Monday, June 29, 2009

Cheesy 'Protest' in Nashville Promoted by the Controlled Opposition Hosea the flag vendor is spending the summer selling Don’t Tread on Me flags at tea parties.

Today's anti-Obama 'tea party' protest in Nashville was a dud. But what do you expect? Local talk radio stations put together, promoted and supplied the speakers. They want to be seen as patriotic voices for the people and gain some listeners and ad revenue.

Controlled Opposition......

Where were these shills over the last eight years when voices of sanity were needed on the airwaves? Oh yeah, following the neocon playbook; promoting wars and propaganda. Killing has always been a top priority. Some are christian?/zionists for whom Israel can do no wrong and no debate is allowed without calling names and yelling over callers who have legitimate concerns. One says he is paid $140,000 a year and you know at that price he will not go against his handlers... there's too much competition for jobs as useful idiots.

Ass clowns who never saw a war for profit they didn't like and they are the organizers??

Pathetic excuse for a protest and that may be plan all along. Marginalize dissenters through the controlled media.

Protest is the American way for expressing grievances. We need to be in the streets and in numbers that will count. The criminals are winning and we don't seem to have a lot of time left.

We just can't let the liars and warmongers 'lead' us.


Tongue in cheek and satire is the order of the day for the left wing press 'covering' the Nashville protest.

Teabaggers Unite to Help Promote Talk Radio

Nashville's talk radio stations managed to wheedle maybe a thousand cranks to stand in the broiling heat for another one of their promotional events today. Well, actually they're calling it a Tea Party rally to take back our country from Barack Obama and the socialist Democrats. But the star attractions are the city's right-wing radio hucksters and, while the protesters may think they're making a bold patriotic statement, Pith suspects the radio stations are mainly interested in driving up ratings.

The glassy eyed Bobbie Patray of Tennessee Eagle Forum opened the rally with this prayer asking God to kick the liberal SOBs out of power:

"Father, we ask your blessing today on this land. We are in such trouble. You have commanded us to pray for our leaders, and lord we want to be faithful in doing that. Regardless of who they are, they are in there because they were elected. And we pray that you'll be faithful in the next election to make some changes."

Then the rally's emcee, tax nut Ben Cunningham, got down to business: "Talk radio has been our Paul Revere. If it weren't for talk radio, we simply wouldn't have a consistent single source of news. And we've got the best talk radio folks here in Nashville!" Cunningham proclaimed as he began introducing the radio loudmouths Steve Gill, Ralph Bristol and finally Phil Valentine, who asked the teabaggers to send golf balls to Congress for some reason.

They even found a black woman military veteran--a threefer!--to speak to the throng of white faces and prove to the media that teabaggers love all God's children. Pith didn't catch her name. "I was offended by being called a racist redneck teabagger," she yells.

The teabaggers are so zany that only four elected officials were willing to be seen with them at today's rally: state Reps. Glen Casada, Terri Lynn Weaver and Josh Evans and Sen. Jack Johnson. No sign of any of the GOP candidates for governor. {source}

Tea Party Take 3

11:55 a.m. — Now we’re cooking with gas. Several hundred people have descended on Legislative Plaza, waiting for the rally to begin. Every time a passing motorist honks, the crowd cheers.

A dump truck keeps circling the block and honking, to wild applause.

Tea Party Three kicks off with a big ol’ freedom yell. “Woo-hoo!” says the crowd.

12:02 p.m. — You know who’s having a long day? Jim Cooper’s staff. His office’s convenient downtown location makes it easy for unhappy constituents to poke their heads in and share some thoughts about his vote on cap and trade.“You should have seen the looks on their faces,” said Denver Woders of Ashland City, who stopped by Cooper’s office with a sign that declared Cooper “Nancy Pelosi’s Boy.”

12:17 — Talk radio steps up to the mic. Hi, Steve Gill! Legislative Plaza is pretty crowded.

Steve Gill warns crowd that gas prices and home heating prices “are gonna double. And Congress didn’t even read the bill.”

“Boo!” says the crowd.

12:30 — Favorite sign so far? “My other sign is a pitchfork.”xxxx

12:45 — Fair Tax advocates putting in a plug for replacing the income tax with a flat sales tax. Crowd applauds idea of repealing the 16th Amendment.

12:46: You know who’s having a good day? Hosea the flag vendor. Suddenly those little yellow Don’t Tread on Me flags are everywhere. {more}

{video report - WKRN}

A sad day in the history of protest.

The left and the right are playing into the hands of the elite.

Some for profit and some because of just downright ignorance.

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