Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Tennessean and USA Today from 9-12-01

I was cleaning up a storage area and came across the newspapers I had saved from Sept. 12 through Sept. 18, 2001. They were the Tennessean and USA Today editions.

The only thing I could find on WTC Building 7 during this time period was from USA Today on 9/12/01, with just a mention that it collapsed at 5:25 pm.

The 'pancake' theory came into play quickly as an excuse for the free fall collapses.
"...the same type of "pancaking effect" that demolition experts use when they bring down a building with an implosion." USA Today 9/12/01

From the Tennessean on 9/12/01 were reports of an explosion before the WTC 1 collapse.

Also from the Tennessean on 9/12/01...

So far I haven't come across anything that hasn't been retold over and over. The deception and cover up started early. I will post more if I find something interesting.

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  1. Pancake flattened pretty quick -- and defied the laws of physics as well. Thanks for all your work in this area.