Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Message To The Revolution: The Easiest Way To Destroy A Movement Is To Become It

By Harold Gray

JustGetThere | I guess you could say that the media's new catch phrase these days is Tea Party. A couple of years ago, this tradition was reborn by a nationwide grassroots movement of non-partisan freedom lovers, who are seeking a return to the Constitutional roots of this nation.

Arising first as the Ron Paul Revolution and now the Campaign For Liberty, this diverse and tech-savvy group of creative individuals reignited the idea of liberty in the political collective consciousness. Congressman Ron Paul has stated many times, "freedom is popular", so as our liberties continue to be curtailed, the resistance grows. Our instinctive reflex is to rebuke these incremental attacks on our un-a-lien-able rights. This human dynamic to rebel against tyranny is also well known by the elite controllers of the world today. The veritable peaceful, organic, spontaneous, synchronistic rebellion by the immensely informed sovereigns, united under one banner of freedom, has to be prevented at all costs by the establishment. A genuine social movement would enable a paradigm shift to occur, which would enhance the publics understanding of the true geopolitical construct that sustains the status quo. This will allow people to stop fixating on presidential appointments and start focusing on the control system itself, and the architects of the global agenda who manipulate both sides of the political spectrum.

We just witnessed the liberal, anti-war, anti-Patriot Act movement, co-opted by the slick packaging of hope and change, coupled with Obama's cult of personality. Another predictive programming operation has now been implemented in order to imprint a false neo-conservative overlay over the growing liberty movement. This will trigger a negative auto-response by those unaware of the neuro-linguistic keywords used by the media to falsely label the movement, thus preventing the next crucial growth period from happening. The liberal newspapers and blogs are playing the part by going after their predetermined enemy, but now categorizing the Tea Party movement as a pathetic swipe against Obama by the right. I do agree in some sense that the failed and discredited republicans are basing these events around attacking Obama, while ignoring issues such as the private Federal Reserve system. The problem is that the Orwellian newspeak media has left out the fact that the Ron Paul Tea Parties started under the Bush administration, and were not focused on attacking Bush, but instead were exposing the unconstitutionality of the Fed, IRS, NAU, Patriot Act, NAFTA, wars for empire and the list goes on. Our enemy is not a politician, political party or pundit, it's the corporate governmental mechanisms of control that expand no matter who is in office.

Using history as our guide, we know that the only way for a tyrannical government to prevent an emergent revolution is to co-opt it by managing who is given the media attention, and how the movement evolves and dissolves. This is a covert operation, a false flag in a sense, using the Ron Paul meme as the camouflage for the foxes underneath. A short time ago, the spirit of the RPR was riding the wave of liberty in the political ocean and was all but ignored or ridiculed. Congressman Paul was the only candidate providing the gust of political fresh air, moving away the fog, allowing us to see the mammoth iceberg named, Federal Reserve System, approaching our vessel. Some pundits from the defunct and discredited false left-right paradigm called his supporters domestic terrorists, for questioning the unconstitutional private apparatuses of the government that have a stranglehold on the American people. Now, these same million dollar media spin-doctors, are having Ron Paul on their shows weekly to speak about the Fed and the 12.8 trillion looting that has occurred over the last year.

The partisan press cycle has picked up on these recent Tea Party events since they are organized by the establishment right as opposition to the left, leaving out the non-partisan Constitutional issues at the forefront of the Ron Paul Tea Parties. The groups organizing the Tea Party takeover are asking for tens of thousands of donations to cover the costs of limiting your free speech. The San Antonio Tea Party, which will feature the front man for Tea Party takeover Glen Beck, states what type of signs are acceptable. This blatant hijacking of the patriot, truth and liberty movement, should be further confirmation that the majority of Americans are waking up and shaking off the two-party propaganda tool that is used to divide and conquer. New counter measures had to be taken by the ruling oligarchy to prevent any further movement outside their control system. The current financial crisis has lifted the veil just enough for some light to pass through, so they need to apply a new layer of filters to conceal the truth behind the veil.

Several bills have been introduced by Congressman Ron Paul that would audit the Fed and abolish the private non-federal bank and return the monetary system back to the people through the Constitution. It's also imperative that in the midst of this controlled demolition of our financial system, that we factually point out those who are responsible, and call for the arrest and punishment for their crimes.

