Monday, May 18, 2009

Will Kentucky go for Rand Paul? Dr. Rand Paul and his wife of 18 years, Kelly.

I can see no reason for the people of Kentucky to not support Dr. Rand Paul for the Senate seat in 2010. Talk is that Jim Bunning, a great baseball pitcher but a not so great constitutionalist, will retire. He's 77 and needs a rest.

I saw Rand speak at his father's appearance in Nashville in May of 2007. He has the talking points and would make a good 'designated dissenter' in the senate just as dad is in the house.

He's going the Republican route for the votes. I would prefer he be an independent but I can see that this may have the best chance for success.

Even MSNBC gave him some time to announce his proposed run for senator from Kentucky.

Kentuckians could and most likely will do much, much worse if anyone but the 'favorite son' gets to be their next senator.

But Rand, just like his father, will not go into the controversy of the 9/11 issue.

We'll see.

Rand Paul 2010


  1. You know, the only problem I have with this, and I think this is a significant problem, is that this guy is Ron Paul's son.

    Haven't we seen enough of this?

    You know Cheney's kid is going politics as well as Chelsea Clinton... just like every other politican who can reproduce. Automatically that off-spring is entitled to power.

    Haven't we seen enough of this already?

    We see this over and over, people using the popularity of their politician parents to think they are entitled to a seat in the House or Senate. Pretty soon it's just another feudal state where you have to be born into the politico class to get a seat in public service.

    I don't expect my comment to go over very well here, let's face it, Ron Paul could eat puppies and sodomize baby Jesus on Saturday Night Live and his following would think it was all in the constitution so it's ok.

    Now he and his son are making damn sure that their "Lordship" granted to the family name doesn't fade out when Ron leaves office, just in case they need to protect the potential Senate seats for his grandkids.

    We all know that there is already a politico class system in operation in this country, and I am sorry to say, I think this is more about securing privilege for their off-spring than it is anything else.

  2. And I also have to say, for those who aren't paying attention, that it now seems pretty contrived that RP was pushing his people for so long to sign up for their local and state republican parties...

    His claim that the party is in limbo right now is correct. He suggests that his supporters can help shape the message of the party is all well and good...

    But we now see he just happens to have an added motivation... his son's Senate Seat (a 6 year, 180k + super perks post, by the way).

    He (Ron) also seems to ignore the fact that Diebold is still hanging around with the Help America Vote Act and quite literally, no they didn't steal this election (they stole the primary) but they rigged the past two presidential elections and will do it again. So pretending that we can "vote" our way back to a constitutional republic is a bit "fairy taleish" if you ask me.

    But it won't hurt his son, now will it.

  3. I see and get your points completely.

    It's not the best of situations but what or who are the alternatives?

    Unfortunately in our sham of two party politics it most often remains the 'lesser of evils.'

    For all of his exposure, money raising and 'followers' Ron Paul has done little in congress to stop the 'change' of the past two administrations. HR 1207, if passed, would be a start but I'm not optimistic about it happening.

  4. Keeping Cohesion Of Volk Only Problem Now For Patriots
    (Apollonian, 19 May 09)

    Well said, WillyLoman, but note Rand Paul does the job well enough, given the horrendous conditions where (a) u cannot criticize Jews, and (b) patriots still cannot too directly pt. to obvious demolition of WTC buildings on 9-11--even with 9-11 commission so totally discredited, and even with new evidence of massive residue of "nano-particles" of super Thermate.

    For don't forget Wash. DC is literally enemy-occupied territory, and they'll simply kill/assassinate anyone who too directly says obvious things, as above-noted. Imminent disaster/catastrophe is up-coming COLLAPSE of US Dollar.

    Thus don't doubt it's still enough and sufficient, given all the other problems, to denounce the Fed which is literally a COUNTERFEITING scam/operation/mechanism--see and for expo/ref.

    All patriots need do is continue emphasis on that simple theme--COUNTERFEITING, which is a CONCRETE term, don't forget, which even CHILDREN can understand--apart fm all the abstracts like "capitalism," "banking," "inflation," and "usury," which are sooooo ABSTRACT so very few can even begin to understanding in practical way. "Counterfeiting" makes it simple and easy for the dear volk to understand.

    And as people begin to thinking and seriously talking among themselves to effect about simple COUNTERFEIT nature of Fed, the connection then to "conspiracy" is far easier. When "liberals" demand "proof" for conspiracy, anyone can then retort with, "well, isn't counterfeiting obvious fraud?"

    Latest neat news is the publication now of Obama's documents fm Occidental College in California where he went by name of "Barry Soetoro," getting funds as foreign student. Gee whiz, but is that in line with US Constitutional requirement for "natural born"?

    So someone's lying--either Barry/Barrack, or Occidental College, or the Christian group which sued to obtain the info. Of course neither Obamanoids or "Jews-media" wants to comment--which only now makes it evermore suspicious and notable among folks who've just had to bail-out bankers.

    Thus with up-coming TWO TRILLION Dollar budget deficit, inevitable collapse of US Dollar is only months away now, 15-20 dollar a gallon gasoline, etc.

