Thursday, April 23, 2009

Re-fighting Gettysburg
"Of course overweight people are a major contributor to 'global warming.' But my carbon credits offset my fat as they go to support some skinny kid in Somalia hand digging holes for toxic waste."

Al Gore Declares War

Al Gore suggests that climate change is akin to one of the bloodier wars in American history:

To drive home his point during Monday’s speech at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco, Gore compared 2009 to the Battle of Gettysburg that helped change the course of the Civil War.

“We are radically changing the relationship between the human species and the rest of the Earth,” he said. “This year, 2009, is the Gettysburg for the environment. It is the time we have the opportunity to change.”

Gore uses Earth Day to solicit political fund

(CNN) - Former Vice President Al Gore used Earth Day to criticize congressional Republicans for opposing President Obama's agenda, and he called on donors to give to House Democrats as a way to help expand their majority in the 2010 elections.

Gore, the most high profile spokesperson on the danger of global warming, specifically mentions this issue in the letter sent Wednesday to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) e-mail list.

"I can tell you that President Obama has signaled in the strongest possible terms that he intends to take bold steps and harness innovative resources to solve the climate crisis," Gore wrote in the letter. "Not only that, but Speaker Pelosi has said she will personally shepherd climate legislation through.

Gore is scheduled to {commit perjury...oops} testify Friday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on "The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009."


  1. Al Bore's big fat face and hot air emissions are bad for the enviroment and will ruin your lunchtime.

  2. Former Vice President Al Gore used Earth Day to criticize congressional Republicans for opposing President Obama's agenda, and he called on donors to give to House Democrats as a way to help expand their majority in the 2010 elections.------------------

    Sorry Al baby, we done got shit on in the 2006 elections, when we were told to vote Democrat and give those shit eating bottom dwellers a majority in both houses and they'll stop the war and go after Bush.

    We got sold another batch of toxic snake oil in 2008, when AGAIN we were told to vote Democratic and give us a bigger House and Senate majority and "By Gawd" we'll get this straightened out and Change DC.

    Again, we got shit on Big Time, by Mr. Change himself, who must be setting records for the number and speed of broken campaign promises.

    Now you want us to vote Democratic again, in 2010?

    What the fuck for? so you can maintain a death grip on Congress and the WH?
    And you're going to scare people into voting Democratic with tales of fear from Global Warming?
    How does that make you cocksuckers any different from GW when he used the fear of Bin Laden in 2004 to keep the Republicans in power?

    I'm thinking about voting Republican just to spite you no-good, dirty sons of a bitches, that's how far I've sunken.
    Either that, or tear up my voter registration card, since it's worthless.

    Al, Obama, Rahm and especially Nancy.....

    GO FUCK YOURSELVESP.S. And I'm in a fairly good mood today or I'd really let loose.

  3. Caught part of this scheme on CSpan being debated in the Senate. Not only will electrical rates skyrocket, gasoline axes will also increase. Skyrocket? Like doubling our electrical rates?----

    Senator Obama, when he was in the Senate, admitted during the presidential campaign, said, "Under my plan of cap-and-trade, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket."------

    Basically, here's a summary of the new tax.

    Save Our Climate Act of 2009


    Save Our Climate Act of 2009 - Amends the Internal Revenue Code to impose an excise tax on the carbon content of any taxable fuel sold by a manufacturer, producer, or importer. Sets the amount of such tax at $10 per ton of the carbon content in such fuel, with annual increases in the amount of such tax until the second year after the level of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States for the calendar year does not exceed 20% of the level for 1990. Defines "taxable fuel" as coal (including lignite and peat), petroleum and any petroleum product, and natural gas. Exempts from such tax the sale or in-kind exchange of fuel for deposit in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and certain exports or resales of such fuel.

    Exempts certain exports? WTF? That means either the Pentagon or Israel... or both.

    They're going to keep increasing the carbon tax until some distant goal is met?

  4. Groucho is my favorite MarxistApril 25, 2009 at 12:06 PM

    We're all Marxists now. The Wall Street/CFR/Zionist puppet or I mean Obama the Black Jesus will make us look back on Bush the Dimmer with nostalgia. Change is all you'll have left in your change pouch, man purse whatever when Sobama is done. Al "ozone man" Bore will be right there leading the cheers for more taxes, more spending, more Marxism.