The usurpers are now corralling this new group of truth seekers that we can reach, planting truthseeds, that will unlock their minds from the false reality pushers of the New World Order. We have the documentaries, books, declassified documents, think-tank policy reports, verifiable government documents to show the past, present and future goals of the New World Order. So now is the time to take action, get involved again and begin reaching out to these new minds before they get duped into the false revolution being perpetuated by the mainstream media.

Countless activists in the movement are impeding this infiltration by using the digital printing press, and burning videos that show the creation of the Fed, IRS, and the New World Order agenda for a global currency, enforced by global government run by private international bankers. We now have a chance to breakaway from the staged political system and grow the movement by reaching the newcomers to events such as the Tea Party, End The Fed and July 4th events that are occurring over the course of the year.

by JGT

Source: JustGetThere


Tea Bag left a bad taste in my mouth. (rant)

MSM Tea Bag left a bad taste in my mouth.

The media killed the tea party for me. I should be happy they put their cameras on it a bit....but the media sucked the damn spirit out of it
- maybe before it even started.

The 'left' made it a joke, and the 'right' acted like they owned the damn party...and to an extent they did.

They hosted it too.

It's like... "we" organize a whole event together - then "they" step in and take credit for it....and HOST it.

But where were they during the Bush years?!
They are full of shit. This isn't the first Tea Party! (nor the last.)

They are already thinking about the next election.They are going to spend the next 4 years convincing you that they "are on the side of the people" blah bah baaaaaah...

It's the new GOP strategy,
because they probably realize in hindsight
that maybe they could have won if they hadn't thrown Ron Paul under the bus....
and then put the bus in reverse and ran him back over...again & again....

(Remember the FOX debates?! They were pitbulls on Dr.
Paul -though he kicked Ghooliani's and McCain's asses in funds AND polls!)

Yeah - the "right" will try to sucker "We the People" in because they're on "our side" now.

The "left" made the tea party a joke - while they should have celebrated that the people were participating in democracy.

The media shone their twisted light on it - and made it look bad -either way.

The "good" light was coming from FAUX's Glenn Beck?! So yeah - it was BAD.
(Did he cry again tonight?) :(

I'm not dissing the peeps of course. I give YOU all many KUDOS and THANK YOU's. Thank you for participating, while I worked my ass off today....

to pay the IRS.

YOU deserve ALL the credit - not FAUX & the rest of the phonies!

I'm dissing 'the spin' and the hosts.


*crickets chirp*

Oh yeah - King George II reigned.....

It's a catch 22....I want the media there....OBSERVING.

I just don't want them taking it over and hosting it. Those FAUX bitches were part of the problem that got us here to begin with - in the first place. Though the US mainstream media as a whole, is guilty, if nothing else but by Omission of information & softball questions over the last few years.....

BUT-as long as the media shows up to these events...WORK those muthaf**kin cameras & MAKE GOOD SIGNS.

It's important that they're not "right" or "left" oriented....since they're almost all on the same team:




That's how I see it anyway.

jerm: rant in j-minor

Glenn Frey - The Heat Is On


  1. . This will trigger a negative auto-response by those unaware of the neuro-linguistic keywords used by the media to falsely label the movement, thus preventing the next crucial growth period from happening.-----------------------

    Seems like a lotta bitching going on. How do we know JGT isn't part of the system?

    If people weren't out there raising hell and awareness, these same jokers would be bitching that we're all asleep, lulled into unconsciousness by the same MSM they claim is coopting the movement.

    It's a start and I think a damn good one.

    It's a helluva lot better than chattering about Lindsay Lohan or Tom Cruise.

    If JGT wants to step up the heat, circa the 1789 French Revolution, tell me where to show up.

  2. I agree with bad taste tea-bag, and the Democrap/Repuglican diochotomy and bs is alive here, fake differences and all.... Sad.

    Greg is right; I'm waiting for the call. Lop a few and watch the rest straighten right out. If not, it's not like they didn't get fair warning. Tree of Liberty, TJ.

  3. Most of Congress is guilty of treason.

    And since we're always told that we're fighting a war, then there's only one punishment for treason during war time...

    Or maybe that's why OBOMBA changed it from War of Terror to Overseas Contingency Operation or some such BS.