    Wild-card of course, is war, like w. Iran and/or maybe China. Regardless, evermore options are running out for Judeo-conspirators of CFR-Bilderberg--see and for expo/ref.

    Patriot problem then is to maintain COHESION/unity among patriots, Christians, gentiles, and volk, and I submit, as usual, WEAK-POINT is nexus with "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who pretend Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist).

    Key, I urge and submit, is to emphasize Christianity is anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13, also JOHN 8:44) which will work against both Jews and their JC suck-alongs at same time.

    Amazing thing which still rather puzzles me is why/how Judeo-oligarchs are willing to destroy their own COUNTERFEITING racket which they've run so effectively for almost a hundred years now. Of course it (Fed) has to fail SOME time, and I guess they found there were too many to have to paying off lately, evidently.

    One obvious scam on-going is "limited-hangout" strategy, pretending there are "good Jews"--as by means of blaming things on "zionists"--as if there are "good Talmudists," again, like there are good psychopaths.

    CONCLUSION: And of course, also, oligarchal conspirators are psychopathic devil-worshippers (Talmudists, Cabalists, and Masons) in first place, and they still think they're going to pull this "New World Order" (NWO) off, regardless. So be sure to keep up all ur good work for info and analysis. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  5. Ron has enough sense to know that if he approaches 9/11 directly, he'll get booed off the stage or banished from future debates.

    He tried to gently go into that subject during that comedy fest called a debate last year and was made to look like a fool, with GHOULiani snickering and that worthless turd Romney rolling his eyes.

    Ron Paul's reward for trying to shine a light on what happened on 9/11 was to get disinvited from the rest of the debates.

    You can preach to the choir all you want and get "atta-boys," but try exposing 9/11 truth in the real world and you'll wind up like Ron Paul, banished.

    Most Ameircans are blissfully chewing their cuds or scared shitless about another "al Qaeda" attack and they need to be led gently into the light.

    Being disdainful, condescending or patronizing or worse, calling them names will get you no where.
    I've not seen that here, but some bloggers call those who don't see 9/11 their way all sorts of nasty sounding names.
    That ain't gonna work, no matter what point you're trying to get across.

    We don't teach algebra to 1st graders and that thought should be kept in mind when approaching 9/11 with the sleeping masses.

  6. "Ron Paul's reward for trying to shine a light on what happened on 9/11 was to get disinvited from the rest of the debates."

    I don't agree. I think he got himself disinvited because, from what I could see, he should have been winning in the pols, but they were fixed and they didn't want people to start noticing.

    You make a good point though Greg about not talking so much about 9/11... but unfortunately I think that kinda leaves us in a catch-22 if you know what I mean.

    The truth movement is fading fast because politicians and "respected" journalists who know better won't talk about it for fear of becoming a pariah or ineffectual.

    But while they are still pushing to "position" themselves so that they can effect some level of change, time passes, people "accept" what is going on... more and more.

    The longer the conventional wisdom has to take root, the harder it becomes to challenge it.

    So though you are right in your assessment, I think in the long run, it does in fact hurt our chances of bringing this to the national forefront in time to actually do something to stop this imperial aggression. And of course, that is the other thing; how many people in other nations are dying this whole time; how many of our soldiers?

    No it is not always politically expedient to tell the truth about everything, but when are talking about murder and ongoing wars of aggression... what exactly are we weighing here?

    I like RP, don't get me wrong. It's just; you either call 'em as you see 'em or you don't. When it's just money on the line, that's one thing; but when kids are still being bombed in Pakistan and Afghanistan... I don't know man...

  7. "For all of his exposure, money raising and 'followers' Ron Paul has done little in congress to stop the 'change' of the past two administrations."

    Absolutely correct. I mean, let's not forget this guy is all about the "free market" system.

    Hell, I don't even know, is he against NAFTA? Does he talk about changing it?

    One thing I have heard him go over is that this is NOT a "free market" system; it's a controlled system managed by the Federal Reserve for the large banking interests. And he is absolutely right on that issue. And it is one of the key issues...

    but not the only issue.

    Sometimes I think they like to keep the Ron Pauls and the Kucinichs around so that they can say "see? it's not fixed. there are dissenting views in congress"... just so long as, like Greg Bacon talks about, they don't go too far like Cynthia McKinney did... then they gotta go.

    That's why I voted for her for president.

  8. 9/11 is such an emotional issue with me that I can't help but take a few jabs at politicians who won't touch it...Ron and Rand included.

    I know Greg,they can't. It won't work if they do.Getting part of the message out is much better than nothing.

    willyloman, The Pauls are not cheney's, clintons or bushs. We know those people, the evidence is there.

    Ron and Rand so far have no corruption background as far as I can tell. Ron's votes on bills are exactly what I expect from my congressman but don't get.

    And yes willy, Ron and Kucinich, the 'designated disinters,' are only allowed to continue if they don't go too far.

    A, whoever or what ever you are, you made some good points. We need cohesion and the Paul boys appear to be doing the best they can given the situation and their not wanting to die just yet.

    Not agreeing on every point is normal and our common ground trumps any minor differences.