Monday, May 4, 2009

Code Pink Goes to AIPAC

Controlled Opposition?

Most of the time when Code Pink speaks or interrupts a congressional hearing or in this case the AIPAC conference, it's hard to disagree with what they say. But do they stop short of the bottom line truth? Since the Pinkers always seem to gain access to wherever they want to go and without getting tasered and jailed for a long time as would happen to any of the rest of us, it always brings to mind if they are not part of the controlled opposition. Who funds them? They have a lot of cash.
See here and here for a possible money trail.

No offense intended to the many local Code Pink activists, most of whom I think to be sincere. Just questioning the possibility that the funding may influence the national group in their agenda and how far they are allowed to go.
There were several protests during Shimon Peres' speech. In one of them, two people held up banners. CNN

CODEPINK Interrupt Israeli President at AIPAC Conference

Calls for Ending Occupation, Lifting Siege of Gaza, and Diplomancy with Iran

WASHINGTON - May 4 - During Israeli Pres. Shimon Peres' speech today at the annual AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) policy conference at the Washington Convention Center, CODEPINK members raised banners saying "Want Peace? End the Occupation," "What About Gaza?," and "No Money for War Crimes."

As the six activists were forcibly dragged away from the stage, they shouted similar phrases including "Tikun olam (Heal the world) for Gaza, too!", all meant to draw attention to widespread opposition to AIPAC's policies lobbied to Congress that include unconditional support and financing for Israel's militaristic policies including the recent devastating invasion of Gaza, building of illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the separation wall, refusal to negotiate with the Palestinians' democratically elected representatives, and threats to attack Iran.

"The brutal invasion of Gaza was a breaking point for me and many American Jews," said CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin, who recently led a 60-person delegation to Gaza. "I was appalled by the devastation and the suffering I saw, particularly among the children. As a mother, I feel compelled to speak out against Israel's bombing of civilians and the ongoing siege that is so devastating to the lives of Gaza's 1.5 million people-most of whom are under 18."

While AIPAC claims to represent the U.S. Jewish community, its wholesale support of the Israel government goes against the majority opinions of the Jewish Americans. According to a recent survey by the Jewish lobby group J Street, 76 percent of American Jews support a two-state solution, 69 percent support negotiating with a Fatah-Hamas unity government, and 59 percent felt the Gaza invasion did not improve Israel's security.

"Like most American Jews, I grew up with a deep appreciation for the state of Israel," said Rae Abileah, a young American Jew of Israeli descent. "After witnessing the attack of Gaza on TV and hearing the calls for crippling sanctions on Iran, I can no longer avert my eyes to the other side of the story most rabbis still aren't talking about. I am joining the dozens of Jewish organizations, and the growing global movement, advocating a change in the Israeli policies of occupation and aggressive violence. It's high time to drop the victim narrative so that we may all survive, and one day thrive as neighbors."

CODEPINK activists inside the AIPAC conference (with its theme "Relationships Matter") were: Medea Benjamin, 56, Rae Abileah, 26, Blaine Clarke, 29, Christianna Reinstein, 21, Desiree Fairooz, 53, and Tighe Barry, 52.

"The most important relationships for Israel to cultivate are not with U.S. Congressional allies but with the Palestinian people," said Christianna Reinstein, a student of Middle Eastern studies who joined the protest inside the AIPAC conference today. "AIPAC's lobbying of Congress has not made Israel more secure and has hurt American efforts to improve relations in the Arab world." {source} AIPAC and those in Congress who support their agenda what they are...traitors to America.


  1. To have American Jews, like Medea protesting against AIPAC Jews at their annual "Buy an American Politican, CHEAP" love-in has to be good.

    At least it got some headlines and that can't be bad.

    Maybe some Americans will even start to wonder what AIPAC is?

  2. Yeah, but will the MSM cover it?
    The CNN website does but will it make it to the tube?

  3. I doubt it and I don't plan on watching CNN or FUX to find out.

    I can only handle a little bit of either of those two disinfo outlets and only check in occasionaly to see what the latest BS propaganda they're pushing.

