Saturday, May 23, 2009

Taxing Us to Death...Again

How many people still believe Obama would not lie and break a pledge to not increase taxes. Remind yourself...if he and congress lie about anything, wouldn't they lie about everything.

“I can make a firm pledge,” [Obama] said in Dover, N.H., on Sept. 12. “Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.”

He repeatedly vowed “you will not see any of your taxes increase one single dime.”
On the heels of the major tobacco tax, now there may be another assault on the working class.
Drunk on power and dazed by ambition, members of Congress have stumbled upon a novel way to keep their spending binge rolling -- and leave American taxpayers with the hangover.

Under a Senate proposal, Congress would raise the federal excise tax on beer by 145 percent to more than $3 a case.

Uncle Sam also would snatch an additional $7 on a case of wine -- a staggering increase of 233 percent and an additional 20 percent on hard liquor sales.

"Buzz-kill doesn't even begin to describe this invasion," said a GOP congressional aide.

Not content just sticking it to alcohol drinkers, the lawmakers also proposed slapping new taxes on soda.

Luckily, no one making under $250,000 drinks beer, soda, wine or hard liquor. Either that, or Barack Obama is a liar.

While we have had our attention diverted through all kinds of media propaganda, 'terrorists' in NY, etc. etc., the cap and trade bill has passed through the senate committee. No tax increases for the poor and middle class huh. Liars.

From Dianna Cotter.......
Hold onto your hats folks, here it comes…

In a revealing editorial today, the Washington Examiner (not related to revealed a huge unemployment package buried in the Waxman-Markley Cap and trade energy bill.

At first glance this just seems like more of the usual Washington shuck-n-jive. However, when one considers the implications of this, it becomes apparent that the writers of the cap and trade bill are very clearly aware that this bill will cost thousands of jobs. So much so that unemployment benefits for those losing their jobs because of it will go for THREE YEARS, 156 weeks. Obviously they are not expecting these hapless folks to find new work easily! The Washington examiner reports that these victims of Washington DC legislation and Congress will get 80% of their insurance premiums paid, a 1500$ relocation allowance, and job search expenses of up to 1500$.

If this is an energy bill… which by the way, is being sold as legislation that will create higher paying “Green” jobs, in higher numbers than those lost, then what are unemployment benefits for up to three years doing in it?

Note to all of those who are supporting this bill, both Nationally and locally here in Oregon, be prepared for your energy costs to go up by a minimum of 50%, and by some estimates up to 90%. Let’s put some numbers with that. Say your average electric bill for a year is 100$ a month. That’s 1200$ a year. Your bill will go up to 150$ a month, for a total of 1800$ a year with just a 50% increase. With a 90% increase that number will be 2280$, or 190$ a month. But that’s not all; the cost of your Natural gas will go up similarly. So will the grocery store’s electric bill, 50% higher refrigeration costs = 50% higher cost passed on to you the consumer. Your Hairdresser’s electricity cost will go up, and so will the cost of your shampoo blow-dry, and Color. Every single industry that uses power of any sort will go up, and your cost of living will rise exponentially.

All this for less that 2 tenths of a degree cooling over the next century, which will absolutely crack up the Chinese and Indians who are praying (if the communist government of China would admit to praying) that this legislation passes! Why?

Because it will absolutely kill the productive engine that is the lifeblood of the United States of America, the economic engine of the world! Of course they want it to pass, it will make them the world’s only superpower. Throw in the fact they own a huge swath of our national debt, and you should now be seeing a very dark black cloud rising over our future.

It should be stressed here, that even a COMMUNIST Government will not institute legislation that will destroy its economy to the extent that this bill will.

This is no doom and gloom prediction, clearly the writers of the bill know it too, or there would not be three years worth of unemployment benefits in it. The section we are speaking of it on page 781 of the 946 page bill. “Title IV, Subtitle B, Part2, Section 426 of the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009” Ah such innocuous and lovely sounding poison they come up with now a days!

Would you like that with a side of Arsenic? Hemlock perhaps?

