Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Will US-Russia Nuclear Arms Talks Include Israel?

Nukes, what nukes?
Arial Sharon's coma channeler
Ready and waiting while the Dimona nuclear plant is an accident waiting to happen.

LONDON (AFP) — US President Barack Obama and Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday agreed in a joint statement to launch talks on potentially far-reaching reductions of their nuclear arsenals. more

The US and Russia need an area where they can reduce some military expenses and since both have enough nuclear weapons to destroy most of the world many times over, this would be a logical place to start. Of course it may just be diversionary talk as it appears there will be no good news coming from the G20 summit.

Putting the nuke issue on the table is all well and fine but when you think about which country would be the most likely to use nuclear weapons, especially preemptively, only one nation comes to mind.

That would be the nation that has never publicly-officially acknowledged that they even have them. The one that imprisoned one of its own, Mordechai Vanunu, for 18 years for telling the world about the weapons program. The same one that Jimmy Carter said in 2008 had over 150 nuclear weapons. A nation that has never allowed international inspection of its nuclear facilities and never will.

Would Obama and the new administration confront Israel about their nukes and propose a reduction?

Not a chance.

Talking with Russia is safe. To even mention nukes and Israel in the same breath is forbidden among the US politicians and media, perhaps even suicidal.

To a country that continuously practices genocide of their unwanted ethnic populations and played a huge part in the 9/11 attacks, nuking an American city and blaming it on others is definitely a possibility if push came to shove.

Israel is the nuclear 'wild card' and the US doesn't dare call their bluff in the rigged game of deception, payoffs and blackmail.


  1. Most likely, Israel will park some tramp freighter in one of our port cities, like one of the ports that has its security furnished by the Greenbergs of AIG.
    A freighter registered to Iran, filled with a dirty bomb.
    In one blinding second, Americans will forget about that hand rifling thru their pocket and the Zionist MSM will hand over the Iranian boogieman on a platter.
    The B2's, loaded with nukes, will be heading toward Tehran within days.

    But if they do nukes us and I wouldn't put it past those crazy sons of bitches, we'll get to see up close--too close--that America does indeed still make fine quality stuff... like the Harpoon cruise missiles we have given to that nation of whack jobs that are fitted with nukes.

    All riding under the waves in subs furnished--some for free, all that Holocaust™ stuff--by Germany.

    A true Holocaust™.

    Instead of the phony ass number of six million dead, the crazy as a rabid coon Israelis will kill off six billion.

  2. We will know where to look this time if such abominable events occur. This is one citizen who won't get fooled again.

  3. The Mossad did 911. Every Jew is a potential sayanim for Israel.The truth is they all need to be deported to Israel and finish the wall and keep them in there. They have destroyed the planet. The "Samson Option" whereby they launch all their nukes is their stated defense if the world actually admits Israel and the Mossad did 911 and who knows how many other false flags and must be dismantled i.e. blowing up the major capitols of the world. They are a mafia not a religion.

  4. Iranians are the true Aryans and will fight like it. The Jew S.A. will bite off more than it can chew on this one. Iranians are well educated people maybe that is why they are making energy and defense treaties with Russia.