Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party - Murfreesboro TN 4-15-09

A couple of thousand people came out for the Murfreesboro Tea Party. It was a mix of good folks concerned about our country.

The event was organized by Republicans and featured speakers from the party. Marsha Blackburn, congresswoman from Williamson County and lieutenant governor Ron Ramsey were two of the more well known. Anyone who wanted to speak was allowed to and several local people took the opportunity.

A couple of people even stood up and called for auditing and even abolishing the Federal Reserve. That was a pleasant surprise.

Several speakers asked Homeland Security to take their names and put them at the top of their list. It was a common theme among the crowd that we are considered 'domestic terrorists.'

I was disappointed that none of the speakers came right out and called the two party system a sham. I did hear some calls from the crowd for independent candidates. My feel is that there are many who don't trust any politician of any party.
No one called the politicians by their rightful name.....criminals.

At the end of the rally many of the folks, at the urging of a speaker and some in the crowd, marched on to the local office of congressman Bart Gordon and sent the message that as an enabler of the bailout and as an entrenched career politician with blatant disregard of his constituents that his days in Washington are numbered. That would be change we can believe in as all incumbents, both Democrat and Republican, need to go.

Bye Bye Bart

OK...these 'Tea Parties' have brought out people who have not been inclined to participate in any activism or protest in the past. The numbers greatly exceed those of any anti-war protest that has ever occurred in the middle TN/Nashville area. I guess it says that people get more upset over their money than they do about their government lying us into wars for their profit and empire building.

Hey, it could be start. Once folks become aware of some lies, it opens them up to possibly considering all of the lies. That could really intensify the anger against the liars.

Or maybe it's just a media creation? A controlled opposition made for TV?

We'll see if there is a follow-up.


  1. Or maybe it's just a media creation? A controlled opposition made for TV?------------------------------------------

    Maybe, but like the saying goes, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

    At least two Springfiled, MO stations covered these protests at their local post office.
    They even showed a couple of signs protesting the Fed, which was amazing to me, since that segment of the news is usually dedicated to juicy clips about Tom Cruise or some silly ass shit about another Hollywood bimbo.

    That they showed the Tea Part protests is encouraging.

  2. Sure would like to see a real birth certificate from Barky. At least then what he says might have some validity and legality to it.....

  3. I'm encouraged.
    The question I have is the same as I see and hear all over.

    "What's Next?"

  4. "There is no freedom without blood yours or someone else's" - - I forget who first said this quote but as x-military I believe it. If you think these things are anything bur Republican orchestrated publicity gambits you are naive.

    The system we have will have to die for there to be any hope and with the military-militarized "law enforcement" and joke of judiciary and congress it will only be the total breakdown of the system by the looting by the Russian Jewish Mafia and their associates that will provide the two choices: complete change of the system or death camps for the displaced and designated enemies of the State. Anyone who does not see a hurricane approaching with our puppet one term president is nutso. Hey, where's Bush? Think the guy never existed the way the "media" treats him, probably clearing brush at his "ranch".