Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Sad Tale of the 9/11 Victims' Families

The real reason that the Obama Administration is trying to get the 9/11 victims' families lawsuit against the Saudi royal family dismissed is that no 9/11 cases can go to court. The cover up won't allow it. Some actual truthful information may inadvertently be revealed. The most damning details would not be about the Saudis. Whatever hand they may have played in the most despicable attack on the American people is minor.

from The Raw Story...
Members of 9/11 victims’ families, who filed a lawsuit seeking to pin blame on the Saudi royal family for financing attacks against the United States, just acquired a significant new opponent: the Obama administration.

A Department of Justice brief (PDF link) filed with the Supreme Court on Friday argues that the Saudi royal family is party to a sovereign state and cannot be sued in American courts.

Fifteen of the 19 alleged 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, according to the FBI. Former President George W. Bush waited six years to acknowledge this in public.

“Several lower courts have dismissed the lawsuit,” noted the Associated Press.

“‘I find this reprehensible,’ said Kristen Breitweiser, a leader of the Sept. 11 families, whose husband was killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center. ‘One would have hoped that the Obama administration would have taken a different stance than the Bush administration, and you wonder what message this sends to victims of terrorism around the world.’”

It's really sad. The victim's families have everyone's heartfelt sympathy but this lawsuit was not the way to get to the truth of the matter. To me it seems it was set up for failure, a diversion away from the real perpetrators

The real suspects are the usual.

Some of those were from within our own government.
Len Hart gives us give us a perspective on this in Last Chance to Indict Bush and Cheney for the Mass Murders of 911?

Others were dual American/Israeli citizens that played key parts.
WRH linked this:
Gallery of Infamy

We can speculate until hell freezes over but without an actual honest investigation with indictments and trials, the whole truth will never be known. We deserve the truth and the rule of law must be upheld.

Unfortunately we have a 'new' government that is a continuation/extension of the 'old' one.

And the cover up must try and continue.

The video below is just one look at a questionable aspect of the 9/11 attacks that has never been addressed by 'the official story' except with lies. Maybe the 9/11 victims' families should ask some questions and file some lawsuits about this. It could get closer to the truth than the direction they have been taking. The Saudis are a red herring, the answers are much closer to home and often lead to a certain Saudi neighbor in the Middle East.


  1. A Department of Justice brief (PDF link) filed with the Supreme Court on Friday argues that the Saudi royal family is party to a sovereign state and cannot be sued in American courts.Huh? Americans can sue and win a case against Iran but not our good buddies, the Saudis?

    The judge overseeing the 9/11 cases brought by the Jersey widows has a son living in an illegal settlement in the West Bank.

    No conflict of interest there.

  2. Apparently several of the 19 supposed terrorists of 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia. But, 7 of the 19 are still alive after flying planes into buildings. Imagine my surprise.

    What real ties to Saudi Arabia art there? Can anyone prove them? Of course not.

    Saudi Arabia has huge investments in the US. Why would they fund an attack on the US?

    Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 touched on a Saudi connection. But it stopped short of covering evidence that would have linked the real perps.

    The US government is doing everything they can to avoid having this case examine the evidence closely because they know that to allow this would be to risk exposing the real truth about 9/11.

  3. Michael Moore's agent and the one that helped put together the funding for "Fahrenheit 911" is one Ari Emanuel.... The brother of Rahm Emanuel.

  4. Let's not forget the indestructible passports.

    Let's be serious here - if you believe 19 "Ay-Rabs" performed the events of September 11th, 2001, your hockey helmet's on way too tight.

  5. Flight Manifests suggest that there were no arabs on the 4 airliners who crashed on the 9-11 false flag terrorist atacks

    9-11 was an inside job. And the neocons official story about 9-11 is a lie, but every media repeated it so american citizens bought it.

    Flight manifests are not artistic creations presented in different versions and creatively altered now and again. They are precise documents showing just exactly who is onboard. There were no Arabs listed on any of the 911 flight manifests. Zero. None. Nor were there any Arabs listed on the passenger list that Bush's FBI alleges it recreated from the DNA that it allegedly found in the wreckage of the passenger plane that allegedly hit the Pentagon. Zero. None. Nor were there any pictures of any Arabs taken by any of the omnipresent security videocams at any of the 911 airports. Zero. None. Nor was there any testimony by any metal detector checkpoint personnel explaining how they let through all of those alleged Arabs with all of their alleged hijack gear - guns, knives, bombs, mace, gas masks, navigational equipment. Zero. None.

    The first task of Obama shouldve been to investigate the 9-11 event, who and why and who benefited from it, and why did they do it? for what purpose? who was behind 9-11? Israeli Mossad agents? Neocons? etc.

  6. Re 'marxist-socialist': Indeed! 911 WAS an inside job as was the Reichstag-Fire the work of Hitler/Goering!

    A 'conspiracy of 19 suicidal Arabs commanded from inside a cave in Afghanistan is bullshit on its face and can be relegated to the toilet!

    Like any other crime (including mass murder and state-sponsored terrorism), 911 is a matter of motive, method and opportunity.

    Only Bushco and specifically Bush and Cheney could have pulled this off. The Dick head supervised it while Bush was ushered off to Fla --out of the way! The Twin Towers had already been wired courtesy Marvin who, as head of WTC security, allowed the access needed to plant thermite/thermate assisted explosives. They would generate the heat required to bring down the three landmark towers. It was one of the most daring and in your face MASS MURDERS in world history.

    For this series of various acts of high treason and mass murder, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al should be tried ala Nuremberg.

    When sentenced, they should be put to death!

  7. Trials and executions would go a long way toward restoring the rule of law and our constitution.

    Obama continues to shill the official story and just this week in Cairo.

    On 9/11...
    "These are not opinions to be debated, these are facts to be dealt with."