Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Original White Extremists


In 1776 we went to war with England to gain our sovereignty and the right to control our own money. It's been a war to keep those rights and we lost it in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

The Federal Reserve is neither “Federal” or a “Reserve,” but the private cash cow of the International Banking cartel of Zionist Jews.

Watch this video to understand the forces that really control this country.

Vimeo version is here in case youtube decides to censor.

from Incogman


  1. Want People To Understand?--Use Concretes; Want Confusion?--Use Abstracts
    (Apollonian, 23 May 09)

    Comrades, best way to communicate w. people--even CHILDREN--is to understand US Federal Reserve for what it is in CONCRETE terms--it's a COUNTERFEITING scam/operation/racket, quite literally--see and for expo/ref.

    But note Constitutional rights were lost decisively in Civil War of 1861-5. For Dec. of Independence could as well be called "Dec. of Secession."

    Reasoning is simple, following fm 10th Amendment: (a) Rights of Fed Gov. are enumerated and limited. (b) Thus all rights not delegated to US, and not prohibited to states ARE RETAINED BY STATES, including then, obviously, right to secession (which wasn't/isn't prohibited to states).

    Note abstract concepts like "capitalism," "banking," "inflation," and "usury" are really so difficult for people to understand--that's why people have difficulty w. Fed. The masses of people cannot, will not agree upon abstracts. But people CAN agree when issue is simple, CONCRETE.

    And helping people understand is why we must EMPHASIZE a concrete, like COUNTERFEITING to describe Fed. Note further, once people grasp counterfeiting idea, the connection to CONSPIRACY is easy.

    CONCLUSION: And once such Fed "conspiracy" is established, 9-11 is far more easily understood, but that's a different conspiracy, though not completely un-connected. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  2. It's a good enough video, kinda had me there for a minute with the history and all, but man, why do you put this stuff up on this good site?

    Look, pay attention; they just fabricated the "Black Muslim" "terror" plot (that ain't being out to get "the white man"...

    They have been blasting this same kind of behavior on the underprivileged black people for decades. Decades (and that ain't "white self hate". that is just the facts. Go spend some time in prison like I have and look around. Go spend some time in jail and look around.)

    Look, I don't mean to preach, I like this site, but this "white man" crap just makes it look like we dont' give a shit about what has been happening to other people for decades. Not just black people, but people in Latin America, South Vietnam, Central America, Mexico, East Timor....

    Yes I know this was about the DHS classification paper, but that shouldn't surprise anyone; they want anybody that has served in the military and has guns. Period.

    This video doesn't do this website any justice, I am sorry to say. Though I understand the anger at some zionist coming along and calling patriotic Americans "extremists", fact is, this video kinda lends that insulting clap-trap some credibility (especially the part with some guy's quote saying "the jews" are taking over the world.... give me a break. Zionists maybe, greedy bankers definately, "The Jews"? I got family who are Jewish and they do more in a week to help end Zionism than most people here do in a year...

    in short, it ain't about "The Jews"... no I am sorry, I hate to harp on that one part of a good video, but that quote they put in there is offensive even to me.

    Just my .02 worth...

  3. willyloman,
    There are many aspects to the same story. Provoking thought is an ingredient and if we all agree on on everything we may miss an opportunity to dig a little deeper in search of solutions.

    The zionist/jewish/israel issue is off limits in so many places. Why are the 'extremists' in this group given a free pass so often? Look at those who are at some the highest levels of our government, media, finance and are they acting for the benefit of the American people, blacks and other people of color included?

    As a 9/11 researcher you know that the trail of 'jews' involved was extensive, from PNAC, to the Mossad, to the cover up. They also had plenty of help/allies from 'whites' to jump start the wars for profit and for Israel's 'security.' Wasn't it zionist/neocon/israeli think tanks who came up with the plan for the 'balkinization' of the middle east as far back as the 80's and early 90's? Palestinian genocide is a big part of that equation.

    No, all jews are not the problem and I'm glad to hear that you know some who are fighting against the zionists who do nothing but create conflict. Conflict that affects them too.

    And yes, the prison system is filled with blacks. Many of whom came from the open air prisons of urban ghettos set up to keep them uneducated, in their place or dead. Sanctioned racism.

