Sunday, May 31, 2009

War Criminals Go To Toronto & New York
Former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton appeared together Friday for the first time as Frank McKenna, a former Canadian ambassador to the United States, moderated a talk on global affairs in Toronto. The two were paid $150,000 each.
Not everyone was happy to see Bush and Clinton in Canada while those who paid to see them speak were said to have gotten a few laughs. War criminals are not comedians. 5/29/09

Bush - Clinton Toronto protest

A day later our current president/war criminal takes his wife out on a 'date' in New York. President Obama and Michelle come back to the White House via Marine One after the New York date.
Taxpayers footed the bill for the big night on the town, which included orchestra seat tickets at $96.50 apiece, and at least $24,000 for each of three aircraft -- including two smaller aircraft for White House staff and reporters -- used for the trip, sources said.

But what's a few tens of thousands of dollars for a night on the town when the US debt obligations are 63.8 trillion.

These war criminals still have it made. For the moment.


  1. And remember, Mr. NAFTA Bill Clinton's wife is our now Secetray of State. You think Bill is no longer putting in his 2 cents?

    Is it any wonder why nothing has changed under Obama? Meet the new boss.. same as the old boss.

    Hate to say it.. thins don't look good.

  2. Why would anyone think there would be any change is beyond me.Its not just the president that is all alone trying to bring America down all by him self. This plan has been going on for a very long time. Read this, War is a racket, By the most decorated solider in American history. Good little sheeple make no waves. We are back to an Oligarchy pretending to be a Republic pretending to be a Democracy. Peace