Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Modern Art of Cluelessness. art: Fred Einaudi

by Les Visible

I really wish I could dedicate this site and all of my sites to the miracle of humanity and their sterling accomplishments. I wish I could laud the way they treat one another and isolate particular acts of selfless heroism; nobility of spirit and grand acts of magnanimity and generous giving but… alas… this is not so commonplace in the larger scheme, nor so prevalent in the individual as some would like to believe. The fact is that, if these things were commonplace the world would look different than it does.

I supposed we could chicken and egg it to death, whether the leaders or the people themselves are responsible for the state of the world. We know that the majority of the leaders are self-aggrandizing scum who line their pockets and the pockets of the ones who own them with the fruits of the industry of common labor. We know they have no shame. These days they do it right in front of their victims and then laugh about it. The people play their part in this vicious cycle as you can see here. This has been done before by others and Jay Leno used to have it as a part of his show in the feature called “Jaywalk”. I honestly don’t know what to make of something like this but the leaders certainly do.

So… as a result of monumental stupidity, as the public looks on with a gaping fish mouth at their changing world, it is no surprise that you are getting things like this. This sort of thing is becoming routine and the general public buys it. The general public thinks 9/11 was done by Stone Age Arabs who couldn’t pass small plane, pilot exams. They think three buildings came down at the speed of freefall into their own footprint within hours of each other with one of them not even being hit by a plane. Or… they know better but easy living (now on its way out) has taken their balls, their dignity and their honor and they don’t want to wind up on a list or get laughed at by their neighbors. But they are on a list. They are on the lists that says, “Dumber than Dirt” or “Too Chickenshit to make a scene.”

They think there is an Al Qaeda when their own media has reported their own spy agencies admitting that there is no Al Qaeda. You could watch the BBC videos at that site and then you can ask yourself if this is the same BBC that announced WT7 falling 20 minutes before it did or… is this the same BBC that refused to announce about the relief effort for Gaza because it might offend the country that investigated their own murderous actions and found no wrong doing?

No rational person gives a damn about inbred royalty poncing about and pretending to be important but a lot of people who worship tacky glamour do. They want to know all about how Michele touched the Queen or the Queen touched Michelle and, speaking just for myself, I would much rather see them in a nude, hot oil and mud wrestling death match.

The peace president… the president who was going to end the war is now sending drones into Pakistan, already killing hundreds of people; the usual people who had nothing to do with anything important and so the Taliban has sent him a lesson on his home turf, or so they say. Whatever the truth of that may be, it is part of the procedure for greater violence abroad and a precursor to the coming event that is intended to set off war with Iran. And of course… this president… this president who has access to all sorts of intelligence and who is supposed to possess intelligence, is talking about Al Qaeda. He’s either dumber than dirt or evil as sin, take your pick.

Yes… I wish I could point to some wonderful new vision that is loose in the world. I wish I could present evidence of a mass awakening and a joining together of humanity into a common effort to transform the world in which we live but, the only positive signs I see are that small percentage getting gassed and beaten by storm troopers because they actually do see what’s going on. So… kudos to you!!! I’ve seen what the press has to say about you. I guess that explains the police posters in London.

Millions of people have been tortured, murdered or displaced by what can only be described as corporate greed for resources and geo-political advantage; money and power covers it, I think. Some part of it is for the purpose of enjoyment I don’t doubt. Meanwhile the people, who do react, kill the wrong people so… stupidity is epidemic on both sides. Or… these people aren’t who they are made out to be but rather graduates of Tavistock or MKUltra.

It appears that dumbing down is in freefall too. I haven’t been in America in years. I’ve never been to London. My guess is that the general IQ has really tanked in the last few years. It doesn’t seem possible. It could be that it’s always been like this but I just presumed more and believed more out of some cluelessness of my own.

We need an international Declaration of Independence. We need a charter that says, “I will fight in no more wars for vampire corporations that have been dressed up in patriotism and duty”. “I will no longer buy useless crap that serves no useful purpose.” “I will no longer shop as an avocation.” “I will boycott the products of any country that practices genocide upon the people whose land they have stolen.” “I will no longer accept what my leaders and the media tell me and will assume they are lying every time they speak.” “I will not assume that another country is my enemy because corporations commanded our leaders and their media to proclaim it.”

There’s more that could be added but those who know already know and those who do not… possibly never shall. It is inexplicable to me. You can see it coming. You can see it coming down the line like a monstrous train with the face of a nightmare bull blowing fire and smoke from its nostrils and… the same inane shit is woven like macramé through all of the little hints and warnings that no one is paying attention to. It’s like Twitter. As I understand it this is some kind of a text messaging forum for people with bubblegum where their brains used to be. It says it all.

How did we come to such a pass? How do we ever get into these places? How does a man come from some dream of life, to lie bleeding in a cold, wet trench in some foreign land… dying in battle for the profit of bankers who created the war for personal profit.

How can bankers and stockbrokers, set up a system that they milk so far beyond the actual resources and then, once they have stolen what was there, prevail upon their victims to make them richer still? How can people, seeing this happen before their eyes, then buy into the coming, fabricated war, which will be just one more pointless engagement for even more profit and control by the darkest enemies that life has ever known? Well… there are other enemies; stupidity, ignorance, cluelessness and unbridled appetite are a few. These elements are combined into a noxious compound whose sole, and unchanging motive is to end all life on this planet and turn it into a landfill of dead bodies and broken dreams.

I wish I could applaud some thousands of community organizers who are diligently working to awaken their neighbors. For all I know, they are there… working and hoping against hope that some fortuitous light will break and that for once and for all the psychopaths and scammers would be exposed and given a swift and telling justice but… I don’t see it. I hope it’s there but… I don’t see it.

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