  4. AIPAC, the Neocons and their politically rewarded mouthpieces want to strangle Iran just as Iraq was suffocated for a decade before the US Invasion. Disband the Iraqi army, de-Baathify down to the lower ranks and foment civil war between the Sunni and Shia, with the ethnic cleansing and defacto Partitioning of Iraq into smaller, weaker states as the ultimate goal.

    Watch the BBC documentary "The War Party", part 1 of 5Listen to Philip Weiss discuss the War for Israel agenda on Antiwar Radio: Weiss is a self described anti-Zionist covering the AIPAC conference, check out his blog @

  5. Once again, I'm with Greg on this one. I can hardly stomach a minute of the MSM anymore.

    For my part, the fact the Code Pink is not tasered and arrested and is continually allowed a presence in Congress and appearances in the MSM confirms the controlled opposition nature. It is all part of the show: see, we have dissent in America -- as long as you don't go too far.

    Personally, I draw a line at 9/11. If you don't recognize the inside job nature (NORAD stand down, Dick and the war games, buildings falling in a physically impossible way save some type of controlled demolition) and believe in the 'terrorists" you are on the wrong side of the line. On the other side, we can talk about how deep the conspiracy (yeah, I used the word; it comes up in courtrooms across the country all the time) is, who is ultimately to blame (U.S.government with assistance from Mossad and Israel's dual national traitors within the U.S government and MSM), and one is then free to make their own decisions about the half-truthers and the full-truthers.

    Btw, I type the above with neither pride nor pleasure: the epiphany of 9/11 truth was the turning point in the way I viewed the world.

    As for the funding: "Code Pink... is supported by the Winston Foundation, an organization linked to the National Endowment for Democracy, a documented CIA front, and connected as well to the Rockefeller Family Fund, the Carnegie Corporation, the Heinz Family Foundation, and the Soros Foundations (see the Zmag wiki entry for the Winston Foundation for World Peace).

    “Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin, a director for Global Exchange, says they are paying a bargain $400 a month for a cubicle office at 15th and H streets in the District. More space for Code Pink is on loan from two organizations down the hall, the National Organization for Women and the Institute for Policy Studies,” Julia Duin wrote for the Washington Times on April 3, 2003. At the time, the Institute for Policy Studies was receiving $2.2 million from the Turner, Ford, MacArthur and Charles Stewart Mott foundations."


    P.S. Bowles link excellent.

  6. I just saw a still photo of Code Pink protesting at the AIPAC "Buy an American politican, Cheap" fest showing the look on Israeli prez Peres' face and if he was part of this staged "controlled" oposition, he ought to get an Oscar for the award winning look of hate on his face when confronted by CP.

    If what some say is true, that the political and media spectrums are controlled completely by sinister forces, then shouldn't we just put our arms in the air and acknowledge that we lost the battles and the war?

    And crawl off to engage in some meaningless activity, anything, anything at all to keep our minds off the fact that we are nothing more than Pavlovian slaves?

  7. No matter what the obstacles, we should never give up. There's too much at stake.

    Not everyone speaking out is controlled. We still have the duty to question any group we think might be, right or wrong.

    I'll go with Rocker on this. 9/11 is the bottom line. I know it is with you too Greg.

  8. 9/11 is ALWAYS the bottom line. As a firefighter watching those towers collapse and knowing some of my brothers and sisters were inside, at that point, it became personel to find out the true fuckers behind that mass murder.

  9. When did I say stop fighting? When did I say throw up our hands? Thanks for putting words into my mouth. I see you also read minds.

    You want to know what a waste of time is? A waste if time is attending antiwar protests, talking 9/11 Truth and being met with blank stares and shushes. Couldn't find two hours in two years to research anything I said?; It's telling anyone you come in contact with that we all need to drop what we are doing, stop working, and occupy the capital to change the course of this ship-of-state and then quitting your job for two years to do this; It's getting kicked out of classrooms and banned from the school for speaking out and causing trouble; it's going to the county Republican meetings only to be treated as a black sheep -- and you are welcome to come ply your political philosophy amongst the liberal/lesbian capital of the world. They would love you; and it is spending further time responding to you.

    Sorry to air my hurt feelings on your comments page, Kenny. It won't happen again.

  10. Always say what what you feel Rocker.

    Being emotional about issues is a positive not a negative.