Accusations about sexual inappropriate behavior with children started surfacing in the 1980's. Rabbi Bryks is currently a member of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens. The Vaad is a Rabbinical committee that makes important decisions within an orthodox community.)

    Case of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach (There is a Call for Action on this case. Accused of several cases of child molestation, and sexual assault of young adult women)

    Case Rabbi Perry Ian Cohen - Montreal and Toronto Canada (Accused of sexual abuse of a seventeen year old. Fired for sexual impropriety with congregants)

    Case of Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen (Israel) (Accused of sexually harassing students at Bar-Ilan University)

    Case of Rabbi Asher Dahan, Be'er Sheva, Israel (Arrested after being accused of raping and sexually abusing two 17-year-old girls after he offered "to redeem them of sin and evil inclinations.")

    Case of Rabbi Anthony Dee (Blackpool England; Portsmouth, England) (Former synagogue minister Reverend Anthony Dee found guilty of sexually abusing two boys and a girl in Blackpool and Portsmouth, England. This is the first set of convictions, there was a second set of convictions in 1997.)

    Case of Rabbi Moshe Eisemann (AKA: Moshe Eiseman) - Mashgiach Ruchni Ner Israel Rabbinical College (Baltimore, MD) (There is a Call for Action on this case - Accused of child sexual abuse)

    Case of Rabbi Elior Chen (Jerusalem, Israel) (Accused of cultic type practices)

    Case of Rabbi Arnold Fink - Beth El Hebrew Congregation - Alexandria, VA (Accused of Professional Rabbinic Sexual Misconduct)

    Case of Rabbi Benyamin Yaakov Fleischman (AKA Benyamin Fleischman, Ben Fleischman)- Photographer (Baltimore, MD) (Convicted of sexually assaulting a minor.)

    Case of Rabbi Gershon Freidlin (Colonia, NJ; Pittsburgh, PA; Washington, PA) (Rabbi Gershon Freidlin pleaded guilty to one count of child endangerment , saying he had touched the youth's penis and buttocks while applying tanning lotion on the boy on July 10, 1995 Under the terms of a plea agreement, the rabbi will not be jailed for the crime, but faces up to five years probation.)

    Case of Yehudah Friedlander - Rabbi 's Assistant (Brooklyn, NY) (Accused of molesting a 15 year old on a 1995 plane flight from Australia to LA. Friedlander was the assistant to the chief rabbi of an Hungarian Hasidic congregation in Brooklyn, known as the Pupas)

    Case of Cantor Stuart Friedman (Halifax,Canada-Philadelphia, Detroit, Boston, Los Angeles, Baltimore) (Convicted and sentanced to 15 months in federal prison on one count of distributing child pornography).

    Case of Cantor Philip Friedman (Albany, NY, Queens, NY, Long Island, NY) (Temple Israel fired its longtime cantor for "inappropriate behavior" toward a member of the congregation, and the Albany County district attorney's office confirmed Tuesday that it is investigating the matter.)

    Case of Rabbi Jacob Frank (AKA: Yaakov Frank) and the Frankist Movement (Convicted of cultic type practices and sexual offenses.)

    Case of Rabbi Lewis Furman of Ohr Somayach, Johannesburg, South Africa (Prominent South African rabbi who was allegedly caught having an affair with a married woman. He is also accused of being "serial philanderer" — was forced to resign his position in South Africa and will not practise as a rabbi in this country again.)

    Rabbi Tobias Gabriel (Toronto, Canada) (There is a Call for Action on this case. Accused by more then one woman of clergy sexual abuse / professional sexual misconduct).

    Case of Rabbi Mordechai Gafni (aka: Marc Gafni, Mordechai Winiarz, Marc Winiarz) (There is a Call for Action on this case. Accused sexually abusing teenage girls, attempted sexual assault of a young adult, and also accused of cult like practices).

    Case of Rabbi Shimon Gerlick (Nahariya, Israel) (Arrest for allegedly committing indecent sexual acts with a two minors and and adult woman)

    Case of Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg (St. Paul, MN) (There is a Call for Action on this case. Resigned as senior rabbi at Temple of Aaron, shortly after reaching an out-of-court settlement with a former congregation member who accused him of sexual misconduct. A criminal investigation into the case also is being closed, with no charges forthcoming).

    Case of Rabbi Ephraim Goldberg (Boca Raton, FL) (Pled guilty to one misdemeanor count of exposure of sexual organs in a washroom at a Palm Beach Mall.)

    Case of Rabbi/Cantor Sidney Goldenberg (Levittown,NY; Seaford, NY; Bayshore, NY; Petaluma, CA; Coney Island, NY) (Convicted of molesting children. The first complaints came in 1971. He was finally convicted in 1997.)

    Case of Cantor Joel Gordon (Buffalo Grove, IL) (Convicted of having keeping a house of prostitution and involvement in a prostitution ring.)

    Case of Rabbi Mark A. Golub - Mental Health Counselor (Newport, Virginia) (Had professional counseling license revolked for having sex with a female client, according to a state disciplinary order).

    Case of Rabbi Sidney Greenbaum (AKA: Rabbi Zalman Greenbaum, Professor Zalman Greenbaum) (Pleaded guilty at Hendon magistrates' court to three charges of indecent assault on young boys)

    The original list had over 250 Jew pervs.

    Wonder if Wolf Blitzer will cover the perv Levine story on his SHITuation Room?

    Rarely do these pervs get prosecuted, usually they get banned from practicing their cult religion in the States, so they move to Europe or S. America and find fresh victims.

