Thursday, April 30, 2009

Surprise! Census Comes Early, With A GPS To Map Your FRONT DOOR

The 2010 census has started in 2009.

I have already confronted two census workers this year.

The first, in February, was an older lady who came to the door and asked if she could get some information. I let her and her laptop in and answered some questions, refused on others and she said OK, it was not mandatory and left.

The second was just last week . A man parked out front for a while and then drove next door to an unoccupied house that I also own and stopped, got out and went to the front door. I walked over and asked if I could help him. He explained he was from the census and wanted to know if anyone lived in the house. I told him no but he still wanted to know the street address number of the house. I said I didn't know as I have never had to use it and he thanked me and left.

Both appeared to be just average people, hired hands for the government doing a job they were paid for. I didn't see if they had a GPS unit.


From: Right Soup

I know, you thought the census (now well in control of Rahm Emanuel) didn’t start until 2010! Well, seems that workers have begun already, coming door-to-door with handheld GPS units and questions about every garage and storage barn on your property. Robert LaMacchia, head of the Census Bureau’s geography division, says they’ll capture the latitude and longitude of the front door of every house, apartment and improvised shelter they find.”We will actually knock on doors and look for hidden housing units,” he says. “We will find converted garages; from the outside, it may not look like anybody lives there.” This is so the census will end up with the geographic coordinates — accurate to within 10 feet — for about 110 million residences.

The US Census Bureau is currently going door-to-door, nationwide, to place YOUR front door “coordinates” into a Global Positioning System (GPS) for marking/mapping purposes; without your consent - and if you are not home - without your knowledge. Now, why does anyone need GPS Coordinates on every front door in America? Who is really doing this? What good reason can they possibly have for such an expensive project? Listen to this interview with citizen Jane Lesko on the Power Hour and find out more. (The interview starts about 7/8 of an inch in on the podcast slider)

From Channeling Reality:

The U.S. Census Bureau is doing an Address Canvassing Operation using GPS- equipped handheld computers to GPS every front door of homes, apartments, converted garages, homeless shelters, and anything they believe that someone might live in, in America, so that the Bureau can send every household a Census Questionnaire in March of 2010. (There are other people we have spoken to who believe that the GPS front doors of America may be used for MILITARY purposes and that this is a violation of privacy. They want the exact location of your front door.)

The U.S. Census Bureau awarded Shreveport, La.-based Michael Baker Jr. Inc. an estimated $10 million contract for data collection services that involve Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

From the Baker Website:

The company, an engineering unit of Michael Baker Corp., won the multi-year award to support the bureau’s Geography Division in updating a key geographic data system. Baker has been a partner to the United States military since the 1940’s, supporting Department of Defense (DoD) operations spanning the globe. We understand the culture and know the demands and responsibilities facing installation commanders.

We’ve mastered support processes by focusing top architectural, planning, engineering, and geospatial and mapping talent to supply cost-effective, timely and innovative solutions that are aligned with the diverse missions of each military organization. While force structures, weaponry and missions change, Baker helps keep America’s military installations fully mission capable. Baker is putting life cycle planning concepts for a multitude of federal, state, and local clients. Since 1972, our all-risk, all-hazards approach has helped clients plan and prepare for natural disasters, technological emergencies, internal/external risks, and terrorist threats. Our diverse staff of emergency planning and response specialists, planners, engineers, and architects supports a broad range of multi-discipline projects.

Baker (NYSE Amex: BKR), founded in 1940, provides professional engineering and consulting expertise for public and private sector clients worldwide. The Company’s markets of focus include Aviation, Defense, Environmental, Facilities, Geospatial Information Technologies, Homeland Security, Municipal & Civil, Pipelines & Utilities, Transportation, and Water. Services span the complete life cycle of infrastructure and managed asset projects, including planning, design, construction services, asset management, and asset renewal.

The Census, in it’s own words, has been “re-engineered”, including the mandate to “Collect and tabulate long-form data every year throughout the decade through a large household survey (The American Community Survey).”

ACORN signed on as a national partner with the U.S. Census Bureau in February 2009 to assist with the recruitment of the 1.4 million temporary workers needed to go door-to-door to count every person in the United States — currently believed to be more than 306 million people.

The 2010 census will be the “short form”, however, there is the clever subterfuge of the “American Community Survey” which is purposely not called a census and is sent to a “sampling” of US homes such that each home receives one not more than once every five years. Its what they used to call the long form as the 2010 census will only contain the short form. Here is a link to the questions on the survey.

Why does the government (and ACORN) need to have the GPS coordinates of your FRONT DOOR? Your house is probably on Google Maps already. But the front door? Sounds like a jackboot convenience to me. This is a developing story, and several reports of those who have already been visited by the GPS squad can be found in this forum thread.

Source: Right Soup

Thanks to Saladin for the link.


  1. Kenny: and that's not all, the USA is such a fascist-jail (that's what i call USA), that police cars drive by the neighborhoods of poorer american class, not to protect them, but to smear on their personal, private lives. That's why USA citizens are so scared and schizophrenic. Coz in this hell of USA we got cops all over the place.

    Even inside the supermarkets we see cops watchign what people buy.

    What we have to do is to be illegalists, not legalists. Fuck the laws.

    Like the singer from the rock band Tool who has a song, that says that laws are only laws if u get caught (The song is "Jerk Off")

    So let's just destroy those GPS toys !!



  2. They don't call those bombs smart for nothing.

    Those GPS coordinates could be used to deliver a bunker buster right thru your front door.

    Here's another weird aspect in a similar vein:

    I wanted to get hi-speed 'Net access, but the only company that offers that around here is Alltel.

    So I contacted them to get signed up and gave them the usual info, and was willing to give them my credit card number when they asked for my driver's license number???

    Told them they already had enough info on me to find out more about me than I already know but they wouldn't budge, insisting I give them that number.

    I said NO and hung up.

    Why in the hell do they need a driver's license number for a computer modem card?

    I bet it's some dictate from the DHS.

    And yes, I've already got one visit from the Census gang, one got out and asked my address, but nothing else.

    She was holding some type of Blackberry unit that she was plugging info into, but whether or not it had GPS I don't know.

  3. I asked my son-in-law today if he had seen a census person at his house. He had. One came up, got out and was taking notes. When asked what he was doing, he said he worked for the census and the only question he asked was 'did they use the front door or back door most often.' ???

    Greg, you might try calling Alltel and asking for a supervisor. To get the business someone with a little authority may waive the DL #. And what if you didn't have a DL, maybe taken away for a DUI? Would they refuse to give you service?


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