Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rick Perry - Pandering Prick "I applaud you young lady. Your support of the Gardasil vaccination makes me and Merck very happy."

By now most everyone has heard of Texas governor Rick Perry's hints of secession at the Austin 'tea party.'

Everyone from The New York Times to Kurt Nimmo to Mike Adams has chimed in on the controversy.

Not to say that secession will not be a viable option at some point in the future but it won't be led by neocon fake individual and state sovereignty shills such as Perry.

I have a suggestion Mr. Perry.
Get your attorney general to issue an indictment and then deputize your good buddy Chuck Norris and have him lead the Texas Rangers to arrest G.W. Bush for war crimes and crimes against humanity. That would give you credibility and make for a terrific media event.

Perhaps Perry's independent Texas would become a partner of Israel. He would need allies for his new 'country' and as a 'Friend of Zion,' the partnerships are already in place.
In June 2007, Perry traveled to Israel courtesy of Global Capital Associates. While in Israel he received the "Friend of Zion" award, and met with Ehud Olmert and Benjamin Netanyahu. Source Watch

Home of the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
Our Mission Statement

To increase economic development by fostering understanding, cooperation and business relationships between Israel and Texas.

New Business Contacts and Friendships Forged At The 2009 Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce Gala Dinner

The Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce held it's Gala Dinner at the Westing Park Central Hotel on February 5. During the program honoring David Wiessman, Executive Chairman of ALON USA, nearly 300 attendees enjoyed prime rib, fine wines and the company of many of Texas' top executives. Read full Press Release

Quotes From Texas-Israel Supporters

 “I want Texas to become the preferred location for Israeli companies doing business in the U.S. Like Texas, Israel has a long history of growing new technology companies through partnerships that include universities, government and private investors and entrepreneurs. Strengthening relationships between these two 'Lone Star States' will benefit our respective economies and increase understanding."

Texas Governor Rick Perry, September 25, 2007:

“Texas and Israel share a lot in common, so a close working relationship between businesses in Texas and businesses in Israel will enhance friendship between the nation of Israel and the great nation of the United States. I look forward to this relationship leading to increased commerce between Israel and Texas and I thank you, Terry, for your tireless efforts that led to the success of this business-to-business association as the Texas Israel Chamber Association brought together the Governor’s office, your Chamber’s members, Israel’s businesses and Israel’s Ministry of Industry and Trade”.

Shimon Peres, President of the State of Israel, speaking to Chamber Chairman Terry Anderson

“Cooperation with our organization and the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce should serve as an effective platform to promote trade between the two States".

Tamar Guy, Executive Director of the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce

About Us

The Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce is a private, not-for-profit business organization 501(c)6 whose aim is to boost the economies of Texas and Israel by helping member companies develop important business relationships with each other and explore new market opportunities. The Chamber is strongly supported by Governor Rick Perry of Texas as well as by Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor because both parties believe there are many opportunities for collaboration, especially in high tech industries.

The Israel-Texas Science and Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 public foundation affiliate of the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce organized to operate exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes. Its goal is to educate the general public by providing a forum for the exchange of information and ideas concerning the southwestern region of the United States and Israel through public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures and other similar programs in order to bring about a better international understanding.

Our goal is to earn a reputation as the most successful and effective bi-national business organization in the United States. We welcome you to help us reach this goal. source

More change we can believe in? This time from the real 'right wing extremists' and lovers of all things war.


  1. Gee, who knew Texas and Massachusetts were so close. Here our legislators write into legislation taxpayer-funded, money-funneling projects to and for Israel. Of course, we Bay-Staters on a totally different planet from those redneckers in Texas! Oh, to live in the crucible of liberal lies. WTF you mean our state governments serve the same master? Hey, pardner!

  2. Perry's another sold out shithead who loves to grovel at the feet of Israel.

    Texas itself is a hotbed of Zionist treachery, all the way from that day which lives in infamy, November 22, 1963, when MOSSAD had agents in Dallas up to Perry's shameless ass kissing of Israel.

    Don't leave out all the Holocaust™
    training for Texas teachers.

    I bet they spend more time on Zionist fairy tales than on the REAL facts about American troops fighting and helping win WWII.

    Texas Holocaust™ teacher brainwashing is at the link below:

    "Israel need not apologize for the assassination or destruction of those who seek to destroy it. The first order of business for any country is the protection of its people." Washington Jewish Week, October 9, 1997

    In March, 1992, Illinois Representative Paul Findley said in The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, "It is interesting - but not surprising - to note that in all the words written and uttered about the Kennedy assassination, Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad, has never been mentioned."

    JFK had told his inner circle that Israel would get the bomb over his dead body.

    We all know how that turned out.

    We already had one worthless piece of shit traitor from Texas as prez, we sure as hell don't need another.

  3. Captain Hairdo Perry is the same douche pouch that let those children be taken away from those evul christians just last year.

  4. USA has had two worthless pieces of shit from Texas as president. Don't forget LBJ. The cover up of the USS Liberty runs right across the Office of LBJ.

    I'd support secession, but with Israel asswipes like Perry, and zionist christian Chuck Norris, Texas would probably be a dumping ground for all the little jews who lose their US financed homes in the stolen land settlements.


  5. Hey guys. Great article, I may cross post it if that's ok... (you might want to check the typo on the headline of the Texas Israel Chamber of Commerce section; "Isreal")

  6. willy, you can always cross post anything you want.

    Thanks for the human spell check.