Friday, May 8, 2009

Need another reason to audit the Fed?

That should be the first step via H.R. 1207. The second would be to abolish the Federal Reserve outright.

Criminal charges against Stephen Friedman would also be appropriate but unlikely. The Federal Reserve is an illegal entity. Their only purpose is to extort money from the people and continue the almost 100 year old stranglehold on our government and financial system.

How long will we allow this criminal enterprise to continue to operate? Congress and the Obama administration are bought, blackmailed and afraid to take on the Fed.
"The Federal Reserve System has important work to do and does not need this distraction."

Stephen Friedman, former CEO of Goldman Sachs and most recently the Chairman of the New York Fed, was allowed to own, buy and trade Goldman Sachs stock while overseeing Goldman Sachs banking issues in New York State and the AIG bailout dollars that flowed to Goldman Sachs and to basically run his own little mafia style racketeering organization.

In fact, Friedman, his family and friends made millions on his own personal crime family.

This is the guy that hand picked Tim the Tax Cheat, and this is the guy that made sure Tim the Tax Cheat replaced Paulson . . . and other Goldman Sachs bankster.

So where is Andrew Cuomo? Hiding. And where is AG Eric Holder? Well he works for Goldman Sachs . . . indirectly, so he’s not going to say a word. And where is the SEC? Goldman runs the SEC, full stop, period, end of discussion. {more - Mike Morgan}

Another Jewish, CFR stooge for the bankers. Paid very well to scam the people. Sounds familiar.

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