Exactly where is all of the money going to come from to pay for all those unemployment benefits? The Rich? They will leave the country and take their money with them, just as they did in Cuba so long ago. Big Business? Oh no, they will leave too if they can, or they will fold and be Nationalized as well as GM and 2/3rds of the Auto industry. The Small business owner? They will go out of business. The only ones left will be the little guys, and that means all the rest of us. Can you smell the tax hike coming? There is no fiscal way this can be done without raising taxes to pay for the huge numbers of unemployed that are expected to need this craftily buried unemployment package. Assuming you aren’t on it that is. But don’t expect that to protect you, you still have to pay taxes on your unemployment benefits. A delicious irony no?

Forget Electric cars the only truly green alternative, they will be too darned expensive to charge. The irony of this is just too precious not to comment on…. The only possible alternative to liquid fueled cars will be legislated right out of existence before they can even get produced! Paradox of all green paradoxes! I think the space time continuum just wrinkled a bit… the only truly green car… the contradiction is just too perfect.

Has Washington lost its collective mind? Who is running this place and why are they trying to kill us and our livelihoods? Why are they deliberately trying to take food out of the mouths of our kids? That’s what they are doing. For 2 tenths of a degree? Certainly as China and India make up for our non-productivity, and with the knowlage that they indeed will not institute legislation as stupid and financially unsound as this, it is pointless. They have publically stated they will not do such damage to their economies. Knowing this... that 2 tenths of 1 degree seems likely to get swallowed up by an increase in Chinese and Indian productivity. Can you think of anything more pointless than this? Spitting into the wind perhaps?

Folks the insanity being considered in Washington DC may well make it impossible to live in the United States and live a successful prosperous life. Mexicans won’t be coming here anymore; it will be Americans going to Mexico looking for jobs.

That’s no joke.

The Washington Examiner quotes Ben Lieberman of the Heritage Foundation: “The fact that generous unemployment benefits are buried in the bill means that “green jobs are bunk,”” The Foundation found that “Waxman-Markey is the largest, most intrusive energy tax increase in American history. It would reduce the nation’s GDP by 7.4 Trillion, raise electricity rates 90 percent and gasoline prices 74%.”

So, how do you like that “Hope and Change” now? This what you were expecting and voted for? We were warned by Obama himself, he said he was going to do it in the campaign, kill coal… this is your government at work.
Unless you stop it by contacting your congressperson now.

Otherwise get ready for the worst; you might want to buy a lot of extra blankets while the prices are still low. {source}

There are plenty of ways to help the environment but none that the Obama administration and Congress will consider if it doesn't benefit big business.

There are also plenty of ways to eliminate the need for any more taxes.
Shut down most of the federal government.

End the wars and bring our troops home.

Eliminate foreign aid to terrorist states such as Israel.

Abolish the Federal Reserve.
I'm sure there are many more ways you can think of to end wasted federal spending.

But consolidating power and turning America into a third world country depends on taxing us to death.

The liars are trying to see to it and all in the guise of saving the planet or saving us from ourselves.


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  1. But then, we already know that "killing the productive engine that is the lifeblood of the United States of America" was the plan all along! We are witnessing the transformation of America into a mirror image of Israel. We will have two classes of people, the rich elite and the rest of us Palestinians living in an American version of the Gaza death camp, your future if you don't go along with their plans for you,

  2. Not only is Saladin perceptively correct (where the globalists and Zionists meet), I need a drink and a smoke. Anyone who has the slightest inkling of the history of America knows how offensive this is to the freedoms we were founded upon. But then again, it is just government "protecting us" -- from ourselves? -- again, is it not?

  3. Spain already tried a similar cap and trade scheme that wound up costing 2.2 jobs for every new job created in the green collar economy, the next Wall Street bubble.

    Spain is now getting rid of its folly.

    And we're adopting it.

    Since this monstrosity will drive up heating costs drastically, many will convert to or increase their use of burning wood to heat their homes.

    Which means one helluva lot of stored up carbon will be released when those trees are chopped down and burned.

    Wonder if there is a provision in that bill to tax wood burning devices?

    At over 1,000 pages long, there very well could be.

  4. I have a 1/4 plate steel, firebrick lined wood stove/furnace with water pipes, 33 years old, and I may have to break it out again.

    If I do, would I have to buy carbon credits to offset the loss of revenue for the gas company?

  5. I'm getting a very bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

    It's a bad case of "change we thought we could believe in"... ouch...

    How did a contitutional lawyer from Ill.. (a black man to boot).. ever morph into Bush loite in 100 days?