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Will We Let the Criminal Congress Destroy Our Food and Health?

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There are so many proposed anti-human laws festering in the depths of Congress that it's hard to keep up. Destroy our small farms yet give exemption to Chinese food imports, shoot us up with toxic vaccines, allow the continued use of GM food to wear down our health, make new mothers submit to mental health exams before bringing their babies home...drug them if they don't pass the test. That's just a few.

An unhealthy, dumbed down and drugged citizenry is easier to control. They are killing us slowly for profit and de-population purposes and all we do is ask Congress to not pass these laws.

Like the criminals in Congress are listening. Just get on your knees and say please.

The wire tap skills of the Investigative and Enforcement Services of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, of the United States Department of Agriculture are the world's most sophisticated. There are no bounds to the budget, the equipment, and the staff used to locate family farmers who may be in violation of one of over 18,000 USDA regulations, laws and policies. This IES agent may be watching you. His salary is evaluated by his dedication to enforce penalties on livestock producers. Unless you are sure you know all the new USDA regulations that can be enforced against you, your farm, and your family -- watch for this highly paid enemy on a road near your farm.

Dear Representative DeLauro:

I live in the United States. Not the Washington D.C. Corporate zone, but in the sovereign state of Minnesota in the sovereign United States. You may be unfamiliar with that and the subsequent documents that establish not only my personal rights, but which also limit the reach of government, but then again, maybe not. Its apparent you live in some other part of the world where individual liberties and rights are not a consideration; a place where police state conditions are not only accepted but, encouraged.

I just read the bill you authored H.R. 875 and am left wondering just who it is you work for and where it is you live?

Having printed off and actually reading your bill, I see that there are massive and extremely punitive punishments and fines for non-specific violators most of which would be leveled against small and independent producers, family farms and non-corporate operations. In other words, you did not site specifically just who would be subject to these police state actions, nor did you specify who would possibly be exempt….like maybe small independent and family farmers and herders who aren’t the cause of the known food borne illnesses.

I also noted that exemptions are provided for foreign importers such as China; a known source of contaminated foods, medicines and other products. For the life of me I can not figure out why you would provide an exemption for countries that have consistently shown their disregard for the US consumer.

I couldn’t help note that in Sec. 406 you state:

In any action to enforce the requirements of the food safety law, the connection with interstate commerce required for jurisdiction shall be presumed to exist.

This section says a whole lot in a very few words. Any actions, enforcement, requirements, with regards to an assumed (not presumed) connection to food safety laws; in other words you can just assume interstate commerce is involved and claim jurisdiction. That kind of blows away the “this isn’t going to affect farmers markets, home gardens, etc., doesn’t it? It seems to me if interstate commerce is going to be assumed to exist in any attempts to enforce this new food policing law, anyone who produces, buys, or otherwise touches food from any source is by your definition and planned targeting, already engaged in interstate commerce and by extension and without any evidence needed, guilty.

Question: Would this apply to Monsanto?

Your bill goes on to say that there will be no judicial review allowed, even to determine the validity of the charges that may be levied against an individual.

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Corporate Swine Project Significant Profits for Toxic Flu Vaccines

by megan kargher

Disease is big business and pharmaceutical corporations are cashing in on the destruction of health worldwide. Akin to their sinister forbearers at IG Farben, who were convicted of crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg Trails, today's pharmaceutical corporations are now perpetuating genocide on a global scale.

Millions are spent funding candidates from both political parties ensuring that no matter who is in office the laws enacted favor them. Pharmaceutical firms contributed $1,995,384 on the Obama campaign alone. These corporations purchase, sorry, "fund" not only the government officials, but also most of the institutions who are supposed to safeguard the public health, which means all of these institutions have been affectively subverted. In fact the major pharmaceutical firms and their corporate partners in crime fund everything from medical schools to the American Dietetic Association to United Nations sponsored programs like Codex Alimentarius (international agreements controlling production and distribution of food and supplements).