    Ask the parents who will visit their kids gravesite this Memorial Day whether or not they think it's a war or a contingency op.

  4. "How do we know JGT isn't part of the system?"

    We don't.

    I agree that it's a good start. As one of the speakers said yesterday,
    "The next one will be bigger and the next even larger." I hope so. We'll see if the media continues to cover these events.

    At the Murfreesboro court house tonight there is county commission meeting for a public hearing on once again raising the property taxes. The call has gone out for the gallery to be filled with those against it. I think it will be. It all needs to start locally and work upwards.

    Speaking of the 'system.' Have you seen this?
    "Alex Jones' Largest Advertisers Are All JEWS!!!!!!!!"
    Any thoughts?

    Greg, Rocker,
    It is time to turn up the heat.

  5. Speaking of the 'system.' Have you seen this?
    "Alex Jones' Largest Advertisers Are All JEWS!!!!!!!!"
    Any thoughts?

    They might be, but since the Tribe controls most of the MSM and the Fed and the Congress and the WH and Wall Street and....

    Whether or not Jone's advertisers are Jews or not is a rather small problem.

    Just don't go to his site.

    Plus, if it hadn't been for Jones publishing those pages about the SPLC/ADL teaching Missouri cops to hate Ron Paul types, we might have never known what Abe FATMAN was up to.

    I'm not much of an AJ fan, but he does occassionally have some decent stories.

    And I don't care whether or not his wife is a Jew, it's none of my damn business who he's married to.

  6. The Big Take-Down Of USA--That's What's Be Going On Now, Suckers
    (Apollonian, 16 Apr 09)

    So now what's happening in the USA?--coming soon, in mere matter of months. That little thing is COLLAPSE OF THE US DOLLAR, comrades. What do u think is going to happen then?--when US Dollar finally, definitively collapses and dies?--for US Dollar has been sick for a good, long time.

    (a) First and most, when the collapse happens, and continuing, will be heavy, intense INFLATION. Prices are going THROUGH THE ROOF, and then Americans are going to finally know what it's like to live in a Third World nation (see for excellent expo).

    (b) And that's real purpose of "President" Obama, who will not allow his papers to be examined, as he's not a "natural born" citizen (see, also for expo/ref.)--Obama is the designated scape-goat for coming, planned, deliberately engineered catastrophe, wired-up, and made-to-order, no less than the original 9-11 terror hits and demolition of the WTC buildings--they were "inside jobs" just like coming, present, on-going self-destruction of USA. Obama thus plays role of pied-piper leading the suckers off the proverbial "cliff."

    (c) There will be shortages of strategic commodities, including food shortages, widespread hunger, and civil unrest--that's why, if u notice, gun-sales are presently at record levels. For many smart citizens see much of what's happening. Civil unrest then will be most excellent excuse for martial law and rounding-up of citizens and sending them off to FEMA detention camps.

    Thus it's confirmed, once again, history is CYCLIC in accord with "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Life sucks, and human existence is truly TRAGIC in accord with the Greeks. For cultures achieve "success" which then only signals inevitable decline and fall, the corrupted citizens having fallen into that horrific, sad, and pathetic mass HUBRIS whence they imagine they've achieved "good," having defeated "evil," in their childish minds, along with their false "prosperity," to which "prosperity" they're now so desperately addicted.

    (d) Thus USA is being destroyed methodically, systematically, before our very eyes--and all so utterly needlessly. For after all, Iraq NEVER ATTACKED USA--but that's okay, USA proceeded to gratuitously invade Iraq and has now so effectively murdered over a million of its citizens--why?--is there any other answer than that horrific INSANITY of hubris?--esp. that of moralism, instigated and magnified then by Jew liars?

    Of course, it cost USA lots of money for this insanity and mass-murder of innocent people of Iraq--that's one reason US Dollar must collapse, insane, useless, profligate waste of money and spending--that will do it, by golly, if anything does.

    (e) And this utterly mindless, insane self-destruction of USA is being done by Jews, especially "neo-cons," and their close gentile associates, like the homosexuals and "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who worship Jews and Israel. See and for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy.

    (f) But note yet--this horrific process (destruction of USA) can be countered and even reversed, but it will take most dedicated people working most urgently. And this possible, though not assured, reversal fm catastrophe (not just disaster) will not and cannot be done alone by such as the Ron Paul (see people as they're too "moral" (in the phony, Pharisaic, and hereticalist sense, similar to the JCs) and subverted by gate-keepers and even, surprisingly enough, by dedicated homosexuals who have effectively infiltrated their movement.

