Monday, April 27, 2009

Tripping on Tamiflu

The Obama administration has released 12.5 million of the nation's stockpile of 50 million courses of Tamiflu, a drug that has shown itself at least initially to be effective against the flu virus. The Pentagon has readied 7 million courses for military personnel. {more}

I'm not one to tell anyone what to do but my one experience with Tamiflu taught me 'never again.' Would I encourage loved ones to take it? Not a chance.

Having long enjoyed a good altered state of consciousness, I learned that tripping on Tamiflu may not be for everyone.

The story is from 1999 when I had what I found out later was pneumonia. I went to a doctor three times, who later had his license taken away for drug addiction . The second time he said "I know what to do." It was a script for Tamiflu, a newly approved 'miracle' drug.

The second night of taking it was the most unusual state of mind I have ever experienced.
Words really can't describe it. I was in a place where humans can't function. A realization that we are just a combination of cells held together in the most fragile way imaginable. A sense that we are always on the edge of death in a body that defies explanation. A place where words have little meaning. I actually thought it was my last night on earth and was seeing the never never land between life and death. After several hours, I finally came 'down.'

I recovered after being sent to an oncologist with the referral doctor's words that I probably had leukemia. After an x-ray, a correct diagnosis and 7 days of intravenous antibiotics I was fine.

Tamiflu has been linked to convulsions, delirium and bizarre deaths. From what I experienced, I'll have to err on the side of caution and take my chances without it.

As with all big pharma drugs and the profiteers who push them, it's let the buyer beware.


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  1. A lot of people are making money off this-- Calderon not only decreed that he has absolute powers, but is accepting 205 million from the world bank-- a nice way to insure Mexico will be enslaved to the bankers again.

  2. Any person suspected to have swine influenza (flu), should be treated
    with Tamiflu (Oseltamivir), "said Centers for Disease Control" . You can purchase Tamiflu safely online at

  3. Tamiflu is based on a much better orally-inhaled drug developed at the expense of the Australian taxpayer.

    The patent was sold to a private marketing firm who leases manufacturing rights to the British pharmaceuticals company Glaxo. The FDA in the U.S. stalled approval of the Australian drug while the inferior American version, Tamiflu, was being rushed through the testing process.

    The Aust. drug, called Relenza. is approved in the U.S. but rarely mentioned during a flu hysteria - not even in Australia.

    If taken promptly following the first signs of infection, Relenza works astonishingly well -- in my experience.
    Never tried tamiflu--never will.

  4. The worst case of flu I ever had was after I had received a "flu shot" from the city's Health Department.

    Man o man, that case of flu severely fucked me up and I realized how flu can kill people after that case.

    That was about 15 years ago and I never got another flu shot, nor will I.

  5. I wonder if Team DLC Obama Brand was trippin on Tamilfu while they were wizzing around the Statue of Liberty, joy riding AirForce 1? I bet they figured out a way to smoke it!

    Hey look! "Mike" is selling Tamiflu on your site. How nice.