Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Killing Your Own in an Insane War

Tragic but not unexpected. From a government that conspired and carried out with help from the Mossad and others the killing of over 3,000 Americans on 9/11 to jump the planned wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, insanity is the norm. The lies of war and the Pentagon's immoral use of troops take its toll.


U.S. Soldier in Iraq Kills 5 Comrades at Stress Clinic
Washington Post Foreign Service
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

BAGHDAD, May 11 -- An American soldier opened fire on comrades Monday afternoon inside a combat stress clinic at a large U.S. military base in Baghdad, killing five and wounding three in an attack that prompted officials to promise to try to ease the strain on troops deployed to war zones.

The gunman was taken into custody shortly after the 2 p.m. shooting at Camp Liberty, part of a sprawling military installation near Baghdad International Airport, U.S. military spokesman Lt. Col. Brian Tribus said.

The military did not identify the gunman or shed light on what his motive might have been. Tribus said the gunman's name will be disclosed when and if charges are filed.

The shooting, among the deadliest attacks on American troops in Iraq in recent months, comes as U.S. commanders are grappling with the rising rate at which service members are committing suicide. Military leaders have attributed the increase to the stress of multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Monday's attack was the deadliest incident involving a soldier opening fire on comrades since the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The rampage shook up soldiers at Victory Base Compound, which includes Camp Liberty, in large part because most feel relatively safe at the heavily guarded base.

"A lot of soldiers are wondering why," said a senior military official in Baghdad, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "We will be asking as leaders: What could we have done? How could we have protected the soldiers?" {more}

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,294

Mentally Unfit, Still Fighting
Gaps In Mental Health Screenings Still Haunt Military

Although Vietnam was different, draftees mostly instead of volunteers, it too was a war of lies for profiteering. Instead of random killings of other soldiers, many were premeditated.

The original caption on this photo read, "These battle-weary troops from the 1st Air Cav had just staged a 'combat refusal' at the PACE firebase. Troops would from time to time, kill their own officers. These soldiers were not involved in a fragging, but they were angry that they couldn't wear peace symbols on their uniforms. Photo: home.mweb.co.za

"Fragging" and "Combat Refusals" in Vietnam
The question of crimes such as "fragging", "combat refusals", desertion and AWOL within the Vietnam conflict is one which brings emotions to the fore. Many veterans deny that "fragging" or "combat refusals" occured, whilst others feel desertion and AWOL was merely a means of resisting what was felt to be a unjust and illegal conflict.

One partial reason for such sharp differences in the perceptions of veterans: support for the war back home, and the perceived prospects for victory, declined sharply during the seven years of heavy American involvement in Vietnam.

Indeed, military leaders themselves recognized a crisis among Vietnam soldiers in the war's last years. In an article called "The Collapse of the Armed Forces" published in the Armed Forces Journal in June, 1971, Colonel Robert Heinl declared that the army in Vietnam was "dispirited where not near mutinous."

Combat Refusal. Where soldiers refused to obey orders this became known as a "combat refusal". In a report for Pacifica Radio, journalist Richard Boyle went to the base to interview a dozen "grunts" from the First Cavalry Division. The GI's had been ordered on a nighttime combat mission the previous night. Six of the men had refused to go and several others had objected to the order. This is also referred to in "NAM - The Story of the Vietnam War (Issue 8)" where a photograph can also be found and captioned "These battle-weary troops from the 1st Air Cav had just staged a "combat refusal" at the PACE firebase.

"They'll have to court-martial the whole company," one soldier told Boyle. "I say right away they can start typing up my court-martial."

The GI's told Boyle they objected not only to what they saw as a suicidal mission but to the war effort itself. Their commanding officer wouldn't let them wear t-shirts with peace symbols, they complained. "He calls us hypocrites if we wear a peace sign," one GI said. "[As if] we wanted to come over here and fight. Like we can't believe in peace, man, because we're carrying [an M-16] out there." Rough figures for "combat refusals" are indicated in column b. below.

Another soldier piped in: "I always did believe in protecting my own country, if it came down to that. But I'm over here fighting a war for a cause that means nothing to me." Historians say so-called "combat refusals" became increasingly common in Vietnam after 1969. Soldiers also expressed their opposition to the war in underground newspapers and coffee-house rap sessions. Some wore black armbands in the field. Some went further.

Fragging. When one American killed another American, usually a superior officer or an NCO, the term "fragging" came into use. Although the term simply meant that a fragmentation grenade was used in the murder, it later became an all encompassing term for such an action. It is known that "fraggings" did occur during Vietnam, but the precise number is uncertain.

"During the years of 1969 down to 1973, we have the rise of fragging - that is, shooting or hand-grenading your NCO or your officer who orders you out into the field," says historian Terry Anderson of Texas A & M University. "The US Army itself does not know exactly how many...officers were murdered. But they know at least 600 were murdered, and then they have another 1400 that died mysteriously. Consequently by early 1970, the army [was] at war not with the enemy but with itself." {soure}


  1. When the evidence around 911 becomes so overwhelming that Joe Sixpack can no longer hide behind his can of beer or Ameriican Idol.... it will rock the psyche of humans on earth like nothing before. Many of us have known for years what our government is up to. (Obama just approved $50 Billion in Black Ops Budget for the Military) However, there are still some out there that think our Congress is honorable and that we get "real news" on TV. Pressure is building though.. each day it gets harder to hide the truth around the events of 911. Even the dullest thinkers in America are having a hard time believing that Diesel fuel was enough to turn the WTC into dust and make them fall into their own footprint. Sooner or later the curtain comes back and exposes the Wizzard.

  2. I've thought for a long time now that the evidence is overwhelming.
    There are too many people who still think that if it's not on on the tube, it's not real.And too many others that don't even care. Yet.

    That $50 billion in black ops will buy an lot damage and I wonder how much the CIA drug trade money adds to that number.

  3. Today 05/13.. little Timmy Geithner said we are out of money for Social Security and Medicare. (Quick.. act surprised). No surprise that they can bail out AIG or pump $10 Billion a month into Iraq. We supply free gasoline to Israel.. yet Americans will pay $3 a gallon this summer. It's all about priorities. THEIR priorities.. not yours or mine.