    (g) For necessary program to save USA is anti-semitic (hence real Christianity) and will require a specifically and pronouncedly rationalist and streamlined Christianity founded especially upon Gosp. JOHN which features the antitheses, TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy. Thus note truth necessarily indicates Aristotelian objectivity vs. Judaic, Talmudic subjectivism, thus moralism, pretext for fraud culture of dis-honesty.

    This Christian-themed program can be applied in general for all people to focus attention, esp. against the Jews, and then further, specifically against the JC hereticalists, weak-point to Judeo-conspiracy. For JCs are mainly dupes and suckers, NOT outright, deliberate, dedicated traitors.

    For one of the great cultural problems is that of comprehending the abstract nature which translates to the concrete problem of COUNTERFEIT conspiracy of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref. on Fed fraud. For too few people, less than one out of ten, understand the abstract reality and relation of monetary inflation converting then to price inflation. But even children can understand the concrete vision/perception of COUNTERFEITING.

    CONCLUSION: Thus we the people of USA are truly working against the "perfect storm," culturally, consisting of hubris and smug, brainless apathy of so many people on one hand, in combination with gross, deliberate conspiracy of Judeo-conspiratorial masterminds who have gained the trust of so many sheep. Only a religious-style revolution, yet rationalist, once again, for basic inspiration, has serious chance of succeeding for the people, an anti-semitic revolution which most resembles that of original Christian revolution of early 4th cent. led by St. Constantine the Great. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  7. ".....he does occasionally have some decent stories."

    That he does. I still go to his site and try to gain what info I can but as with all sites I visit it's always let the reader beware and I never click on any advertising.I can't afford anything anyway.

    Just asking a question and I appreciate the response.

  8. If AJ ever gets elected to Congress or appointed by Obama, then I'll make sure to look further into his past and present.

    Until then, he's just another person using the net to make some money.

    P.S. Just found out from Blogger when trying to log on that my blog has been flagged for violation(s) of service or some shit.

    I filed an appeal, but if they don't remove the tag, it will be dumped.


  9. Teabagging is dipping your scrotum in someones mouth with your underwear on. But don't tell Glenn Schlep or Shauna Vanity or Crusty Limberger we are having too much fun laughing at some co-opted republican nazis who think they are part of the people now. But the neo-marxist tax and spend democraps aren't any better.

  10. I agree with you both on AJ. Some good info, but visitor must pick and choose, buyer beware. The aversion to the Zionist connection does raise questions.

  11. Who cares who A. Jones is married to. Conspiracy theories are entertainment and are great for pissing off the coincidence theorists. Better turn on your proxy server and IP masker if you intend to look at Alex Jones www pages doubly so if you wish to look at C. Maynard pages.

  12. Shit, I think the wealthy elite are starting to get nervous, very nervous. Especially that blood soaked butcher, lover of all things Israel, Pelosi.

    Nancy, dear, do you need a haircut? They're FREE!!! And SOOOOO close, you'll never need another one... forever.-------------------

    PELOSI CLAIMS TEA PARTIES FUNDED BY THE WEALTHYHow is it that Nancy Pelosi claims the Tea Parties of 2009 were funded by the wealthiest of America? Did George Soros open his check book? Nancy Pelosi needs to acknowledge that SHE is one of the Wealthiest of America, that she and her family business have employed illegal Mexican immigrants that are not legally allowed to even work in this Country.

    When Pelosi talks about protests being funded by the wealthiest of America, why does she forget to name George Soros' funding of VIOLENT protests where ACORN hires and pays street thugs?

    This nation has gone to hell in a hand basket in less than 90 days of Obama entering the White House, from Citizens being labeled as extremists simply for disagreeing with Obama's spending policy, to the DNC, Soros' et. al spending ridiculous amounts of money attacking individuals over the Internet and through the abuse of power in official capacities in several different federal agencies. The IRS re-doing tax returns of citizens who have been critical of Obama, and more....

  13. Pelosi is a human douchenozzle for israel. Didn't Cindy Sheehan run for her seat? Are the people of Kalifornia that stupid?