Monday, May 25, 2009

A Memorial Day for Those Who Died in Vain
Loved ones spend time together before the departure of Marines from Camp Pendleton to March Air Reserve Base near Riverside.
Going back to the Vietnam War, I have personally known several soldiers who died on foreign soil. Others I knew returned but died prematurely as a result of their deployment, not from a bullet but from the demons that attached to their psyche and they couldn't shake.

I have always had a problem with these modern 'wars.' They didn't come about out of any truth or justice. Never were we fighting for 'freedom' unless you include the freedom to steal, lie and kill for the profit of a few who have no conscience.

The bottom line is that every single soldier who lost their life died in vain.

Along the way, the military also took the lives of literally millions of civilians in their home countries. They too died in vain.

I respect the families of those who died. There is no pain greater than losing a child that you cared for, loved and wanted the best future possible for. I personally have experienced that. You move on but there's a hole in your heart that can never be healed.

So we're here on another Memorial Day. There will be speeches, parades and thoughts for the fallen. Mostly it will be a day off of work for millions who will eat and drink but not really consider their role in allowing the killing to continue.

If you have been deceived and support the fraud of war, there still is the opportunity for honest realization.

Only when we stand up and refuse to send our sons and daughters to slaughter and be slaughtered for the lies of the neverending wars will we avoid seeing another child die in vain.

Are you willing to accept responsibility or just slog along and allow the continuity of war crimes in the present 'American Way?'

Remember that the next one to die may be your child or grandchild.


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