Friday, May 22, 2009

Mind Readers Wanted

Obama's stimulus plan for job creation may soon include a new classification of national 'security' workers...mind readers.

The alleged 'leak' by the NY Times of Obama pondering a plan of "Preventive Detention" would require those that have psychic powers to be an integral part of the "War on Terror."

The new age of fighting those who would harm us is here.

Remember the OK City and 9/11 attacks? If only we would have had 'mind readers' scouring the country before these attacks occurred, picking up on the vibes of 'domestic extremists' before they had done anything and pointing the finger at their brain waves of violence. Well, Tim McVeigh and those 19 Arabs with boxcutters would have been indefinitely detained without charges or trials and thousands of lives would have been saved.

Why care about the constitution, habeas corpus and verifiable evidence when enemies are in our midst?

We could even use private non-profit organizations such as the ADL to train the 'mind readers' and save a bunch of bucks. I'm sure they would be glad to offer up help since they are already in the thought/hate crime business.

As the Obama/Emanual 'National Service' plan comes into play, what better way to put the kids to good use. As they plant trees and help the little old ladies across the street, they could also be using their psychic projections...err, psychic intuitions to prevent crime.

Our government and homeland security have wasted a lot money on cameras, survellience, Patriot Acts and the like when all along the key to combating 'terrorism' has always been our minds.

And that would be a terrible thing to waste.


  1. That would tie in nicely with that ADL sponsored "Hate Crimes Act," the portion about the crime being perceived as having been committed.

    Sounds like my Catholic grade school religious training, where you got tagged for the sin for just thinking about it.

    Gypsies and carnivals used to get run out of town for fraudulent shows where some Madam would read your mind and predict the future.

    Think it's time to do the same with that circus of clowns on the Potomac.

  2. Remote viewing Stasi. Good grief. These treasonous warped sickos. What more can I say. I shall do my grandfather proud and fight them to the end. There's a reason the 60 foot tall crying lady stands over Vimy Ridge and I shall not let my pre-deceassors down.
    {Homeland insecurity types madly typing into the percieved threat databank for the Keyword "crying lady" LOL

  3. You don't have to be a mind reader to know who the terrorists are. They cavort across the boob tube on a daily basis! Just start in DC and work your way to Tel Aviv, you will find them swarming like cock roaches, and just as creepy!

  4. From "the mother of all battles"
    To "the bore of all wars"
    This is getting disgusting.
    The military/industrial/psychic complex? Jeeebers

  5. "I see dead people."

    In Iraq, in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Palestine.

    And many, many more dead to come.

    I see another Predator drone attack on a wedding celebration in Afghanistan, with scores of dead civilans.

    I see self-important and narcissistic General Betrayus festooning his Christmas tree looking chest with more shiny medals.

    I see the Pentagon conflating the war of terror against al Qaeda with the war against the Taliban so we can keep these wars running indefinitely.

    I see many more grieiving parents at national cemeteries, crying and wondering why?

    Can I get one of those mind reading jobs?