Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cheap Gun Training

Many people do not have the time, place and money for gun training and practice. There is an option that saves a lot on ammo and won't disturb the neighbors.

A Chinese BB or pellet air rifle and handgun is a cheap alternative. I paid $20 each for the ones in the photo several years ago at the tool show sales that are fairly common around here.

The guns well made, heavy duty and they have the feel and weight of the real ones. Powerful and accurate but only one shot at a time.

I think the transfer of training works.

They are good for teaching kids and useful for chasing varmints from your garden and property.

Practice with handling, point and shoot and safety issues can be had in the privacy of your back yard without getting the law called on you.


  1. Have you seen this article on the Climate Con bill?


    By Marianne Lavelle | May 19, 2009

    Makers of sneakers, blue jeans, and computer network servers joined forces late last fall and vowed a bigger push in Congress on climate change. Meanwhile, consumer-owned utilities — relatively quiet in the global warming debate compared to the big investor-owned power companies — decided they needed to weigh in once a new president took office. Food producers felt they, too, needed to watch the global warming issue more closely to protect their interests. And promoters of electric vehicles saw their long-awaited chance for a boost from Uncle Sam if their needs were addressed in a climate bill.

    They’re all part of a crazy quilt of about 140 businesses and organizations that jumped into the climate change debate on Capitol Hill in the first quarter of this year. Those new players drove a 14 percent increase in the number of interests lobbying on global warming, compared to the same time last year, according to a new analysis by the Center for Public Integrity of lobbying disclosure forms filed with the U.S. Senate.

    Manufacturers, power companies, and the oil and gas industry still dominate the roster of interests, accounting for more than half of the 880 total businesses and groups that reported they were seeking to influence climate change policy. Just 10 lobbying firms represent nearly 100 of these corporate players, including some of the largest trade associations and companies that have long been active in the climate debate. But as California Democrat Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and his energy subcommittee chairman, Massachusetts Democrat Edward Markey, move forward this week with a mark-up of the American Clean Energy and Security Act, their landmark legislation to curb the global warming threat through a complex cap-and-trade system, the interests seeking to be heard are more diverse than ever.

    The increase comes on top of already rapid growth from 2003 through 2008, when the number of interests lobbying on climate change jumped more than 400 percent, to over 770. With serious legislative action now slated for Capitol Hill, the total has continued to increase....

    "Soooeee, soooee pig, soooeeee!"

    CSpan showed these clowns meeeting in committe last night until 11:30.
    Someone's really, really wanting this thing passed before Memorial Day.

  2. What do you know about Airsoft? Apparently it's like these paintball tourneyments, where people get together and practice urban combat drills using pellet guns shooting soft rubber or plastic pellets rather than real ones.

  3. A friend and I were sitting and puffing on a joint and reflecting on having willingly given up shootng as a hobby. Back in the day we would calmly enter the corner store with cigarettes dangling from our lips, pick up a hundred bucks worth of ammo which consisted of one box each of .303, 30.30, shotgun shells and 1,000 rounds of .22
    Every stop sign in town had a shotgun blast thru it and quite often the street lights did too.
    Everyone had a gun but the murder rate was almost insignificant.
    Now that smoking and guns and just about everything else are restricted and taboo the stop signs are immaculate, stores hide the ammo, the coffee shops are smoke free, every car has a quiet muffler and yet the murder rate is skyrocketing.
    We discussed a long time just what we were doing smoking pot and considering such forbidden subject matter.
    Finally it was decided that we had become redicalised dissident nonextremist anti-establishment disemparliamentists. An even greater threat than the terrorists. Just the rebellious act of sitting and toking and relaxing and discussing such matters itself powerful enough to cause the illuminatists to have heart attack and stroke.
    Victory. Without a shot fired. No Gun required.

  4. Love playing with the word Relax.
    Relax to an annoyingly large number of north americans is like the sign of the cross to Dracula.
    "Relax? We can't relax!" Gotta do this!, gotta do that! bla bla LOL

  5. Used to put match heads in my pellet gun. Rice grain incendiaries. Still enjoy checking the little dent in the pendulum of my grandfathers grandfather clock that I put there 1968 when I was about ten years old. An awful number of us Canadians are veteran terrorists before we reach our teens. Little brother is an existential threat to big bro hence the Jacboot of Orwellianism given his lack of personality and capacity for enlightened thought.

  6. Have you seen the latest? Boy Scout paramilitaries? Scary

  7. Greg,
    They are serious. We're about to get the royal screwing and it's going to hurt. The big corporations are protecting their interests...

    Don't know anything about what you speak of.
    Just study techniques available online/books/magazines and practice when you can. In a group is better where people can share info.

    anon at 3:24,
    I'm with you to the end but I'm not sure about the 'victory.'

  8. Victory, LOL K. to me is an intangible kinda concept. Like moving goalposts and counting cards and changing the rules during the game. Tis a wee victory just looking knowingly on someone who has conned or betrayed you.
    On to "Victory"
    Am reminded of the Muppet Movie
    "We Are Right" War, hee hee.

  9. We have a pellet rifle and it's HEAVY! It is great for practice. We have a LOOONNGG hallway downstairs where we set up a steel plate backed target and fire away from the bedroom, no one hears or sees a thing!

  10. It's no wonder that you haven't heard of it. The news pretends it doesn't exist. I suppose promoting the idea of average citizens training in combat techniques isn't really big on their agenda.

    Go to Youtube and search airSoft... it's not illegal, it's like paintball. Hell, I saw one where they were using a minigun outfitted with Airsoft ammo... a damn minigun (Jessi Ventura in Predator used a minigun... remember that thing?).

  11. You can practice shooting a paper target, but you also need to get your mind straight ahead of that time when you might be called on to defend your loved ones or your country.

    You'll need to reflect on what you would do and how far you would go to defend that which you love.

    After you've accepted that, you won't be having any nagging doubts about "turning the other cheek" when your life or the ones you love is at risk.

    P.S. The cap and trade scheme came out of committee with a resounding YES vote.