    The issue is the high level criminal activity that is destroying us. Jews and gentiles both play their part.

    Is it so politically incorrect to point out that in relation to their population, jews have a disproportionate influence and control in these criminal activities? Don't they control the media, left and right, that spits out the lies and racism on a daily basis?

    Generalizing may not be the best option to get a message across. I prefer to stick with the specific names and actions of the criminals but also pointing out if they are jewish, catholic, protestant, atheist or whatever is also relevant.

    Just my little .02 worth and I appreciate yours.

    As I've said before, our common ground trumps any minor differences.

  4. Well, your video did not contain a quote about the Christians wanting to take over the world...

    Nor did it contain a quote about the Hindus or the Buddhists or the Atheists....

    No, this video left those out. It said The Jews are planning to take over the world.

    "The Jews" are not planning to take over the world... in fact, the majority of them in Israel would prefer a peaceful, two-state solution to the problem with the Palestinians, so they don't even want to "take over" Palestine, much less "the world".

    So do I know "some"? Yeah, I know many... I just happen to be related to "some".

    Yes, the PNAC and the Mossad to some degree assisted with the false flag op known as 9/11. But so did the ISI, MI6, the CIA, FBI, possibly CDI, the Secret Service, NORAD, FEMA, and even, I am ashamed to say, some high ranking officials in the NYPD, Mayors office, ect. ect. ect.

    It's a little disingenuous to pretend they are all Jewish, don't you think?

    Pointing out that they are "Jewish, Catholic, Protestant... whatever..." is only valid if they are all of the same religion and that somehow that information is relevant to the plot. It is not.

    The fact is, Jewish people are not all Zionists. Zionists are not all Jewish. 9/11 was not conducted by only Zionists for Zionist purposes; other players and motives were involved. Yes, some Zionists participated, but that is not, nor should it ever be reflected on the Jewish people as a whole.

    I am sorry, but that is the message of that video or at least that quote contained within it.

    As far as "The Jews" controlling the media; Jewish people are disproportionately represented in the upper levels of the few media conglomerates that control almost everything the people of America see and hear. But they also control B'TSelem, Jews for Peace, End the Occupation, the Guardian, the Independent, hell, even Amy Goodman's and Bill Moyer's shows (not to mention Jon Stuart is pretty close to Jewish people I think (that's a joke)).

    Not to mention the fact that Haartz has done a number of reports critical of what happened in Gaza and the entire right-wing Zionist movement in Israel. I think there may be a Jew or two on their staff.

    Fact is you are not looking at the entire picture.... it is the faction of Jewish people who have influence on American media that are the issue... not the fact that they are Jewish.

    You do have left wing and right wing Jews as well you know.

    Just so happens that the right-wing Likud Party Jewish influence has purposefully put themselves in positions of influence in American media empires for a reason.

    But again, I can't stress this enough, it is their politics that is harmful, not their religion.

    Why is that more important than pointing out their religious affiliations? Because we can address their politics, we can fight their politics, we can't do crap about their religion. In fact, you do them a great service by clouding the issue with their religion.

    Norman Finklestein I am sure would agree with me.

    Focusing on "The Jews" is no better than focusing on "The Muslims" when it comes to discussing what is happening here. Both are distractions.

  5. Scott,
    you said, "the majority of them in Israel would prefer a peaceful, two-state solution to the problem with the Palestinians"

    Isn't that a racist apartheid approach? If you steal their land and don't want to live side by side with them in peace, practice collective punishment and create more enemies every time you do, the option is segregation? Will that work?

    No one is pretending that all involved in 9/11 were jews. It was a collaborative effort.

    Amy Goodman, Bill Moyer, Jon Stuart...are not these gatekeepers that won't touch 9/11?

    Haartz often seems to have more freedom to present criticism of Israel than our own press does? Why is that?

    Of course it's only a minority of jews that are the problem but that small percentage are some of the most dangerous people in the world.
    It's not about religion, it's about a criminal cabal.

    You really should address your thoughts to the source of the video. The responses would probably be a lot more interesting than mine. I only posted it because of the Federal Reserve aspect which I feel is a key issue.

    Oh, and what group of people run the federal reserve and why is that?