Companies like Monsanto have not only been profiting from the poisoning of the people of the world, (giving us useful products like agent orange and aspartame,) but have been for many years buying and working in partnership with major pharmaceutical firms and therefore also profit on the treatment of the symptoms caused by their poisons. One pharmaceutical company purchased by Monsanto in 1985 was G.D. Searle & Company. Donald Rumsfeld was CEO of G.D. Searle & Company at that time and he played a major role in Monsanto's acquisition of the company. Searle is now Pfizer.

Many medications and vaccines potentially cause more problems than they solve. This is not a side effect, this is part of how big pharmaceutical companies make their money. There is far more money in keeping patients dependent on expensive drugs than there is in curing them. If a drug causes more illness, (particularly one which seems unrelated,) the new symptoms must then be treated. The more problems a patient suffers from, the more drugs you can sell them. These companies are pushing the deadliest and most addictive substances known to man and they do it legally.

Vaccines are out and outright toxic. Here is just a short list of some of the chemicals and heavy metals commonly found in many vaccines: formaldehyde, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, aluminum sulfate, sorbitol, bensethonium chloride, and phenol. Some vaccines such as GalaxoSmithKline's Havrix for hepatitis A contain diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue. In addition there are the vaccines which get accidentally, so they claim, contaminated. Oops, was that bird flu we put in there?

New studies are connecting the skyrocketing autism rate with vaccination. Is it any wonder that children are suffering from the effects of as many as 36 toxic shots by the age of five in America, 20 in the UK and 26 in Australia? If vaccines protect your child, how is it possible that of the three countries listed the USA has the most vaccinations and also the highest child mortality rate under five? I personally know a young couple whose beautiful vibrant two year old daughter died due to complications from her vaccination.

The fear of a pandemic alone is enough to generate major profits for the big pharmaceutical companies. A new vaccine or treatment is advertised and governments, hospitals and even common people will stockpile the medication out of fear of infection. Each time the media plays up the new pandemic flu, be it bird or swine, the big pharmaceutical firms laugh all the way to the bank.

Doctors who speak out against dangerous drugs are put on hit lists . Merck had a list of doctors who were to be "neutralized" or "discredited" because they had criticized the painkiller Vivoxx (now withdrawn from the market.) Those Doctors who play ball with the major pharmaceutical corporations and prescribe large enough quantities of a company's drugs may receive "incentives."

Alternative healthcare is under attack. Anything which can not be patented and controlled by the big pharmaceutical firms, such as herbal remedies and vitamins, are being legislated out of existence. Codex Alimentarius plays a key part in this assault on nutrients, by reclassifying them as toxins and limiting the amount you can get with or without a prescription. Further legislative impediments to nutrition include the American bill H.R. 875 which seriously threatens organic farming and can only result in more ill health. Such a prohibition on nutrients and quality foods will likely result in a resurgence of easily preventable diseases such as scurvy.

For those with a healthy body, the pharmaceutical pushers industry has a drug for you anyway. Got the blues? Got worries? Medicate them away. Even new mothers are a target. The Mothers Act seeks to assess the mental health of women before they can take their babies home. How many will be told they need to take mood altering pills if they wish to retain custody of their children? (Ron Paul has introduced HR 2218, the Parental Consent Act, to battle mandatory mental health screening and forced medicating of children.) The same sort of mood-altering medications are all too often prescribed to foster children. These are also the same type of drugs which are now frequently being connected with cases of suicide and mass violence, including school shootings.

The actions of the pharmaceutical industry are nothing less than criminal. In 2004 a complaint was submitted to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague accusing the major pharmaceutical companies and many of the key government officials they fund of genocide and other crimes against humanity as well as war crimes. Among the accused are: the CEOs of Pfizer, Merck, GalaxoSmithKline and Eli Lilly from pharmaceutical industry and George W. Bush, Tony Blair, John Ashcroft, and of course Donald Rumsfeld from the political arena.

While the western world is kept busy looking for terrorists in their trash bins, the pharmaceutical corporations continue to endanger the health of billions with impunity. Now is the time to act before Codex Alimentarius comes into full effect, before organic food has been legislated out of existence. Boycott toxic vaccines. Support alternative medical practitioners. Take your health and well being out of the hands of profiteers. {source}

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