Thursday, May 7, 2009

The 'Good' War Once Again - The Dead Can't Give an Opinion

The never ending war. The Orwellian twisting of words calling our 'surge' in Afghanistan "the good war" by the neocon/neolib/neo-killers is a sick attempt to perpetuate the myth that cave dwellers did 9/11 and that al-Qaeda will strike again on our soil if we don't get them and the Taliban over there.

There will be no expose of the American/Mossad 9/11 false flag. We'll just continue to kill civilians and spend our way to oblivion. The Obama administration is a war criminal regime the same as the Bush one was. War profiteers laugh all the way to the bank and the goal of World War III to solidify the banker/globalist/zionist empire and a one world government/ currency looms ever closer.

An Afghan boy pushed a handcart among new graves of people killed after air strikes in Ganj Abad of Bala Buluk district in Farah Province on Monday. The United States is investigating the deaths and Pakistan is targeting a valley held by militants. A8
An Afghan boy pushed a handcart among new graves of people killed after air strikes in Ganj Abad of Bala Buluk district in Farah Province on Monday. At least 113 civilians were killed in bombing attacks.

Ron Paul questions professional liar Richard Holbrooke in Congress.

Chris Floyd - Rolling Out the Product: A New Full-Court Press for Pakistan War
We are now in the midst of a full-blown campaign to "roll out the product" for a new war: this time, in Pakistan. Anyone who lived through the run-up to the invasion of Iraq should be able to read the signs -- anyone, that is, who is not blinded by partisan labels, or by the laid-back cool of a media-savvy leader far more presentable than his predecessor.

We noted some of these signs in a long post yesterday and won't belabor them here. But today brings yet another bumper crop of panic buttons and alarm bells from the powers-that-be, with ever-increasing emphasis on the "Taliban kooks with Muslim nukes" theme: one more variation on the old "mushroom clouds rising in American cities" ploy that has worked like a charm for our militarists lo these 60 years or more.

Some of the war-pushing powers-that-be are public figures in the Obama Administration (including Obama himself, who has dutifully taken on the Bushian mantle of Fearmonger-in-Chief), and some of them are shadowy, unnamed eminences in the military-security apparat, clearly aiming to act for Obama as those daggers of the mind did for Macbeth: "Thou marshall'st me the way that I was going." {more}

Our Secretary of State/War Whore Hillary Clinton has 'regrets' and is 'impressed.'
In Washington, where Afghan President Hamid Karzai met Wednesday with top officials, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the U.S. deeply regretted the loss of life.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says she is optimistic that Afghanistan and Pakistan will take steps to fight extremists and that she's "quite impressed" with recent Pakistani military action against the Taliban.

Smiling faces belie intentions of death.

WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama must press visiting Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari to accept more help in securing US aid to secure his country’s nuclear arsenal, a top senator said Wednesday.

‘He must convince President Zardari to accept more assistance and embrace cooperation,’ said Republican Senator Richard Lugar, the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Lugar, a leading US foreign policy voice, cited global concerns that unrest in Pakistan could lead to its nuclear weapons, or the raw materials for chemical or biological weapons, ‘falling into the wrong hands.’ {more}

The dead can't give an opinion - Christopher King
There’s a good question: “What does the USA contribute to the world?” Let’s leave aside the US delusion that it brings democracy and freedom to a benighted world.

Americans like doing one thing and they do it a lot: they like creating dead foreigners and travel all over the world to do it.

To make killing foreigners easier, Americans are very good at devising ingenious means of doing it, such as smart bombs, beam weapons and drones with which operators in Nevada can safely bomb wedding parties in Iraq or Afghanistan. One can only think that if all this money, energy and Yankee ingenuity were put into renewable energy and infrastructure improvement at home with genuine grass-roots economic aid abroad, the world would be a much better place and Americans would be much better loved. America is certainly the most powerful country in the world but what does that mean? It means only that America has the ability to kill more foreigners than anyone else. It’s by no means evident that this makes it the world’s legitimate policeman, implanter of democracy and freedom or any other of its myths. Nor is America the world economic leader, having ignored sound economics and squandered its wealth on an extravagant life-style and its military-industrial complex. Its debts and fraud are now being paid for largely by the rest of the world.

Politicians rely on the fact that dead people can’t express an opinion. I’ll do it for them. Not one of the dead American or European soldiers would have gone to Iraq or Afghanistan if he had known he would die there. They really believed that they would live and they believed the lies.

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