Sunday, May 17, 2009

Let's Practice for Another False Flag Attack

"Just in case a new false flag attack is implemented to convince you that more war is needed, we'll put on a show of how 'Homeland Security' will save a few. And what better place to practice.....ground zero."

Huge New York rehearsal for next terror strike

NEW YORK - MAY 17: A man acting as a victim of an explosion waits to be evacuated out of the train station amongst police, firefighters and medical personnel during an emergency drill staged at the World Trade Center site on May 17, 2009 in New York City. The drill simulated an explosion involving a PATH commuter train in an underground tunnel between New York and New Jersey and involved more than 800 emergency services' first responders.

NEW YORK - MAY 17: An emergency responder carrying a toy doll that simulates an injured baby looks for a triage station during an emergency dril

Paramedics escort a participant dressed as a victim away from the scene of a simulated train bombing at the World Trade Center PATH train station during a multi-agency disaster response drill Sunday, May 17, 2009 in New York

Police and firefighters work at the scene of a simulated train bombing at the World Trade Center PATH train station during a multi-agency disaster response drill Sunday, May 17, 2009 in New York.

thanks to
Little Sister Katy and Eddie for the photos


  1. How ghoulish, and at the site of 3000 + murdered! Nice psyop!

  2. A trusted source has submitted new information. Some young males were seen down by the river playing with a model airplane murmuring subversive words like "wow" "neat' and "cool".
    Homefront security and various other first responders were quick to the scene but the suspects had fled in a canoe. Threat levels remain at Orange/Elevated.
    The public is reminded to be ever vigilant, remain afraid, trust no one and to report all suspicious activities to Stasi HQ or X file HQ agent using the code "need a cigarette" Be advised imposter agents are circulating amongst the populace, the real cigarette agent smokes Winston, and uses a malfunctioning lighter requiring numerous flicks. Four of them. If you spot a large aircraft overhead remember to duck and cover. Repeat; duck and cover. Do not resume regular activities until further advised. Do not attempt to remove your microchips while in the duck and cover position. Remember, Big brother is watching.
    Telescreens off.

  3. As a retired firefighter, IMO, emergency personnel can't get enough training.

    It should be as realistic as possible without being life threatening.

    But NYC's Ground Zero was a poor pick. Too bad Obama didn't have his personel jet flying overhead to really make it seem like 9/11 all over again.

    In a side note, about six weeks before 9/11, I had sent off to FEMA a request for a free training manual that gave advice on how to handle hi-rise emergencies.

    The book arrived about one week after 9/11 with a missing front cover.

    What was on the front cover? A picture of an airliner crashing into a skyscraper.

  4. Greg, would that FEMA manual be the one from 1997?

  5. No, it wasn't that cover. The one I had seen then ordered showed an airliner that had crashed into a typical skyscraper.

    The front of the jet was lodged into the building and the back portion was sticking out like some weird appendange.

    Didn't give much thought to the cover when I had originally viewed the manual, just thought it had some good ideas for training.

    And the cover didn't get ripped off in transit as it arrived inside a heavy duty manila envelope.
    Someone ripped off the cover before shipping the book.