    And yes, a Rabbi can legally suck on a baby's penis, calling it a religious ritual and not get arrested.
    That practice is beyond sick. Almost as sick as IDF members playing with their own shit.

  5. John and Greg,
    Thanks for your input.

    I doubt that Geraldo Rivera will be all over this case as he was with the local teacher Pamela Rogers and her 13 year old student 'friend.'

  6. Christ himself was homosexuals and all of you who warship him kiss his ass time and again and get your in-tel-actual kind of orgazm while doing this.

    It is hard to find names of priests (Order of silence) because all priests are homosexual perverts and fucking kids is the usual clergy task.
    Within Jews its very rare and it is tacled with law act. Puting some names just validate my claims.

    thousands of abusive priests

    and on and on.... CroSS in the aSS!

  7. Abe Bird? Is Abe short for Abraham?

    Sounding a little cranky there, Abe, must not be getting your share of that circumised penis blood.

    Next time, push your Rabbi out of the way before he slurps up all of the blood.

    Hey, here's an idea!!! Get Abe FARTMAN of the ADL to scream "anti-Semite" loudly at the Tennessee police who arrested your fellow Jew perv.

    If that don't work, get your MOSSAD buds to launch another of their "false-flag" specials at another American city.
    That's always good for a distraction from the world-wide Jewish criminal network.

  8. Dirty filthy Christians:
    The sex-abuse crisis that engulfed the Roman Catholic Church during the past 12 months has spread to nearly every American diocese and in­volves more than 1,200 priests, most of whose careers span a mix of church history and seminary training. These priests are known to have abused more than 4,000 minors over the past six decades, accord­ing to an extensive New York Times survey of documented cases of sexual abuse by priests through Dec. 31, 2002.

    .... The survey, the most complete compilation of data on the problem available, contains the names and histories of 1,205 accused priests. It counted 4,268 people who claimed publicly or in lawsuits to have been abused by priests, though experts say there are surely many more who have re­mained silent. But the data show that priests secretly violated vulnerable youth long before the first victims sued the church and went public in 1984 in Louisiana. Some offenses date from the 1930s.....

    ....Reports of cleric abuse in Australia began in the late 1980s in Australia, with nearly 50 priests and brothers sentenced for Sexual offenses in the last nine years. Some of the most horrific took place in Christian Brothers orphanages.....

    ... In a negotiated settlement announced last January, about 3,000 victims of churches schools (Ireland), reformatories and orphanages will share in a $110 million compensation package....

    America's biggest child sex cult is the Church, the same religion as
    ex-President Bush and his followers.
    Right wing white American pedophile who support Bush attended it every Sunday.
    NAMBLA was founded by a respected member of the Baptist faith, he was
    a conservative.
    Here's a sample of a list which contains over 1,000 incidents where
    Conservative Clergy had sex with children.

    MINNEAPOLIS, MN-An organization calling itself SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) will file a lawsuit against an Episcopal
    priest who abused a California youngster years ago, and still serves in a parish today. David Clohessy, 46, a national director of SNAP told VIRTUOSITY that he could not name the priest pending the suit, but would release the name shortly. Clohessy did express one serious concern. "I fear that some 400 ex-Roman Catholic priests will surface in other
    denominations including the Episcopal Church." (Aug. 2, 2003)

    Eddie Thomas, pastor of St. Luke Baptist Church in Ringgold, LA., is
    arrested and charged with indecent behavior with a juvenile, aggravated incest and pornography involving a juvenile. (the Shreveport Times, July 17, 2003)
    Police seize videotape alleged to show sex with child.

    South Austrailia, AUS. A South Australian police task force into child sex abuse within the Anglican Church had identified 217 victims and 48 possible offenders, police said today. However the number of victims
    could rise to more than 400 as investigations continued, Police
    Commissioner Mal Hyde said. Mr Hyde today likened the scale of police investigations into child sex abuse to those for the infamous Snowtown bodies-in-the-barrels murders in 1999. (The Age, July 16 2003) Major sex abuse uncovered in Anglican Church.

    Vicar Rev Robin Everett of Castle Donnington, Leics, is convicted of
    indecently assaulting two young girls. (UK Telegraph, June 7, 2003)
    Vicar faces prison for sex assaults.

    Lake Wales, FL. The pastor at the Church of the Nazarene has been
    charged with sexually assaulting a male 17-year-old youth leader three times in 2001. The Rev. Gene Francis, 52, of Lake Wales, was arrested Tuesday and charged with unlawful sexual activity with a minor.
    (Sarasota Herald-Tribune, June 4, 2003) Lake Wales minister arrested in sexual assault case.

    And many many more:

    Some time I'm ashamed being a Christain!

  9. Some time I'm ashamed being a Christain!

    Are you? A Christian?

    Anytime some hard truths come out about the various crminals activities of the Jews, up pops all sorts of strange replies.

    Replies which distract and confuse the original subject and direct the reader's attention away from the Jewish thugs.

    Are you one of those distractors?

    "Abe" insulted your religion and your lord, JC and you totally ignored his ravings, instead choosing to help Abe in his assualt.

    I'm not taking the side of pedohile priests, however, the comments were about perverted Jews and sick, sick rabbis, not priests.

    Tell me, how many Rabb's out there are sucking a baby's penis today and hiding that child abuse behind the veil of religion?

    Add in all of those sick and twisted "baby blow jobs" over the years and centuries and the number would far surpass the number of pedophile priests.