Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg."

Abraham Lincoln used to ask people: "How many legs does a dog have if you call his tail a leg?" They would answer: "Five." Lincoln would respond: "No, four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg."
Calling Israel and its lobbying arm AIPAC 'friend' instead of traitor does not make it a friend.

"Relationships Matter." Click here for a slideshow

Blacks, Latinos, students and Christian Zionists comprise teams of 'useful idiots' in the deception of Israeli influence.

Policy Conference Draws Diverse Crowd
Policy Conference delegates prepare for three days of excitement and learning.

The pro-Israel movement in the United States is growing more diverse each year. Jews and non-Jews, religious and secular, African Americans and Latinos-all of them are here to show their support for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.

At a breakout session called "Emerging Alliance" three African American leaders-a pastor, a business man and a civil rights icon-will explain how African Americans and Jews can unite around their common love of Israel.

In addition, dozens of pastors are attending the conference, which for the third year in a row features programming specifically designed for Christian supporters of the Jewish state. A panel discussion called "Faithful Allies: What Motivates Pro-Israel Christians" will examine the roots of Christian Zionism.

Nearly 200 rabbis and cantors from across the United States are also in attendance. They will be treated to a special track of programming that includes a lunch with renowned historian Dr. Michael Oren and other networking opportunities.

And for the fifth year in a row, the Policy Conference is welcoming more than 100 pro-Israel activists from Europe, Turkey, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Central America.

These delegates from abroad will participate in the International Visitors Program, a track of forums and training sessions designed to help guests hone their ability to advocate for strong relations between their home countries and Israel.

Student Activists Turn Out in Force

Students register for Policy Conference 2009.

On many campuses around the country, May 3-5 is right in the middle of final exams. But more than 1,000 students from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, including a record high number of 193 Student Government Association (SGA) presidents and 200 high-school students, are refusing to let a few tests get in the way of AIPAC Policy Conference 2009. Indeed, they have turned out in force.

The 193 SGA presidents attending are the largest known gathering of student elected officials on any issue this year. The presidents hail from an eclectic array of campuses, including Northwestern, UC San Diego, Tufts, Vanderbilt, Brigham Young, Florida International and Morehouse College.

In addition to joining community delegates for plenaries, breakout sessions and the Gala Banquet, students will participate in a variety of specialized sessions. One highlight is the AIPAC Campus Awards Ceremony, which honors exceptional pro-Israel students and campus professionals from more than a dozen schools and organizations.

Other student-specific events include a lunch forum bringing together African American student activists and community leaders; a campus leadership dinner with College Democrats, College Republicans and SGA presidents; and a reception for high-school delegates. {more}

Joe "I Am A Zionist" Biden to Address AIPAC

WASHINGTON (JTA) – U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will close this year’s AIPAC policy conference.

The announcement from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee came Saturday, the day before the start of its signature affair, drawing close to 7,000 delegates and ending in a blockbuster lobbying session on Tuesday afternoon.

Biden will address the closing session on Tuesday morning; that speaker is customarily seen as the motivator who endorses AIPAC’s legislative package and rallies delegates to sell it on Capitol Hill.

Biden, who throughout his long career as a U.S. senator from Delaware was regarded as pro-Israel in principle, has clashed with AIPAC in the past on tactics.

“AIPAC does not speak for the entire American Jewish community,” Biden said during last year’s campaign after Republicans criticized him for bucking AIPAC on Iran sanctions votes. “There’s other organizations as strong and as consequential.”

He later made up with the organization, and has served as one of the Obama administration’s principle emissaries to the organized Jewish community.

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